Thursday, 1 August 2019

2.Special Character Week 2 Term 3

Special Dates
29th St Martha
31st St Ignatius of Loyola
St Alphonsus of Liguori
3rd St Dominic

Thirteen of our schools and colleges in the Dunedin Diocese have a commitment to the Dominican heritage, charism or history. Ten Dominican nuns arrived in Dunedin In February 1871. Within a few days of their arrival they established Dunedin's first Catholic high school for girls. Let's celebrate these amazing women and their gift of faith and Education to us on the 3rd of August. 

Lautado Si

Caring for our Common Home
 Food Miles/Kilometres: * Lower carbon emissions *Healthier economy
Don’t let your food be more travelled than you. The average supermarket item is transport hundreds if not thousands of kilometres but the further food travels, the greater the associated CO2 emissions. Reduce your food travel by * buying local produce at the growers’/farmers’ markets.  *Check labels – how far has this food come? * Choose seasonal fruit and vegetables grown locally. Together we make the difference!

Spiritual Reading
"Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you." --St. Augustine

Thank you

God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

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