Thursday 6 April 2023

1. Principal's News Term 1 Week 10 2023

A few "wins" to share

Well done to all of our Rippa teams who competed at the tournament yesterday.  Particularly well done to our year 7 & 8 team who made it to the finals.  A great day out and thank you to the parents who enabled it to happen through lifts and coaching.  It is so much appreciated.

The Ministry of Education publishes attendance data and I would like to share that our school's attendance rates are 15% higher than other similar schools.  The Ministry's target for attendance for schools is 70% of children attending regularly ie more than 90% attendance.  So far this year at St Joseph's 90.5% of our children have been attending 90% or more.  Well done to St Joseph's.  Attendance is the basis of everything else, because if the children are not here there's not much we can do with their learning and social development.  Keep it up!

I have published the writing and RE reports for Hoiho on Educa and the rest of the classes will be up early in term 2.  I hope that parents like the more detailed reporting we are doing for writing.  The main feedback we got last year was that you liked the direct reporting and seeing examples of work and liked the opportunity to comment on children's work but you wanted to know more specifically how they were performing against curriculum expectations.  I think this will answer that query.  The teachers will also be working on providing similar reports for reading.

Holy Week

We have remembered Jesus's last week before he was crucified.  On Monday, Pukeko and Kereru enacted Palm Sunday.  On Tuesday, Kiwi did the Washing of the Feet and Hoiho did the Last Supper.  Today Takahe will lead us with stations of the cross at 11am.

Please remember Monday 24th April is a Teacher Only day, Tuesday 25th April is Anzac Day and so term 2 will start on Wednesday 26th April.

Blessings to You

This is my last day at St Joseph's.  I will say some things this afternoon I am sure.  I want to thank everybody who has supported our school.  I have loved my time at St Joseph's.   This school is a really special place and I feel confident that our staff has worked together to make a school that is truly Catholic school in every way.  We continue to reach for the stars and I would like to share the painting I did of one of our students.  In this painting, she is leaping from one of the Moeraki boulders.  The rock she has left has the Icthus symbol - the symbol of Christ.  That's St Joseph's school - a symbol of Christ in our world and one way or another we all leap off from this bedrock of strength and faith and we go and do what we need to do for the world, with our own personal mission and service.  Although I am so sad to leave our beautiful children, their families, the staff and the deep friendships I have made here, I know it's time for me to make my next leap.  God bless you all and I will always pray for St Joseph's and the people who make up St Joseph's.

Ma te Atua e manaaki a aroha,

(God bless, and love)


2. School Notices - Week 10, Term 1 2023


Birthday Greetings to:
Zoey C, Clarence C, Millie F, Mollie M, Anto S, Carolyn S, Tala T, Caleb T, Cooper V and Daniel W.

To the children of Siena house who won the term 1 house competition.

Here are the Parish times for Holy Week and Easter.

During the holidays, the junior school is getting new carpet and new heat pumps installed in each class.  These jobs should be completed before school starts for term 2.

Monday 24th April - Teacher Only Day - school is closed
Tuesday 25th April - ANZAC Day - school is closed
Wednesday 26th April - school opens for term 2
                                     - Technology for Yr 7 & 8
Friday 28th April - subway lunches
                             - netball starts
Saturday 29th April - rugby starts

Subway Lunches
Will be available again on the first Friday of term 2.

Touch Rugby
Thank you to all our coaches who helped our touch rugby teams this term even though it was a short season due to the weather.  In term 4, the teams will be the same as term 1.  If you have touch fees outstanding for this term, please ensure they are paid before term 4. New people are welcome to play and further details will be given out in term 4.  Can all touch bags please be returned to the office.

Winter uniforms are to be worn in terms 2 and 3.  Children do not need to wear their sun hats in these terms.

Winter School Sports - Basketball, Miniball and Netball
Sports uniforms and gear bags
These will be handed out in the first week of term 2

-  please ensure payment of your sports fees has started before we can hand out sports uniforms
-  if you have outstanding sports fees from last year, these need to be paid before your child can play a 
  sport this year.
-  The fees for this year are:  

Netball - yr 1 & 2 - the fees are $25.00  - confirmed
             - yr 3 to 8 - the fees are $50.00  - confirmed

Basketball - yr 7 & 8 - the fees are $67.00 - confirmed

Miniball - yr 5 & 6 - the fees are $57.00 - confirmed 
               - yr 3 & 4 - the fees are $57.00 - confirmed

Contact Details
Team contact details will be emailed out to teams with confirmed coaches.  When we get a coach for the yr 3/4 miniball team, the contact details will be sent out.  Please let your coach know if your child cannot make it to a practice or game.

Basketball, miniball and netball require their teams to do duty twice a season.  For basketball and miniball, this is score bench duty and a roster system will be sent out to all families for your dates.  The netball duty will be allocated between the two teams and families will be notified when our school does duty.

Practices - St Joseph's Gold (Intermediate grade) - Thursdays at 3.15 to 4.30 pm
                 - St Joseph's Rebels (Yr 5 grade) - Wednesdays at 12.45 to 1.20 pm
                - St Joseph's Maroon (Yr 3/4 grade) - Thursdays at 12.45 to 1.20 pm
                - Yr 1/2 - no practices

Games - Fridays at the Taward Street or St Kevin's netball courts.  First game is Friday 28th April.

St Joseph's Gold (Intermediate grade) - Taylor D, Millie F, Kaycee-Mae G, Chelsea K, Hila'atu L, Jayda M, Sephrin S, Tryphena T and Analiese W.  Coach is Paula Brien.

St Joseph's Rebels (Yr 5 grade) - Isa A, Manaia D, Annabel G, Maria H, Ricky K, Angelina P and Tala T.  Coach is Katiana Taiti and looking for another to help out.

St Joseph's Maroon (Yr 3/4 grade) - Amy C, Michaela C, Sam F, Lucy F and Honey Belle R.  Coach is Melissa Coetzee and Paula Brien.

St Joseph's Yr 1 & 2 - Mary B, Allison C, Manu F, Sam L, Carolyn S and Felisi T.

Practices - St Joseph's Cavaliers (Intermediate) - Mondays 3.15 to 4.15 pm at school - to be confirmed

Games - Wednesdays at the Waitaki Rec Centre.  First game is Wednesday 3rd May.

Team - Jac B, Tevita L, Liam L, Malachi LTT, Tendayi R, Sephrin S and Analiese W.  Coach is Toby Lucas and manager is Adele Whiston.

Practices - St Joseph's Rebels (Yr 5/6 grade) - Tuesdays 3.15 to 4.15 pm
               - St Joseph's Breakers (Yr 3/4 grade) - practice day to be confirmed

Games - Tuesdays at the Waitaki Rec Centre.  First game is Tuesday 2nd May.

Season Games - this year, miniball teams will play a 3 v 3 game for the first part of the season and then move to the 5 v 5 format later on.

St Joseph's Raptors (Yr 5/6) - Team 1 - Milah A, Emma H, Hila'atu L and Taylor D.
                                               - Team 2 - Zachary C, Theo M and Alexander R.  
                                               Coaches are Jan Roa and Judith Leo.

St Joseph's Breakers (Yr 3/4) -Team 1 -  Ellie J, Gavin P, Honey Belle R and Anto S.  
                                                -Team 2 - Jayden H, Manaia D, (Louis S & Fletcher D - Totara)
                                                Coach - Melissa Smith & Bex Diedrichs (Totara School parents)

Community Notices
  • - Barnardos Early Learning Home Based Educators - join our network and receive a $250 voucher and a $100 voucher per child starting in care.  Contact our team 0800 227 627 or

3. Diary Dates - Week 10, Term 1 2023


April 2023

Friday 7

Good Friday 

Sunday 9

Easter Sunday 

Monday 24

Teacher Only Day - school closed 

Tuesday 25

ANZAC Day - school closed 

Wednesday 26

Term 2 - school open wearing winter uniform *

Technology for Yr 7 & 8 *

Thursday 27

School Mass at 9.15 am *

Friday 28

HPV vaccinations for Yr 8 students 

Netball starts 

Saturday 29

Rugby starts 

May 2023

Tuesday 2

Miniball starts 

Wednesday 3

Basketball starts 

Parent meeting “Keeping Ourselves Safe” in the staffroom from 3.15 to 4.00 pm *

Monday 8

Cybersafe parent meeting from 7.00 to 8.00 pm *

Tuesday 9

Hockey for Yr 7 & 8 starts 

Board of Trustee meeting *

Wednesday 10

Hockey for Yrs 1-6 starts