Friday, 11 December 2020

1. Principal's News Term 4, Week 9 2020

Last Newsblog of the Year 

I would like to thank and acknowledge the hard work of our teachers and support staff this year.  They had to figure out how to teach and communicate in an entirely new way, from their own homes and into your homes.  We thank our parents for your communication and positivity during this time and your ongoing support through the year.  I would also like to thank our teachers and staff for doing their utmost to continue to provide every opportunity for our students this year with camps, EOTC, our senior and junior productions, and all of our sporting events managing to go ahead.

Many thanks to our Home and School committee and the parents who have helped out in the Hungry Horse Cafe.  Thanks to Rebecca Heffernan for leading our Home and School, to Jessica Fogarty for doing our Subway orders and Adele Whiston for managing the school uniform shop.

Also a big thank you to our Board of Trustees who work quietly in the background providing the governance through which we can run our school effectively, particularly to Rory McGeown, our board chair who has done a sterling job of leading the Board this year.

We wish all of our families a healthy, holy and happy Christmas, New Year and summer break.  We look forward to seeing your children again next year and to those who are moving away, we wish you every blessing for your future journeys.

End of Year Things to Know

Home and School Junior Disco - Friday 11th December - start 6pm end 7.15pm.  Children up to year 6 may attend.

Year 7 & 8 social dinner and dance - Monday 14th December - please check details from your child's teacher regarding start and end times and other details.  Thank you to our Home and School for providing the meal for this occasion.

Tuesday 15th December - Christmas themed mufti day.  All children may come wearing Christmas themed mufti.  This will help to keep their uniforms clean for the evening liturgy.

Tuesday 15th December - End of Year Liturgy in the Basilica including junior nativity presentation, JJ Awards, Year 8 prize-giving and Year 8 leaving candle ceremony.  Juniors meet at school at 5.30pm.  Seniors meet 5.45pm to line up in the playground.   Seniors please wear correct Summer uniform including black shoes.  Juniors will be told by their teachers what to wear as they will be in costume.

Wednesday 16th December - Final Assembly, 11.30pm.  Announcement of year 8 leadership positions for 2021.  Head boy and head girl speeches and leaving certificates for year 8s.  We will finish with carols.  School finishes at 12.30pm.

The juniors practising for their Nativity pageant

Intermediate practising for social dance

Start of Year Things to Know

All children will be given stationery lists for their year levels with their reports which will go out on Monday next week.

I will email information for return to school in late January and school starts on Monday 1st February 2021.

Please make a diary date for Sunday 14th February as we hope to celebrate a community mass at 9.30am followed by a sausage sizzle at school and if it's warm and nice - a slippery slide and water fun.

I will email out classes and teachers before Christmas.

Year 7 & 8 Camp    

Our intermediate department enjoyed a combined camp at Wainui near Akaroa last week.  They were blessed with excellent weather and enjoyed a variety of outdoor activities, some of which can be seen in this slideshow.

Multicultural Day

Once again we have had a wonderful multicultural day where our community and families have shared their expertise in workshops which ran through out the school yesterday morning.  We shared a shared lunch with everyone bringing traditional food from their culture and yesterday afternoon we enjoyed performances presented by some of our cultural groups.  We have at least 15 different cultures at St Joseph's and we love the diversity and beauty this brings to our school.

Once again I wish you every blessing.

God Bless and Aroha

Lorraine Frances-Rees

2. Special Character Week 9 Term 4 2020

Welcome/Kia Ora/Malo e Lelei

Special Character Focus
The Third Week of Advent
Preparing our Hearts and asking for Grace
We prepare this week by feeling the joy. We move through this week feeling a part of the waiting world that rejoices because our longing has prepared us to believe the reign of God is close at hand. And so we consciously ask:

Prepare our hearts and remove the sadness that hinders us from feeling the joy and hope which his presence will bestow.
School and Family Mass- 
Thursday Liturgy
Presenting the Liturgy and Gospel is a service opportunity and Ministry for our children in spreading God’s word. Our children are proud of themselves every week either through singing, videoing and acting the gospel. It is a privilege for our children to serve and present the word of God.

Thank you to Year 3/4 Miss Sollano's class for the presentation of the gospel at the Liturgy last Thursday. This week there was no Liturgy.

Next Week- Tuesday evening is our end of the year Liturgy for our Year 8 and Junior Nativity. You are welcome to join us for Liturgy at 6:00 pm on Tuesday in the Basilica. 
“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,
     my spirit rejoices in God my savior.”

Faith Facts- Week 9 7th - 11th Dec 2nd Week of Advent
7th St Ambrose
8th The Immaculate Conception of Mary

St. Ambrose Fun Fact ImageThe second purple candle on the Advent wreath is lit as a symbol of Faith in God. This candle is referred to as the “Bethlehem Candle” to remind us of the journey of the Holy Family.

Image result for Advent wreath 2nd candle

Come, Lord Jesus.  Come and visit your people. 
We await your coming.  Come, O Lord.
Thank you/Malo 'Aupito
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

3. School Notices - Week 9, Term 4 2020


Altar Servers
Saturday 12th December - Paddy Spillane, Isaiah Castro and Lilly Kelcher
Sunday 13th December - Alexie Phillips, Lisiate Hausia and Rolfe Patalbo

Saturday 19th December - Lachlan & Mikayla Criddle and Luse Asi
Sunday 20th December - Ivy- Belle Mestrom

Saturday 26th December - David Kilgour and King Melecio
Sunday 27th December - Alexie Phillips and Lisiate Hausia

Saturday 2nd January - Clarence & Rheanna Coscos and Isaiah Castro
Sunday 3rd January - Ivy-Belle Mestrom and Indeg Jones-Hogan

Saturday 9th January - Lachlan & Mikayla Criddle
Sunday 10th January - Lisiate Hausia and Rolfe Patalbo

Saturday 16th January - Serah Staju, King Melecio and David Kilgour
Sunday 17th January - Ivy-Belle Mestrom

Saturday 23rd January - Clarence & Rheanna Coscos and Luse Asi
Sunday 24th January - Indeg Jones-Hogan, Alexie Phillips and Lilly Kelcher

Christmas Vigil and Mass - to be advised

Saturday 30th January - Paddy Spillane and Isaiah Castro
Sunday 31st January - Lisiate Hausia and Rolfe Patalbo

Birthday Greetings for December and January
December - Roger Luo, Ellie Clark, Sami Asi, Lachlan Criddle, Xanthe Clarke, Lucas Kofoed, Jasvee Kumar, Georgia Moore, Henry Hall and Chelsea Koay.
January - Jimmy Zeng, Mia Ridgway, Benjamin Jonathan, Hila'atu Leo, Maria Hafoka, Blake Meek, Willow Bartlett, Ivy-Belle & Theo Mestrom, Eli Herbst, Ricky Koay and Lachlan Wilkinson.
There is no assembly today and everyone is welcome to attend our last gathering on Wednesday at 11.30 am.

Buses - End of Year
  • All buses will be running up to today Friday 11th December.
  • The Tokarahi driver will continue driving his run until (& including) Wednesday 16th December. This will cater for all those St Joe’s children + any OIS students who use this bus route, out as far as whoever is the student who lives the furthest away on that route. This will also cater for any students that live in the Weston area that would normally catch the Airedale or Clifton Falls buses: dropping the students off at either Weston or at any point along the Weston-Ngapara Rd out of Weston township.
  • The Maheno Bus will continue driving for those same 3 days  catering for OIS and St Joe’s students that are normally on that bus + it will be able to deliver the children that would normally travel on the Hampden or Herbert buses out as far as Maheno township.  This then will allow parents the option of only having to come that far towards Oamaru to meet up with their children, either in the morning or afternoon.
  • The Maheno bus departs from outside the Bowling Club in the morning at 7.30 am for those 3 mornings and should get back to that location at approx 4.15 pm every afternoon.
  • These directions represent the areas with the bulk of OIS and St Joe’s students that catch the country buses.  All others would be required to make their way to and from school via private means for those last 2-3 days of the school year.
  • RE 2021: As the first high schools back next year (WGHS & SKC) return on the 1st February 2021, the buses will start running again that day, even though WBHS does not return for another 2 days.
Bus Vests
Please return all the bus / bike vests to the office on Monday and they will be reallocated next year if you require them.

Christmas and Holiday Mass Times
Basilica - Thursday 24th December - Vigil at 8.00 am
               - Friday 25th December - Mass at 9.30 am

Kurow - Thursday 24th December - Vigil at 6.00 pm (carols from 5.40 pm
               Sundays - January 3rd, 17th at 12 noon

Hampden - Christmas - no Mass
                   Sundays - no Mass

Contact Details
If you are moving addresses in the holidays or your contact details change including emergency contacts, please email office at

Our cricket boys play their last game of cricket today and wish them all the best.  Thanks to Carl Herbst and Justin Fowler for coaching/managing this team.

EOTC Photos
Here are some photos of the EOTC experience from last week. 

Farewell the following Families
We farewell the following families who leave St Joseph's for high school.  We thank them for their contributions to our school and wish them all the best. 
- Cunningham, Fowler, Gulinao, Hubber, Jonathan, Ma, Patterson, Rollan, Seddon, Spillane, Strong, Tuffley, Wilkinson and Williams-McDowell.

We would like to thank in particular the Fowler family who have coached/managed various sports teams over the last 10 years including cricket, basketball/miniball, netball, rugby and touch. We thank you for generous time in coaching our teams.

Home and School
Hungry Horse Cafe
These are the February and March dates for the horse race meets and it would be appreciated if you could help out with one of these dates: Please let Rebecca Heffernan know if you can help out.
February - Wednesday 10th, Sunday 28th
March - Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 10th, Sunday 28th

The Yr 1-6 disco is on tonight from 6.00 to 7.15 pm in our school hall.  The theme is Christmas and costs $2.00 per child.  Please bring the correct change as there will only be a small float. All children are to be collected at 7.15 pm thanks.

Lost Property
All the classes have looked at the lost property to see if anything belongs to them and taken what was theirs. However there is a huge amount of lost property on hooks in the foyer including brand new polar fleeces and shirts and even a kilt.  Please come and claim anything that you want because it will be disposed of early next week. This includes shoes and rugby boots.

Mufti Day
We are having a Christmas themed mufti day next Tuesday and there is no donation required.

Please refer to another page on the blog for slideshow photos for the EOTC, Intermediate Camp and Multicultural Day.

Road Patrol
On Monday our road patrollers were rewarded with an end of year treat along with children from other schools.  They visited the police station, had a swim and had subway for lunch.  Thanks to our parent helpers who supervised the children.

School Photos
We are hoping the photos will be delivered to school early next week before we finish and will inform you when they arrive.

School Stationery
All class stationery lists will be handed out next week with your reports and will be on the website for 2021.  If you purchase your child's stationery from OfficeMax online at: you will be able to purchase at their very low Back to School discount prices which are available until the end of February.
Alternatively you can purchase packs online from or in store at Paper Plus.  If you already have certain parts of the stationery list, contact Paper Plus Oamaru who will organise a custom pack for you.

Both companies enable parents to purchase their children's stationery at lower prices and both companies will make a donation to St Joseph's.

Selling your House
LJ Hooker will give a donation to the school if they sell your house and you mention St Joseph's.

Sport Coaches and Managers
Thank you, thank you, thank you, words cannot describe how much you are appreciated for giving up your time in coaching and managing our sports teams. You are all superb and magnificent people who ensure that our children are able to play a sport. If you have managed a team and your name is not mentioned, please accept our apologies and we thank you very much for your time.

Basketball - Cranos Chikowore, Lucy Hitchcock (SKC) and Rachel Fowler
Cricket -  Carl Herbst and Justin Fowler
Miniball - Judith Leo
Netball - Kelly Strachan, Mekeisha Hurley (SKC), Megan Phillips, Sara Jones-Hogan and Catarena Campbell
Rugby - Lee Woodhouse, Scott Bremner, Jacob Klemick (SKC), Andy Bradley, Rebecca Meek and David Taukolo
Touch - Lee Woodhouse, Suzanne Aston, Justin & Rachel Fowler, Adele Whiston, Victoria Forrest, Toby & Sam Grocott (SKC), Rebecca Meek and Jody Robinson

Swimming Dates
We have not received the senior swimming dates for term 1 next year as we are waiting confirmation from the Waitaki Aquatic Centre.  There will be 6 swimming lessons overall with the first lesson in week 1. Dates and times will be sent out with the Back to School letter.

Parent Helpers - we will be asking for parent helpers/caregivers to help walk the children down to the pool with their lessons.
The juniors will have their 6 swimming lessons at the end of term 3.

Technology Dates for 2021
These classes will be held on Friday's at St Kevin's College and will start on Friday 12th March.

Cooper & Hunt Dentists and our local Dental Therapist (Judith Leo) have kindly donated toothbrushes and guides for all children in years 1-6 and would like to remind children about brushing their teethl.

A friend reminder to ensure your children brush their teeth twice a day over the festive season.  Please take the time to help them with their brushing and make sure all the plaque has been removed.  Children of all ages benefit from gently flossing at least once a day but they will need your help to do this.
Avoid sticky foods such as dried fruits, lollies, muesli bars and remember that snacking often cause tooth decay.  Teeth need time to heal between meals.  
Enjoy the holidays and have a very Merry Christmas. 

Touch Rugby
Tuesday was the last touch rugby game and we had two teams playing for placings.  The Yr 4/5/6 girls Fern team and the Yr 4/5/6 Rockets team.  Congratulations to the girls who got 2nd in a tightly and hard fought game.  Their score was 3-4.  The boys also had a tough game playing for 3rd and 4th and lost 2-5. 
Can coaches please return all touch bags to the office on Monday.  A notice regarding new touch teams will come out in late January.

Uniform Shop
Adele will kindly open the uniform shop on Friday 29th January from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and again on Monday 1st February from 8.15 to 9.15 am.

The uniform shop will love donations of any school and PE uniforms that are not required anymore.  Please drop them off to the office.

Community Notices
  • Active Kids Waitaki Holiday Programme - please see attached flyer for further information.
  • Waitaki District Library Summer Reading Programme - please see attached flyer for further information.
  • Youthtown Summer Holiday Programme - please see attached flyer for further information

4. Diary Dates - Week 9, Term 4 2020



Friday 11

Monday 14

Tuesday 15

Wednesday 16


Monday 1

Monday 8

Wednesday 10

Sunday 14

Junior Disco from 6.00 to 7.30 pm *

School assembly at 2.30 pm *

Yr 7 & 8 Formal 

Junior Nativity & Senior Prize-giving at 6.00 pm 

Yr 8 speeches 

Yr 8 leaders for 2021 announced 

School finishes at 12.30 pm for term 4 

School starts for term 1 

Waitangi Day holiday observed *

Hungry Horse Cafe *

Beginning of Year Mass and bbq *

Thursday, 3 December 2020

1. Principal's News Term 4 Week 8 2020

Camps and EOTC

Our Year 7 & 8s are away at camp this week at Wainui Park near Akaroa.  We look forward to hearing stories and seeing more photographs when they get back.

Our year 6s are having their Education Outside the Classroom locally.  Yesterday they went bush-walking in Herbert Forest and kayaking and sailing at McKerrow's Pond.  Today they are visiting Vanished World in Duntroon and rock climbing at Elephant Rocks.  I look forward to joining them tomorrow to cycle some of the Alps to Ocean trail and they will finish the day tomorrow with archery led by St Kevin's staff.

In the meantime the year 4s and 5s are working with Mrs Winders and Mrs Dooley and engaging in movie making and technology challenges.  We have a new "green screen" in our STEAM room and it will be great to see the children beginning to experiment with movie-making effects.

Our juniors are hard at work with their learning and preparing for their end of year Nativity presentation for Tuesday 15th December.


We are just finalising reports.  We are reporting in terms of curriculum levels for the core curriculum.  The New Zealand curriculum uses a sliding scale which is true to children's developmental levels and the way people actually learn.

We use the terms B= Basic, P= Proficient and A=Advanced.  B means just beginning a level and being exposed to some of the learning in it.  P means working at the level and A means working at the end of the level and already engaging with learning at the next level.

So if your child is working at 2P you can see from the diagram above that this would be a clear expectation for year 4 but children in year 4 and year 5 can be also working at this level and that is fine.  We keep a close watch on children and provide extra support for anyone who is not reaching curriculum expectations or who looks like there is a barrier or gap in their learning which is stopping them progressing.

A child who is working at 2P could stay there for a year or so and then suddenly shoot away in to Level 3.  The speed of learning can change and so this sliding scale gives you a good idea of where your child sits.

Your child will also be reflecting on their learning in terms of the learning capabilities - Making Meaning, Perspective-taking, Critical thinking and Taking Action.  For the seniors this will be on their written reports.  For the juniors they have been doing this on an ongoing basis through Seesaw.

I would be very interested to know what parents think of Seesaw as a tool to share learning - feedback positive or negative is more than welcome - please email your thoughts to

Reports will be going out with stationery lists next Friday.

We look forward to seeing all families at our end of year celebration in St Patrick's Basilica on Tuesday 15 December at 6.00pm (children line up at school in uniform at 5.45pm).

Aroha and God Bless

Lorraine Frances-Rees

2. Special Character Week 8 Term 4 2020

 Welcome/Kia Ora/Malo e Lelei
Special Character Focus
The Second Week of Advent
Preparing our Hearts and asking for the Grace

Lord, w place our trust in your promise. Please, Lord, rouse your power and come into this place in our life, this relationship, into this deep self-defeating pattern. Please come here and save us.

School and Family Mass- 
Thursday Liturgy
Presenting the Liturgy and Gospel is a service opportunity and Ministry for our children in spreading God’s word. Our children are proud of themselves every week either through singing, videoing and acting the gospel. It is a privilege for our children to serve and present the word of God. You are welcome to join us for Liturgy at 9:15 am on Thursday in the Basilica. 

Thank you to Year 4/5 Mrs. Winder's class for the presentation of the gospel at the Liturgy last Thursday. Today Liturgy and Gospel presentation lead by Year 3/4 Miss Sollano's class.

Next Week Thursday Liturggy will be Pukeko Year 1/2 Mrs Brooke's class. 

Faith Facts- 30th Nov- 4th Dec 1st Weeks of Advent

Pope Francis prayer intention For a life of prayer

We pray that our personal relationship with Jesus Christ may be nourished by the Word of God and a life of prayer.

Saints Fun Facts: St. Francis Xavier - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online

30th St Andrew, apostle
3rd St Francis Xavier

Free Advent Wreath Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on  Clipart Library

The Prophets' Candle, symbolizing hope.

First week of Advent

Advent is the period preceding the Christmas season. It begins on the Sunday nearest November 30, the feast day of St. Andrew the Apostle, and covers four Sundays. Because the day it begins changes from year to year, so does the length of each Advent season. Advent begins on November 29. The word advent, from Latin, means “the coming.” For centuries, Advent has been a time of spiritual reflection as well as cheer and anticipation. 

Resources for Advent 1 | Liturgy

Come, Lord Jesus.  Come and visit your people. 
We await your coming.  Come, O Lord.
Thank you/Malo 'Aupito
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

3. School Notices - Week 8, Term 4 2020


Altar Servers

Saturday 5th December - David Kilgour and King Melecio
Sunday 6th December - no-one from St Joseph's

Birthday Greetings
Libby Seddon

Athletics Results
Last Friday at assembly the children were awarded their athletic certificates and trophies: Congratulations to all the recipients.

8 years - Liam Lindsay and Ayla Beattie
9 years - Lincoln Mandiwona and Chelsea Koay/Molly McGeown
10 years - Daniel Woodhouse and Milly Campbell
11 years - Kenton Tokai and Mya Robinson
12 years - Michael Woodhouse and Libby Seddon/Mazvita Rondozai
13 years - Tadiwanashe Mandiwona and Atlanta Williams-McDowell

North Otago Athletics
Congratulations to the following students who got placings at the North Otago Athletics:

8 years - Ellie Clark - 3rd in 60 m sprint and 2nd in the 8 & 9 year relay
10 years - Daniel Woodhouse - 2nd in long jump      
              - Vilivea Tahitu'a - 2nd in discus
11 years - Eli Herbst - 2nd in high jump
12 years - Michael Woodhouse - 2nd in long jump
13 years - Lavina Ma - 3rd in 400 m distance
              -  Lisiate Hausia - 2nd in discus, 3rd in high jump and 400 m distance
              - Tadiwanashe Mandiwona - 1st in high jump, 2nd in 400 m distance and long jump and 3rd in 
                100 m sprint.

Cricket Draw
St Joseph's has the bye this week.

End of Year Just Like Jesus Awards
Please return these wooden awards back to the office by early next week.


Hungry Horse Cafe
As the next race meeting is on Wednesday 10th February 2021 (week 2) we need to know who will be available to help out at the cafe on this day.  It would be very beneficial to have the roster sorted out this year and what session you would be doing as the first week of school is always busy for everyone.
For any race meeting, the cafe roster needs to be sorted out a week beforehand so the helpers know what time slots they are working and make preparations for it.  Please contact Rebecca Heffernan on 027 432 4056 if you can help.

Library Books
All outstanding library books need to be returned to the library by this Monday so the stock take can be finished.

Multicultural Day - Thursday 10th December
We have been running this multicultural day every since 2013.  It is part of our ongoing celebration of the many different cultures and journeys which have combined to make our St Joseph's School family.

At the moment we have at least 15 different cultures with families identifying their main culture as: African, Australian, British, Irish, Chinese, Fijian, Filipino, Indian, Fijian Indian, Latin American, Maori, NZ European, Samoan, Sri Lankan, other South East Asian and Tongan.


Children will go to workshops in groups between 9.15 and 12.00 noon. All children are to come dressed to represent their culture.


Some of the workshop activities are: artwork, flower making, weaving, dancing and cooking.

12.30pm - shared lunch in hall - FAMILIES WARMLY WELCOMED

1.30pm - cultural performances - families warmly welcomed. 

St Joseph's Muilticultural Day 2020 1.jpg

Road Patrol
We are still waiting on some permission slips to be returned for the road patrol outing this Monday 7th December which can be emailed back to the school. The Yr 6/7/8 road patrol children are to come to school in their PE gear and bring their swimming togs and towel.

School Disco
For years 1-6, sorry no pre-schoolers
When - Friday 11th December 
Where - Our school hall
Time - 6.00 to 7.30 pm
Theme - Christmas
Cost - $2.00 for entry, a drink, glowstick and a small bag of chips
Pick up time - please ensure all parents are there by 7.30 pm to collect the children

School Mass
There is no school mass next Thursday.

School Photos
A reminder about ordering your school photos online before this Sunday 6th December in order for you to have free delivery.

Next Friday will be the last day for subway lunches for the year.

Thank You
We would like to thank the Home and School for their continued support for the school, especially to Rebecca Heffernan, Suzanne Aston, Shiralee Bremner and their fabulous committee members who generously give up their time to help the school.
If you would like to be part of the Home and School committee/helpers list please let the office or Rebecca Heffernan know.                                     

Touch Rugby
Next Tuesday is the last day of touch rugby for the year.  There will be prize giving for years 4-8 so please keep an eye on the draw for the time.
Please remember to thank your coaches for their time and energy.

Community Notices
  • Donate Waitaki Devices - for information on donating any device, please go to
  • VCAD (Victoria Cooper Academy of Dancing)  presents ‘CIRCUS’ Sunday 6th December at Waitaki Boys Auditorium 1pm and 5pm $10. Tickets available from any VCAD dancer or

4. Diary Dates - Week 8, Term 4 2020



Tuesday 1

Wednesday 2

Thursday 3

Friday 4

Monday 7

Tuesday 8

Thursday 10

Friday 11

Monday 14

Tuesday 15

Wednesday 16


Monday 1

Intermediate school camp 

Intermediate school camp 

Yr 6 EOTC 

Intermediate school camp 

Yr 6 EOTC 

Intermediate school camp 

Yr 6 EOTC 

School assembly at 2.30 pm *

Road Patrol reward 

HPV visit for Yr 8 *

Touch rugby finishes *

Board of Trustee meeting at 6.00 pm 

Multicultural Day 

Junior Disco from 6.00 to 7.30 pm *

School assembly at 2.30 pm *

Yr 7 & 8 Formal 

Junior Nativity & Senior Prize-giving at 6.00 pm 

Yr 8 speeches 

Yr 8 leaders for 2021 announced 

School finishes at 12.30 pm for term 4 

School starts for term 1