Thursday 31 March 2016

2. Special Character - Week 9 Term 1 2016

It makes sense that the first word of Jesus from the cross is a word of forgiveness. That's the point of the cross, after all. Jesus is dying so that we might be forgiven for our sins, so that we might be reconciled to God for eternity. In the mercy of God, we receive His forgiveness even when we do what we know to be wrong. God chooses to wipe away our sins, not because we have some convenient excuse, and not because we have tried to make up for them, but because He is a God of amazing grace, with mercies that are new every morning.
As we read the words, "Father, forgive them," may we understand that we too are forgiven through Christ. Because Christ died on the cross for us, we are cleansed and united with God the Father as His beloved children.

3. School Notices - Week 9, Term 1 2016

Altar Servers
Saturday 2nd April - Joseph & Sebastian Spillane, Max Fatafehi, Indya and Mackenzie Cunningham
Sunday 3rd April - Cameron Mather, Antonia Black,  Sebastian Whiston and Seth Bartley

Birthday Greetings to:
Duran Cooper, Harriet Heaphy, Samuel Burke, Riley McLaren, Jack Paton, Baxter Lewis, Eleni Hausia, Elenoa Asi and Stefanie Lavrijsen

Home and School Lunch
On Wednesday 13th April, the Home and School are selling Nachos for lunch which consist of beef mince, mild chilli con carne, corn chips and sour cream.  It will cost $5.00 for a bowl.  Pre-orders will be taken at the school office and close on Monday 11th April at 3.00 pm.

Holy Week
Last week as part of the Holy Week celebrations, the whole school journeyed up to Mr Cartlidge's house where the Year 8's enacted the stations of the cross and we finished standing beneath the huge cross erected in Mr Cartlidge's garden. 

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Library  Books
We require all library books to be returned to the box outside the office by Friday 8th April.

North Otago Community Directory Big Print Phone Book
The big print community phone book which is a fundraiser for St Joseph's Home and School will go on sale in approximately 2 weeks time.  This year, the phone book will not be given to the children to sell but instead will be sold at different shops and our school office.  We will let you know the location of these shops and the date that the books will be available in next weeks blog. The cost of this book is $10.00
Remember we have got poppies for sale in the office for a gold coin donation.

Last year our school ran a ski programme for anyone in Yrs 1-8 in the 3rd term where they travelled to Ohau Ski field once a week to ski.  It's that time again when we start to organise the school ski programme again for 2016.
Last year we talked about subsiding the transport costs through fundraisers, and given the short time frame we did well by managing to raise close to $1000 to offset costs.
One of our parents has come up with a great fundraising opportunity through CRT, which would provide us with $5000, which we could put directly towards our ski transport costs.  This would hugely reduce the overall cost of the programme.
We would be 'Rogue-ing' turnips (a bit like weeding).  We would need heaps of volunteers, (at least 20) children can also help.  We would be covering 20 hectares so the more people we have, the quicker we finish.  If we only get small numbers then we may have to do 2 mornings.
The opportunity has just come up so it's short notice but if we can make an effort to get involved we can ensure that this awesome opportunity for our children is that much more affordable for this year. Please let Mr Cartlidge know ASAP if you can help this Saturday starting at 8.00 am at Papakaio by emailing him at

Uniform Shop
Winter sports socks are in stock in the Uniform Shop for both football and rugby and cost $15.00 a pair.  St Joseph school beanies cost $10.00 each.

We warmly welcome Jacob Bartley and Alexander Perniskie who started school this week to our new
 entrants class.

Any queries regarding any of the winter sports below, please email Mrs Souness at

On Friday 8th April we will be taking part in the annual Rippa Rugby Tournament at Whitestone Contracting Stadium.  This year we have entered 5 teams and game times can be viewed on the Sports Notice Board.  We will definitely require parent support for transport and coaching the 5 teams.  Please indicate if you are able to help in any way.
The yr 5/6 Maroon team will leave school at 9.10 am and all other teams will need to leave school at 9.30 am.  All teams will return to school at 1.30 pm.
Players are to wear correct PE shorts and top and can chose to play in either bare feet or sneakers.  Please ensure they have enough food and water to get through the day and will need a sunhat and sunscreen.  All players will play at least half a game each game.  As I am away from school all next week, all players must fill in and return the rugby registration form, where marked and the permission slip and return to school by tomorrow Friday 1st April.  Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me, email is best at

Rippa teams Friday 8th April
Yr 3/4                                                   Yr 5/6 Blue                                          Yr 5/6 Maroon
Hannah Fowler                                     Tessa Souness                                       Indya Cunningham
Charlotte Thornley                               Grace Keno                                           Hannah Miller      
Eva Keno                                              Elenoa Asi                                            Athena Toeke
Ashlyn Marshall                                   Eleni Hausia                                         Jada-Rose Keno
Aaliyah Meikle                                     Isabella McNaught                               Kristiana Whiston
Jimmy Jackson                                     Max Fatafehi                                         Samuel Plieger
Jack Burke                                            Campbell Fowler                                  Matthew Woodhouse
Lewis Gough                                        Hotili Asi                                              Jacob Robinson
Patrick Spillane                                    Sebastian Spillane                                 Liam Cameron
Samuel McNaught                                Morgan Baillie                                     Levi Heffernan

 Yr 7/8 Blue                                         Yr 7/8 Maroon
 Tegan Souness                                     Isabella Hanning
Antonia Black                                       Olivia Owen
Georgia Fox                                          Elizabeth Plieger
Yneke Edzes                                         Zeth Rollan
Harriet Heaphy                                     Peta Katoa
Jacob Fowler                                         Lachlan Brookes
Sam Keno                                             Joseph Spillane
Kaleb Cant                                            Seth Sinclair
Jack Cameron                                       Halalova Asi
Sebastian Whiston                                Taine Cooper
                                                              Duran Cooper

Starts in the 2nd week of term 2 and we also require a coach for the miniball girls team.  We are looking at changing the names of the miniball and basketball teams and welcome any suggestions for a name.  Please email Mrs Souness a name for a team or if you can coach the girls team.

Yr 7/8 Boys
Yr 7/8 Girls
Miniball Girls
Miniball Boys
Lachlan Brookes
Samuel Burke
Jack Cameron
Kaleb Cant
Duran Cooper
Jacob Fowler
Corbin Fraser
Noah Jenkinson
Sam Keno
Cameron Mather
Michael Misiloi
Seth Sinclair
Taine Cooper
Sebastian Whiston
Vince Vidallon

Antonia Black
Isabella Hanning
Harriet Heaphy
Peta Katoa
Ruby Macaulay
Elizabeth Plieger
Tegan Souness
Zeth Rollan

Nevaeh Aitcheson
Hannah Fowler
Grace Keno
Eva Keno
Jada Keno
Tessa Souness
Kristiana Whiston
Atlanta Williams

Coach – Glynn Cameron
Hotili Asi
Bronson Bartlett
Liam Cameron
Max Fatafehi
Campbell Fowler
Jack Hayman
Baxter Lewis

Coach – Tracey Marshall?
Jack Burke
Levi Heffernan
Cody Marshall
Thomas Miller
Aedrick Perez
Henry Robinson
Jacob Robinson
Trials: Boys to be at St Kevin’s gym at 3.30 pm on Monday 4th April and teams will be sorted
Coaches:  Fowler Family and Cameron Family
Coach: Claudine Black
Practices: 6.00 pm Thursdays at SKC gym – starts term 2
Coach please
Coaches:  Glynnn Cameron and Tracey Marshall?

Starts on Saturday 7th May and we require coaches for the Junior and Primary teams.  Please let Mrs Souness know if you can help.

Junior 1 - (7 a side)
Junior 2 - (7 a side)
Primary - (5 a side)
Midget - (5 a side)
Paul Cartlidge
Neil Jorgensen (Ref)
Coach required
Coach required
Grant Finn
Paul Cartlidge (Support)
Jack Burke
Arthur Cartlidge
Lisiate Hausia
Jack Hayman
Daniel Jorgensen
Jonathan Jorgensen
Baxter Lewis
Jack Paton
Jonathan Paton
Bronson Bartlett
Hannah Burke
Zara Davies
Eden Davison
Hunter Gough
Christopher Jorgensen
Annalise Kilgour
Freya Spooner
Lincoln Davison
Lily Kelcher
David Kilgour
Nico Mendoza
Mya Robinson
Cameron Aston
Angus Burke
Heath Cartlidge
Lars Finn
Cruz Illingworth
Lachlan McKeown
Natalie Shah
Daniel Woodhouse
9 Players
8 Players
5 Players
8 Players

Starts on Saturday 7th May and we require 2 coaches for the Yr 5/6 team and 2 coaches for the Yr 3/4 team.  Please let Mrs Souness know if you can help.

St Joseph’s Gold
Antonia Black
Yneke Edzes
Harriet Heaphy
Isabella Hanning
Peta Katoa
Skyla Ludemann
Ruby Macaulay
Tegan Souness

St Joseph’s Rebels
Elenoa Asi
Tyla Bolitho
Cushla Bridges
Mackenzie Cunningham
Eleni Hausia
Emily Hayman
Grace Keno
Tessa Souness

Coaches: Paula Brien/Morgan Tangney
Practices: Thursdays 3.15 to 4.30 pm at school.  Starts Thursday 7th April.
Coach: Ange Asi
Practices: Thursdays 3.15 to 4.30 pm at school.  Starts Thursday 7th April.

Yr 5/6
Nevaeh Aitcheson
Payton Bartley
Indya Cunningham
Hana Davies
Cheyanne Hirst
Niamh Jackson
Jada Keno
Mya Lindsay
Bridie McGeown
Molly-May Mestrom
Summer Moriarty
Cassidy Rawson
Jordyn Shaw
Athena Toeke
Ofa Tokai
Folau Tu’akoi
Lily Wickham
Adriana Wylie-Taukolo

Yr 3/4
Willow Bartlett
Holly Cartlidge
Mariah Cunningham
Frankie Finn
Hannah Fowler
Eva Harrex
Eva Keno
Ashlyn Marshall
Ivy-Belle Mestrom
Bella Moriarty
Satua Paongo
Alexie Phillips
Jayla Strong

These girls will be split into 2 teams, we require coaches for 2 teams
These girls will be split into 2 teams, we require coaches for 2 teams

Starts on Saturday 7th May and we require a coach for the 7 and 8 year old team and 2 coaches for the combined 5 and 6 year old team.  Please see Mrs Souness if you can help.
Rugby Skills Sessions - for players and coaches for the 9/10 and 11/12 year old age groups at Whitestone Contacting Stadium on Sunday 3rd April and Sunday 10 April from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm.

11/12 yr olds
9/10 yr olds
7/8 yr olds
6 yr olds
5 yr olds
Halalova Asi
Lachlan Brookes
Conovar Brown
Samuel Burke
Jack Cameron
Kaleb Cant
Duran Cooper
Jacob Fowler
Corbin Fraser
Sam Keno
Cameron Mather
Michael Misiloi
Keane Pe
Seth Sinclair
Joseph Spillane
Taine Stewart-Cooper
Sepeti Tuuefiafi
Sebastian Whiston

Plus extras
Hotili Asi
Morgan Baillie
Liam Cameron
Troy Chikowore
Max Fatafehi
Campbell Fowler
Magnus Heaphy
Levi Heffernan
Maddox Lough
Cody Marshall
Sebastian Spillane
Matthew Woodhouse

Sam Asi
James Bremner
Hamish Fowler
Neighton Fraser
Lewis Gough
Jimmy Jackson
Samuel McNaught
Thomas Miller
William Pardede
Patrick Spillane
Kenton Tokai
Riley Tuffley
Sione Tuuefiafi
Michael Woodhouse

Luse Asi
Elias Fraser
Warren Pardede
Kacymea Tahitu’a

Luke Bremner
Charlie Bremner
Isaac Downes-Diack
Stirling Heffernan
Jonathan Miller
Aki Tahitu’a
Vilivea Tahitu’a
Anioso Tuakoi
Iverson Wylie-Taukolo
Fitu Tuuefiafi

Coaches: Chris Cant/Gary Whiston
Practices: Thursdays at 3.30 at St Kevin’s
Coach: Glynn Cameron
Practices: St Kevin’s 3.30 Thursdays starting term 2
Need a coach
These players will combine with 5 yr olds and will make 2 teams – Need 2 coaches

4. Diary Dates - Week 9, Term 1 2016

Friday 1                      -  Celebration Kotuitui at 2.30 pm
Tuesday 5                  -  Baptism & Catholic meeting from 6.30 to 7.30 pm
Thursday 7                -  School Mass with Junior Hub 1  
                                      -  Yr 7 Early Childhood Buddies and Young Vinnies
                                      -  Home and School Meeting at 7.30 pm
Friday 8                      -  North Otago Rippa Rugby Festival
                                      -  Celebration Kotuitui at 2.30 pm
Monday 11                 -  Footsteps Dance Sessions
                                      -  Last day for nacho orders for Home & School lunch *
Tuesday 12                -  Footsteps Dance Sessions
Wednesday 13          -  Footsteps Dance Sessions
                                      -  Home & School selling tacos for lunch
Thursday 14              -  Footsteps Dance Sessions
                                      -  Yr 8 Young Vinnies
                                      -  School Mass at 9.15 am
Friday 15                   -  Footsteps Dance Sessions
                                      -  Celebration Kotuitui at 2.30 pm
                                      -   School finishes for term 1
Monday 2                   -  School resumes for term 2 in winter uniform
Thursday 5                -  Yr 7 Early Childhood Buddies and Young Vinnies
                                      -  Chopper Mufti Day
                                      -  Celebration Kotuitui at 2.30 pm *
Monday 9                   -  Junior School swimming starts
Tuesday 10                -  Film makers group session 1
                                      -  Baptism meeting at 6.30 pm
Wednesday 11          -  Junior School swimming
Thursday 12              -  School Mass at 9.15 am *
                                      -  Yr 8 Young Vinnies *
Friday 13                   -  Junior School swimming
                                      -  Celebration Kotuitui at 2.30 pm *
Monday 16                -  National Catholic Day
Tuesday 17               -  Junior school swimming
                                     -  ICAS Exam – Digital Technology
                                     -  Film makers group session 2
Wednesday 18         -  Junior school swimming
Thursday 19             -  School Mass at 9.15 am *
                                      -  Yr 7 Early Childhood Buddies and Young Vinnies *
Friday 20                   -  Junior school swimming
Monday 23                -  Junior school swimming
Tuesday 24               -  Film makers group session 3
                                     -  Board of Trustee meeting
Wednesday 25         -  Junior school swimming
Friday 27                   -  Junior school swimming
Tuesday 31               -  ICAS Exam – Science
                                     -  Film makes group session 4