Thursday, 6 May 2021

1. Principal's News Term 2 Week 1 2021

Love One Another As I Have Loved You, John 15:12

At this morning's mass our Intermediate department gave some examples of what loving each other means in daily school life (as well as a couple of examples of what it does not mean).

Dates to Note

Welcome mass for all families who have started since last November - Sunday 23rd May, 9.30am

Confirmation Mass - Sunday 30th May, 9.30am

Teacher Only Days in Term 3 - Monday 30th August (all North Otago primary schools), and Friday 17 September. 

Upcoming events in Term 2:

Oral Language Celebration - Wednesday 23 June 9.15am

Children's Museum Presentation - Thursday 8th July 11am - 12.30pm.


We have had 34 new enrolments this year.  This is more than we have ever had in this timeframe.  Fr Wayne and I have enrolment meetings set up for children starting in the next 12 months.  I have contacted families I know have siblings soon to start St Joseph's.  If you have friends or family who you think would fit well with our Catholic school, please ask them to contact me as we have open spaces available.

God Bless and Aroha


2. Special Character Week 1 Term 2 2021

Warm Greetings to you all and Welcome to Term 2. 

Happy Mother's Day

The Month of May- within the cycle of a year, the Church unfolds the whole mystery of Christ. In celebration this cycle, the Church honour with special love, Mary the Mother of God. The month of May is dedicated to Mary.

Thank you, God, for mothers who love and show us how to be good. Bless my mother with what she needs and help me to be a blessing. Amen.  

Thank you, God, for Grandma and her love for me. I love her and she loves me. Give her enough energy to keep up with me because she says "I wear her out". Amen.

Thank you, God, for the other mothers, such as Aunt____ and Aunt___, my teacher and ___ who looks after me while Mum works. Take care of them and bless them on Mother's Day. Amen.

Week 1-3rd- 7th May  (White)

3rd- St Phillips and James 

9th- Mother's Day

School and Family Mass: 

Today Mrs Winders' class-Year 7&8 (Kakapo) was presenting the gospel at mass. Next week gospel presentation will be Mrs Thomas class- Year 5&6. You are welcome to join us celebrating Mass.

Why do we go to Mass? If you look around you will see that God calls all kinds of people. Everyone is there for one reason, we believe in God- the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When we are at Mass we are called a liturgical assembly of faithful people. The whole assembly gathers to give praise and thanks to God. 

Sacramental Program- Confirmation

This is just a reminder that our Confirmation meetings are on Monday 10th May and Monday 17th May at 7.00pm at Dt Joseph's School.

Confirmation will take place at the 9.30 Mass on Sunday 30th May. Please remember you will need a copy of your child's Baptismal certificate. If your child was baptised in Oamaru please provide the date this took place.

There will be a practice with Bishop Michael probably on the afternoon of Friday 28th May. All candidates will need to attend.

Adrienne & Mark W, Fr Wayne and myself are Looking forward to seeing you all on Mon 10th May. Thank you for all your support and we are looking forward to work with and alongside you and your child during his or her faith journey and receiving the sacred Sacrament of Confirmation. 

Special Character Focus

This term for our Religious Education focus is Prayer Module, Jesus Strand, Holy Spirit and God Strand.

Malo Aupito
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

3. School Notices - Week 1, Term 2 2021


Altar Servers

Saturday 8th May - Clarence & Rheanna Coscos and Isaiah Castro
Sunday 9th May - King Melecio and Lilly Kelcher

Birthday Greetings
Tendai Rondozai, Hunter Forrest and Emere Koni

North Otago Music Festival
Please save this date for the North Otago Music Festival on Tuesday 6th July.  More information to follow at a later date.

Pies and Milo
This Wednesday 12th May, the Home and School are starting up the term 2 Pies and Milo warmed lunch.  Please wrap your pies in tinfoil and name them with your child's name and if they want a milo, please bring a named cup with 50 cents in it.  All pies and cups are to be put on the bench on the kitchen bench in the hall before you start school.

Friday 7th - there is no Technology for Yr 7 & 8 this week
Saturday 8th - rugby starts today
Sunday 9th - Mothers Day
Monday 10th - vision and hearing tests for Yr 7
                       - Confirmation parent meeting at 7.00 pm
Tuesday 11th - miniball starts today
Wednesday 12th - Scholastic Book club orders due in today
                           - basketball starts today

Scholastic Book Club
Issue 3 of the Scholastic Book club went out on Tuesday and orders are due back by Wednesday 12th May.

Yr 7 Vision Screening
The Vision Hearing Technicians from Population Health team, Southern District Health will be visiting your school to screen all year seven students for distance vision on Monday 10th May at 9.30 approx.  If you do not wish your child to be screened please fill out an opt-out slip which is available at the school office.

We warmly welcome Serah to Yr 4 and Jessica to Yr 7 who started at school this week.

4. Sports Draw and Information - Week 1, Term 2 2021

 Winter Sports

Your coach will contact you if your game is cancelled due to bad weather.  It will also be on your sports code Facebook page e.g. North Otago Rugby/Excelsior Rugby and North Otago Netball and our school Facebook.
If practice is cancelled due to bad weather, your coach will notify you as well as the school and we will let the children know.  We will also put it on our school Facebook page and email you.

All teams now have coaches and they will be in contact with you if they have not done so already.  Coaches please set up a group text on your phone to contact your team and let them know game times or any other information.

Contact Details
All families have received contact details of team members and coaches so they can contact them if they need a ride or other information.  If you need a paper copy of this list, please see Mrs Brien.  Each gear bag will have a laminated copy of the contact phone list.  

The netball gold and rebels teams and the girls miniball team will have new contact lists sent out to them as their have been changes.

Rugby - Saturday 8th August for both St Joseph's and Excelsior Rugby
5/6 years - 11.00 am - St Joseph's v Kurow Wekas at Whitestone Contacting Park 9 (WCCP)
7/8 years - Excelsior playing at 10.30 but venue still to be decided depending on which team
9/10 years - 10.00 am - St Joseph's/Old Boys v Union/Maheno at WCCP 6
11/12 years - 11.00 am - Excelsior United v Valley Blue at WCS 1

Miniball - Tuesday 11th May (Grading Day)
4.45 pm - St Joseph's Breakers v Fenwick Lakers - main court
5.45 pm - St Joseph's Rebels v Fenwick Sparks - back court

Score bench Duty
4.15 pm - St Joseph's Breakers - main court
6.15 pm - St Joseph's Rebels -back court

Basketball - Wednesday 12th May (Grading Day)
3.50 pm - St Joseph's Cavaliers v Weston Whitehawks - main court

The fees need to be paid in full by Friday 21st May and if would like to organise a payment plan, please see either Mrs Frances-Rees or Mrs Brien. The confirmed fees for each sport are set out further on the page.  Failure to pay these fees will result in your child not playing games. You can pay for them either in cash at the school office or by paying online to our school account and putting sports down as a reference and your child's surname.

The account name is St Joseph's School Board of Trustees and the account number is

All fees include $5.00 uniform hire, $5.00 admin fee and allowances for replacing gear and first aid supplies.  Association costs have also increased due to some codes now paying for their referees.

Some codes charge per player and others per team so it is vital that everyone pays their fees.

2021 Confirmed Winter Sports Fees
- Basketball - $60.00 per person 

- Miniball - $60.00 per person

- Netball - Yr 1/2 - $25.00 per person
               - Yr 3-8 - $50.00 per person

- Rugby - $30.00 per person

Gear Bags
Will be given to coaches from Friday onwards.  Coaches please come to the office to collect yours if you have not already done so.

If your child is interested in playing hockey this year, please let Mrs Brien know as she will liaise with North Otago Hockey and place your child in a team.

Sports Information
Score bench Roster - most weeks, our teams have to do score bench duty and each family is allocated a week for them to do it.  Everyone has to have a turn at doing their duty otherwise our teams lose competition points if no-one turns up to do the duty. An adult has to be there as children are not allowed to do score bench duty by themselves.  If you are unable to do your allocated duty week, please arrange for someone else to do it for you.  A copy of the roster will be sent out either tomorrow or Monday. You may only need to do duty twice in the season.

Court Controller Duty - each school has a duty day for setting up the equipment needed for basketball/miniball.  This only takes 10-15 minutes before the games start and we will let you know when our school is on duty.

Uniform - wear your school pe shorts and allocated basketball/miniball singlet. You cannot wear bright t-shirts underneath your singlet but you can wear a dark coloured short sleeved top if it is cold.

Basketball Cavaliers team - your first practice will not be until Friday 21st May as your coach Cranos Chikowore is unable to make it beforehand due to work commitments.  He will let you know what time practices will be.  He will be there on Wednesday for your game and he will be in contact with you regarding this. If there is someone who could take a practice during the next couple of weeks, please let either Mrs Brien or Mr Chikowore know.  This would be very much appreciated.

The North Otago Netball Minutes regarding junior netball will be emailed to you all teams as it has information in it that you may find useful like links to netball resources.  A junior netball booklet will come out shortly.  Netball starts on Saturday 15th May for years 3-8 and Saturday 22nd May for years 1-2.

Uniform - players are to wear their school PE top and netball skirt for Yrs 1-6.  The year 7/8 girls wear a netball skirt and top.  Please ensure you have sport shoes and wear your school polar fleece as a warm up top and bring a drink bottle.  You are not allowed to wear leggings under the netball skirts.  A navy thermal can be worn under your netball top but no other colour.

Yr 3/4 team - a new format to this grade has been introduced this year.  Information regarding the layout of the game will be emailed separately to all families.

Mouthguards - are compulsory for all players and are to be worn when playing your games.

Uniform - St Joseph's wear their rugby shirts and school PE shorts or a navy pair of shorts. Rugby socks can be bought from the uniform shop for $15 a pair.

Excelsior players - we will put your games on the school newsletter each week but this week we are not sure of the 7/8 year team of where you are playing.  We will have it confirmed by tomorrow.  Excelsior will hand out the rugby jerseys to you and collect them at the end of the season.  Subs are $25.00 or $40.00 per child and this is payable to Excelsior Rugby, bank account number is 
06-0941-0007669-000.  Please use your child's name as a reference.

Sports Uniforms
This week winter sports uniforms were handed out to all children as games start this Saturday. This is different to the past couple of years as time has gone so quick and Mrs Brien was unable to check off the payments made for the sports fees by this week.  

Practice Timetable







Cavaliers (mixed)

Fridays for a start

after school, time to be confirmed

St Joseph’s 


Breakers (boys)

Rebels (girls)



3.10 to 4.10 pm

3.10 to 4.10 pm

St Joseph’s big court for skills and then half the small court using the south end hoop


Maroon (Yr 3/4)

Rebels (Yr 4/5/6)

Gold (Yr 8)




3.10 to 4.00 pm

3.15 to 4.15 pm

3.15 to 4.30 pm

St Joseph’s small court using north end hoop

St Joseph’s small court

St Joseph’s big court


5 & 6 year olds

7 & 8 year olds

9 & 10 year olds

11 & 12 year olds





12.45 to 1.10 pm 

4.30 to 5.30 pm

3.30 to 4.30 pm

4.00 to 5.00 pm

St Joseph’s

Excelsior grounds

St Kevin’s College

Excelsior grounds

Please remind your child about good sportsmanship behaviour on and off the field, especially when they are representing St Joseph's. Our school code of conducted is listed below.

St Joseph’s Sports Clubs - Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct for Students

● Ensure your child attends all practices and games on time. If you know will not be able to make a
practice or game please inform the coach at least 24 hours beforehand.
● Fees for sport need to be paid in advance or an automatic payment form completed and a plan
for payment in place before children are allocated to teams. 
● Think hard before making a commitment for your child to play in a team because if they withdraw
it can affect a team’s ability to continue the season. Children who frequently withdraw or don’t
turn up will not be given preference when it comes to making up future teams. 
● Respect the officials’ decisions. 
● Understand that sports practices and games are not a child-minding service. You are responsible
for supervising your child and should not leave them to be minded by the coach. If you think your
child is old enough to be left unsupervised you need to understand the coach cannot assume
responsibility for the wellbeing, whereabouts and behaviour of all team members at the same
time as coaching the team. 
● If there is any reason to think your older child may have behaviour which might disrupt the team
you need to stay and supervise them.

● Play by the rules 
● Respect the adults’ decisions. 
● Control my temper 
● Work hard for myself and for my team. 
● Treat all players in my team and sport as I would like to be treated. 
● Cooperate with my coach, manager, team-mates and opponents. 
● Be a modest winner - don’t brag or make a big fuss. 
● Be a good loser - don’t whine or complain. Be happy for the winner. 
● Respect all players regardless of ability, gender, cultural background or religion. 
● Thank the opposition, officials and your coach at the end of the game.

Deliberate/repeated failure to abide by any of the above conditions will lead to a student being
stood down from any sport for the season. Should this happen school sports fees will not be

Coaches, Parents and Spectators are expected to
● Encourage your family member and all other students in their efforts while playing sport. 
● Display self-control on the sidelines at ALL times. 
● Remain positive. Do not shout or ridicule players or match officials. Do not swear. 
● Respect the efforts of those involved in taking and playing the sport regardless of whether St
Joseph’s has won or lost. 
● Respect the decisions of those who volunteer their time - referees, coaches, managers. 
● Do not place undue pressure on your child to play or perform.

Team officials are expected to:
● Liaise regularly with the Sports Coordinator and keep her informed of your team's progress,
problems and any actions required. 
● Consult with Sports Coordinator before altering team compositions and when making team
compositions at the start of the season. 
● Let other members of the team know if you cannot make training or games. 
● Consult with the Sports Coordinator with regard to entries, uniform, conduct at tournaments, and
any exceptional effort that deserves credit or mention. 
● Notify a parent/caregiver if a player is seriously injured as soon as possible. 
● Encourage your players to enjoy participating while working towards achieving their potential. 
● Give all players opportunities to participate. 
● Understand development of skills, team play and a positive attitude towards participating are
equally important as winning.
● Uphold the principles of fair play at all times. Please ensure you are familiar with the Code of
Conduct for students, parents and spectators. 
● Be an important role model for the team, accept officials’ decisions and maintain your dignity at all
times. Your example of reliability and punctuality will be observed, respected and often copied by
your team members. 
● St Joseph’s school, through our sports coordinator, is here to support you at all times.

5. Diary Dates - Week 1, Term 2 2021



Friday 7 

Saturday 8

Sunday 9

Monday 10

Tuesday 11

Wednesday 12

Thursday 13

Friday 14

Saturday 15

Monday 17

Tuesday 18

Thursday 20

Friday 21

Saturday 22

Sunday 30

Monday 31


Monday 7

Thursday 10

Celebration Assembly at 2.30 pm 

Rugby starts today 

Mother’s Day 

Vision and hearing tests for Yr 7 

Confirmation Parent Meeting 1 at 7.00 pm 

Miniball starts today 

Scholastic Book Club orders due today *

Basketball starts today 

School parish mass at 9.15 am 

Terrific Thursdays start at 2.15 pm for 4 year olds 

Technology for Yr 7 & 8 

Celebration Assembly at 2.30 pm 

Netball starts for Yr 3-8 

Confirmation Parent Meeting 2 at 7.00 pm 

BOT meeting at 6.00 pm

School parish mass at 9.15 am 

Terrific Thursdays start at 2.15 pm for 4 year olds 

Celebration assembly for Yr 7 & 8 

Celebration Assembly at 2.30 pm 

Netball starts for Yr 1-2 

Confirmation Mass 

National Young Leadership Day for Yr 7 & 8 

Queen’s Birthday - school closed 

Junior Quadrangular tournament for Yr 7 & 8 

Friday, 16 April 2021

Principal's News Term 1 Week 11 2021

Many thanks to our staff and parents for an excellent term.  The children have had so many great opportunities this term with a leadership camp, swimming sports, Rippa tournament, Football Festival, our school sports teams, trips to the museum, parish centre, art gallery, marae and Moeraki boulders and our replaying of Holy Week.

Staff have been assessing children and it is pleasing to see our students making progress.  For those children who need learning support this term we have provided more release time to give us greater capacity to meet as whole team to support children.  This means our whole learning support team, with myself and the classroom teacher can get together and discuss in detail each child who is falling behind or in danger of falling behind and we put things in place.   Some of this is managed and monitored by the teacher within the classroom and some is provided as intervention lessons or extra classroom support.  We are extremely lucky that our Board of Trustees understands and promotes that learning is the reason we are here and puts extra money into providing staff and resources particularly in the areas where children are struggling.  

I must take this opportunity to remind that attendance is paramount.  Good attendance, above 90%, is needed for learning to be consistent and for any intervention to have an effect.  So please ensure that your children are at school unless they are ill or there is a family bereavement and try to book trips and holidays out of term time if at all possible.  We thank you and appreciate your support with attendance.

Friday Learning 

Next term we are starting some specialist teaching on a Friday after lunch so that the children can have more exposure to learning, particularly in the arts.  The juniors will work in their class groups and get half a term with each learning opportunity.  The senior school will be split into whanau groups and work in four classes with half a term for each learning.


Percussion Band - Mrs Brookes

Tapa Printing - Mrs Misiloi

Folk Dancing - Miss Sollano


Dance/Drama - Mrs Dooley

Environmental investigation - Mrs Thomas

Ukelele / STOMP - Mrs Streat

Band - Mrs Frances-Rees

We're really looking forward to changing it up with these opportunities.

Young Vinnies

We desperately need helpers.  This is a very worthwhile service which our year 7 & 8s provide to our local community where they visit rest homes and IHC and sometimes do extra things like stacking firewood.  They need transport to get to their service activity and back to school again.  They go at 10.30am and come back at 11.30am on a Thursday.  For some places we also need the adult to stay with them.  We only have one parent who is available to help with this so we are extending the plea out to the rest of the school and the community to let us know if you can help.  Please contact St Joseph's office.

Junior Publishing Party

The juniors had another great publishing party this week sharing their writing with family and with the rest of the school.  I was very impressed with the quality of the writing and the confidence of our young learners to share and reflect on their learning.

Intermediate Celebration of Learning

At the other end of the school our intermediate students opted for a pyjama party to celebrate their learning around the book, "Wonder" by R J Palacio.


The sandpits have reopened after cleaning and we have some new sandpit equipment thanks to the Otago Community Trust Grant.  It is great to see the children engaged in active, collaborative and imaginative play.

North Otago Pastoral Services

Thank you to the farming families who nominate St Joseph's to benefit from the Seed Treatment Program.  We received $280 from them this week due to your nominations which will help us buy materials for learning.

I wish all of our families a safe and happy holiday and look forward to another great term of learning in term 2.

God Bless and Aroha