Friday, 16 April 2021

Principal's News Term 1 Week 11 2021

Many thanks to our staff and parents for an excellent term.  The children have had so many great opportunities this term with a leadership camp, swimming sports, Rippa tournament, Football Festival, our school sports teams, trips to the museum, parish centre, art gallery, marae and Moeraki boulders and our replaying of Holy Week.

Staff have been assessing children and it is pleasing to see our students making progress.  For those children who need learning support this term we have provided more release time to give us greater capacity to meet as whole team to support children.  This means our whole learning support team, with myself and the classroom teacher can get together and discuss in detail each child who is falling behind or in danger of falling behind and we put things in place.   Some of this is managed and monitored by the teacher within the classroom and some is provided as intervention lessons or extra classroom support.  We are extremely lucky that our Board of Trustees understands and promotes that learning is the reason we are here and puts extra money into providing staff and resources particularly in the areas where children are struggling.  

I must take this opportunity to remind that attendance is paramount.  Good attendance, above 90%, is needed for learning to be consistent and for any intervention to have an effect.  So please ensure that your children are at school unless they are ill or there is a family bereavement and try to book trips and holidays out of term time if at all possible.  We thank you and appreciate your support with attendance.

Friday Learning 

Next term we are starting some specialist teaching on a Friday after lunch so that the children can have more exposure to learning, particularly in the arts.  The juniors will work in their class groups and get half a term with each learning opportunity.  The senior school will be split into whanau groups and work in four classes with half a term for each learning.


Percussion Band - Mrs Brookes

Tapa Printing - Mrs Misiloi

Folk Dancing - Miss Sollano


Dance/Drama - Mrs Dooley

Environmental investigation - Mrs Thomas

Ukelele / STOMP - Mrs Streat

Band - Mrs Frances-Rees

We're really looking forward to changing it up with these opportunities.

Young Vinnies

We desperately need helpers.  This is a very worthwhile service which our year 7 & 8s provide to our local community where they visit rest homes and IHC and sometimes do extra things like stacking firewood.  They need transport to get to their service activity and back to school again.  They go at 10.30am and come back at 11.30am on a Thursday.  For some places we also need the adult to stay with them.  We only have one parent who is available to help with this so we are extending the plea out to the rest of the school and the community to let us know if you can help.  Please contact St Joseph's office.

Junior Publishing Party

The juniors had another great publishing party this week sharing their writing with family and with the rest of the school.  I was very impressed with the quality of the writing and the confidence of our young learners to share and reflect on their learning.

Intermediate Celebration of Learning

At the other end of the school our intermediate students opted for a pyjama party to celebrate their learning around the book, "Wonder" by R J Palacio.


The sandpits have reopened after cleaning and we have some new sandpit equipment thanks to the Otago Community Trust Grant.  It is great to see the children engaged in active, collaborative and imaginative play.

North Otago Pastoral Services

Thank you to the farming families who nominate St Joseph's to benefit from the Seed Treatment Program.  We received $280 from them this week due to your nominations which will help us buy materials for learning.

I wish all of our families a safe and happy holiday and look forward to another great term of learning in term 2.

God Bless and Aroha


2. Special Character Week 11 Term 1 2021

 Special Character Focus

Thursday School Family Mass

Last week, there was no mass due to the maintenance at church, we had a liturgy in our school hall presented by Year 3 Miss Sollano's- Kiwi class.

Today the gospel presentation at our liturgy was Junior Hub 1. Next term week 1 mass gospel presentation will be presented by Year 7/8 Takahe- Mrs Winders class. We are looking forward to seeing you all next term. Thank you.

R.E Teaching Strand- Study about Jesus, our young children will gain knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to understand and integrate into their lives. Here are some examples

  • Jesus came to make known to us that God is his Abba, Matua. Jesus' life was God's gift of love to the world because God loved people so much.
  • Jesus lived with faith, hope and love and he invites his followers to do the same. We express our faith, hope and love through worshipping God and loving actions. 
  • The resurrection of Jesus showed us Christians that he shares fully in God's power, authority and mana. 
Faith Insight

WEEK 11 12th-16th April (White)
Easter Tide/Easter Season. What does Easter tide mean?
Eastertide ("Easter time"), also referred to as the Easter Season and Paschal Time, is the period of fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday.
Dear Lord

Thank you for this holiday- an extra chance for fun and play. There's so much I can learn and do even if I'm not in school.

All the beauty and gifts abound. The world you created is all around. Today's a chance to go explore, try new things, and discover more.

I'll miss my teacher and my friends just as it happens on weekends but I know that for today, I'm thankful for this holiday.

Jesus Have a happy and blessings Holiday. Let us pray and sing together with this beautiful video from Andrew Chinn's morning prayer. "Jesus rose up. We are call to rise and live in the love of God".

Thank you/Malo 'Aupito

God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

3. School Notices - Week 11, Term 1 2021


Altar Servers
Saturday 17th April - David Kilgour and Hila'atu Leo
Sunday 18th April - Ivy-Belle & Theo Mestrom and Genne Rosas Riquelme

Saturday 24th April - Isaiah Castro, Lilly Kelcher and King Melecio
Sunday 25th April - no one from school

Saturday 1st May - Millie Fogarty and Hila'atu Leo
Sunday 2nd May - no one from school

Birthday Greetings for the next 3 weeks
Daniel Woodhouse, Luke Laming, Molly McGeown, Tala Taiti, Millie Fogarty, Sandrene Mordeno, Taafaki Taafaki, Cooper van Rooy and Cameron Aston

Football Festival
Yesterday we sent 4 teams to the inaugural North Otago Primary Schools Football Festival run by Football Waitaki. It was a mixed team 5 v 5 tournament and the goal was about participation and giving something new a try. The highlights of the day were seeing children who were shy and hesitant at the start of the first game to being fully involved in all aspects of the game by the end of the day and to see each team's players pass the ball to each other which scored in some great goals.  For some of our students, it was the first time they had competed at a North Otago school event and all the children thoroughly enjoyed the day even though rain threatened to postpone it in the morning.  Special thanks to our wonderful coaches, Rory McGeown, Suzy Oakes, Karl Vincent and Lee Woodhouse because without you we would not have been able to enter our teams and our parent drivers for transporting the children to and from school. 

OSCAR @ Fenwick before and after school care program is taking enrollments for Term 2.
We open at 7:20am in the Fenwick School Hall and the afternoon program concludes at 6pm.
To book go to or contact Jess on 0211 565 871 for further details.

Winter Uniform
A reminder to wear your winter uniform for term 2 and you don't need to wear your school hats.
Football Festival

Winter Sports
  • Sports Uniforms and gear bags will be handed out in week 1 of term 2. Fees need to be paid up front before you receive your uniform or contact Paula Brien.
  • Contact detail lists have been emailed to every family
  • Team lists and practice days are on the sports noticeboard    
  • Fees - some codes charge their fees per player and others by the number of teams.   The fees are set on this information so if your child pulls out of a team once the season starts, you will be liable to pay these fees.  


All fees include $5.00 uniform hire, $5.00 admin and allowance for replacing gear and first aid supplies.

BASKETBALL – 1 teams - $60.00 per player

MINIBALL – 2 teams - $60.00 per player

RUGBY - 2 teams -  $30.00 per player


Yr 1/2 - (3) players - $25.00 per player  

Yr 3-8 - 3 teams - $50.00 per player

Coaches - our two teams in the 5/6 grade and the 9/10 grade have now got coaches. Thank you to Victoria Forrest and Samara Allardice for offering to coach the 5/6 year old team and Scott Bremner the 9/10 year team.

Practices - the 9/10 year team will practice at St Kevin's each Thursday from 3.30 to 4.30 pm
   - the 5/6 year team will practice at school on Fridays from 12.45 to 1.10 pm starting Friday 7th May.

First Game - Saturday 8th May

Teams - 5/6 year - James, Carter F, Jayden,  Arian, Manase and Gavin                                                         - 9/10 year - Cameron, Jac, Luke B, Marconi, Stirling, Lucas, Soa, Blake, Warren, Taafake, Fe'ofa'aki, Vilivea, Daniel, Iverson and 4 boys from the Old Boys Club.

Coaches - our 3 teams have coaches and there has been a change to the Yr 4/5/6 Rebels team.  Suzy Oakes has kindly offered to coach the team along with Judith Leo.  Paula Brien is coach for the Yr 7/8 Gold team and Katiana Taiti is coach for the Yr 3/4 Maroon team. Thank you coaches.

Practices - Gold is Thursdays from 3.15 to 4.30 pm                                                                                                     - Rebels is Thursdays from 3.10 to 4.10 pm starting Thursday 6th May                                                     - Maroon is Wednesdays from 3.10 to 3.45 pm starting Wednesday 5th May

First Game - Saturday 15th May for Years 3-8 and Saturday 22nd May for Years 1/2

Teams - we have 3 teams entered in the competition this year and 3 girls signed up for the skills sessions.                                                                                                                                               
Gold - Willow, Lilly, Jasmine, Ivy-Belle, Patricia, Stephanie, Mazvita and 2 girls from Papakaio school.                                                                                                                                 
Rebels - Mele, Millie, Kacee-Mae, Hila'atu, Georgia, Aria and Sephrin                                     
Maroon - Manu, Manaia, Taylor,  Emma, Celina and Tala                                                              
Yr 1/2 Skills - Michaela C, Angelina and Jane

Basketball and Miniball
There has been yet another change to the basketball and miniball teams since last week due to not enough coaches.  We now have 1 mixed Yr 6/78 team playing in the intermediate competition on Wednesday nights and two miniball teams playing on Tuesday nights.  Players have been spoken to about these changes.

Score bench rosters - each week a family has to do score bench duty for their team.  A roster will be sorted out in the first week of term 2 and everyone is expected to do their duty otherwise the children's teams miss out on competition points if nobody turns up to do it.  If you cannot do your allocated duty, please arrange with someone else to do it.

Basketball - Cranos Chikowore is the coach for the intermediate team (Cavaliers)
Miniball - Judith Leo and Adele Whiston are the coaches for the boys team (Breakers) and the girls team (Rebels).  Thank you coaches.

Practices - Basketball - still to be confirmed
               - Miniball - the two teams will practice on Wednesdays from 3.10 to 4.10 at school starting Wednesday 5th May.

First Game - Miniball starts Tuesday 11th May and Basketball starts Wednesday 12th May

Basketball Cavaliers - Dorothy, Ivy-Belle, Marc, Mazvita, Kacymea, Kenton, Blake, Vilivea and Iverson
Miniball Boys Breakers - Jac, Tevita, Liam, Soa, Lincoln, Theo, Joaquin, Tendayi and Fe'ofa'aki
Miniball Girls Rebels - Manu, Mele, Taera, Hila'atu, Aria, Sephrin and Analiese

Community Notice
  • Come join us at the Oamaru Farmers Market

    Every Sunday from 9:30 am - 1 pm at the Harbour area

    • Come and enjoy a great variety of locally fresh grown seasonal produce, cheese, preserves, food, beverages and much more .
    • Come on down and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and live music. Have a chat with the growers, grab a cup of locally grown and roasted coffee, or a freshly squeezed orange juice, indulge in sweet treats and fresh baking whilst the kids relax at our play area.
    Important Notices:
    • The Market is closed on the 25th of April in respect of ANZAC Day
    • Farmers Market AGM will be held on the 2nd of May 2021 at 1:45pm at the Criterion Hotel.

  • A Children’s Posy Laying Service
    will be held at the Oamaru Services Lawn Cemetery, on Saturday 24th April from 3.30pm to 4.00pm. All Children are welcome to attend to remember the brave men and women. 

4. Diary Dates - Week 11, Term 1 2021



Monday 3

Thursday 6

Friday 7 

Saturday 8

Sunday 9

Monday 10

Tuesday 11

Wednesday 12

Thursday 13

Friday 14

Saturday 15

Monday 17

Tuesday 18

Thursday 20

Friday 21

Saturday 22

Sunday 30

Monday 31


Monday 7

Thursday 10

First day of term 2 

School parish mass at 9.15 am *

Terrific Thursdays start at 2.15 pm for 4 year olds *

Celebration Assembly at 2.30 pm *

Rugby starts today 

Mother’s Day *

Vision and hearing tests for Yr 7 *

Confirmation Parent Meeting 1 at 7.00 pm 

Miniball starts today 

Basketball starts today 

School parish mass at 9.15 am *

Terrific Thursdays start at 2.15 pm for 4 year olds *

Technology for Yr 7 & 8 *

Celebration Assembly at 2.30 pm *

Netball starts for Yr 3-8 

Confirmation Parent Meeting 2 at 7.00 pm 

BOT meeting at 6.00 pm*

School parish mass at 9.15 am *

Terrific Thursdays start at 2.15 pm for 4 year olds *

Celebration assembly for Yr 7 & 8 *

Celebration Assembly at 2.30 pm *

Netball starts for Yr 1-2 

Confirmation Mass 

National Young Leadership Day for Yr 7 & 8 *

Queen’s Birthday - school closed *

Junior Quadrangular tournament for Yr 7 & 8 *

Thursday, 8 April 2021

1. Principal's News Term 1 Week 10 2021

 Calling All Parents

We need you for our Home and School.  Our Home and School has two important functions.  The first is to bring parents together and create community and the second is to fund-raise for our school which benefits every child in the school.  We need parents to be part of this and it would be fantastic to see some of our many different cultures represented on the Home and School.  Our Annual General Meeting is next Thursday 15 April at 6pm in the school staffroom.  Everyone is welcome.

We are Easter People

Over the past week we have travelled through the journey of Holy Week and Easter.

Starting with Palm Sunday which was re-enacted by our junior school.

Then re-enacting the Last Supper and Jesus washing His disciple's feet last Wednesday.

Then on Thursday re-enacting Jesus's passion and crucifixion through the stations of the cross.

And finally on Easter Sunday Jesus's triumph over death and sin and the promise to us all of salvation and everlasting life, through the Resurrection.

God Bless and Aroha

Lorraine Frances-Rees

2. Special Character Week 10 Term 1 2021

 Special Character Focus

Thursday School Family Mass

Year 3 Miss Sollano's class was going to lead the gospel presentation at Mass today but due to maintenance at church, there was no mass today. 

Next week gospel presentation will be Junior Hub 1.

R.E Teaching Strand- our main focus for the last two week of term 1 is Jesus. Study about Jesus, our young children will gain knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to understand and integrate into their lives. Here are some examples

  • What Jesus did when he lived on earth he continues to do today with the help of the Holy Spirit.
  • Eucharist is the best way to give praise and thanks to God with Jesus through the Holy Spirit

                           "Happy Easter to you all and Peace be with you"

Faith Insight

WEEK 10 7th – 9th April (White)  

Pope Francis Universal prayer intention. Fundamental rights. We pray for those who risk their lives while fighting for fundamental rights under dictatorships, authoritarian, regimes and even in democracies in crisis. 

White is the Liturgical Colour, the Church uses at Easter time. You will notice in the church and on the prayer tables in our school. 

White is a symbol of purity, used during all feasts of the Lord and during the season of Easter to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ. White represents light, innocence, purity, joy, triumph, and glory. 

Thank you/Malo 'Aupito

God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS