Friday 15 September 2023

1. Principal's News - Week 9, Term 3 2023

           An Awesome Term

We are coming to the end of what has been a full term of learning and celebration. I am so proud of all that our staff and children have achieved this term.  

Recapping this term, there has been a lot of science learning that has been happening in classrooms in the Physical Science strand with a focus on force and motion, and sound in another classroom. Students have been thinking like ‘scientists.’ Our Science learning has been put up on Educa in reporting to parents in ‘real time’ for science and writing. It also was wonderful to share your child’s progress with you in the 3-way parent/ teacher interviews, this time in your child’s classroom. Students were proud to share their achievements with you.

This term, three students made their Sacrament of Confirmation and we look forward to them making their Holy Communion next term. A reminder also that an invitation is always extended to families who would like their child to be baptised and have a chat with the office, your class teacher and/or Fr Fredy.

The cross country proved again to be a well-planned and run event where every child did their very best. It was wonderful to see so many supporters encouraging runners on the course. It was also heartening to see so many of our placed runners take up the challenge to compete with North Otago schools. 

Yesterday Mrs Misiloi, Mrs Brien, Mrs Tofilau and I took thirty students to the Polyfest in Dunedin. Parents together with Mrs Misiloi prepared students to perform on stage yesterday in front of a large encouraging audience. What a performance and all of the hard work preparing the students paid off. The Polyfest was live-streamed and there is an opportunity to view it from the link on our school's Facebook page or click this link.

The children shone. Next Tuesday, the students will perform at the Fiefia night. Parents are welcome to take their children to watch. We wish our performers all the best on the night. Special thanks goes to:

- Mrs Tofilau for giving up her time to teach our students 4 dances in the Cook Islands, Samoan, Tongan and Tuvaluan cultures and for making the leis.
- Mrs Fifita for making the dance costumes and Mrs Ahotaeiloa for making the hair piece and helping with the leis.

Next week we look forward to our Book Character Day on Tuesday along with the bake sale after school to help raise funds for the new library computer.

Mr Mitchell will also be back from his travels overseas and I will be back in the classroom next term with Takahē. 

I've recalled some of this term in order to congratulate our staff and students and the parents who support us.  THANK YOU.

Summer Uniform

We return to school on Monday, October 9th and children will be wearing summer uniforms.  School photos are also on Monday the first day back and the correct summer uniform and shoes must be worn please with no exceptions. No PE uniform.

Please find your school hat as hats are compulsory in term 4 while outdoors.  The hat is a navy wide-brimmed hat that can be purchased from the Warehouse.

Have a safe and blessed holiday break

Ma te Atua e manaaki a aroha,

(God bless, and love)

Nicola Winders

Acting Principal 

2. Faith Facts - Week 9, Term 3 2023

Welcome to the end of Week 9 Term 3

             Te wiki o Te Reo Maori – Maori Language Week 

There is just one week of school left until the Term 3 holidays!

Following on from Social Justice week last week with the theme of

Rangimarie/Peace the Diocesan Laudato Si’ group has prepared the following

reflection for schools and families: 

Laudato Si’ reflection during Season of Creation – Let Justice and Peace Flow

‘Should you not have had pity on your fellow servant, as I had pity on you? ' [Mt 18:33]  

How do we join in the flow of God’s love? Aroha mai, aroha atu - Love received, love returned.  

“… where injustices abound and growing numbers of people are deprived of basic human rights

and considered expendable, the principle of the common good immediately becomes, … a summons

to  solidarity and a preferential option for the poorest of our brothers and sisters… it demands before

all else  an appreciation of the immense dignity of the poor in the light of our deepest convictions as

believers…”   [LS 158]

Nga mihi nui

Leanne Brookes

3. School Notices - Week 9, Term 3 2023


Birthday Greetings from Saturday 16th September to Friday 13th October
Isla A, Zachary C, Amy C, Lillie C, Xiao L, Czar S, Kaveinga T and Analiese W. 

Bake Sale
St Joseph's School is running a Bake Sale on Tuesday 19th September from 3.00 to 3.30 pm outside the school hall. We are looking for devoted bakers or donations of cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, bars, brownies or breads!

All proceeds are going towards a new computer for the library. If you would like to donate a cake or treat, please drop these items off at the hall kitchen by 8.30 am on Tuesday 19th. Please put your treat in a container or tray that does not need to be returned to you. Also, kindly remember that we have nut and sesame allergies in our school so keep this in mind when donating items for this fundraiser.

Please name the baking item so we know what type of baking it is.

“We are still looking for dedicated volunteers to help us with the organising of setting up tables and/or the booth, selling, collecting money, and cleaning up. 
Please email Miss Sollano at or the office at if you are available that day.”

There will be NO eftpos, so please bring cash on the day.

Book Fair Week

The Book Fair starts this Monday 18th to Wednesday 20th September from 3.00 to 3.30 pm.  The venue has changed from the STEAM room to the first office on the right-hand side in the junior school. There are cash and eftpos facilities.  A Book Fair flyer will be handed out to the children today.

Book Character Dress Up Day

Our school celebrates our love for literacy by having a character parade in the hall and we invite you to come! The parade starts at 9.15am on Tuesday 19th September.  Come dressed up as your favourite book character.

Cross Country
Last Friday at assembly we acknowledged our school's cross country champions.

2023 Cross Country Results

Y 0/1 Girls - 1st Ellah J, 2nd Vanessa O, 3rd Te Paia T
Yr 01/ Boys - 1st Eidyn A, 2nd Nicholas R, 3rd Samuel G

Y Y2 Girls - 1st Lillie C, 2nd Allison C, 3rd Ezmeralda LC

Yr 2 Boys -1st Alefosio T, 2nd Laken N, 3rd Ian RR

Yr 3 Girls - 1st Michaela C, 2nd Phoebe C, 3rd Ailin M
Yr 3 Boys - 1st Sam F, 2nd Jayden H, 3rd Charles M

Yr 4 Girls - 1st Manaia D, 2nd Eva MZ, 3rd Nilah C
Yr 4 Boys - 1st no boys in this age group competed

Yr 5 Girls - 1st Emily M, 2nd Annabel G, 3rd Anashae M
Yr 5 Boys - 1st Alexander R, 2nd Ricky K, 3rd Zachary C

Yr 6 Girls - 1st Hila’atu L, 2nd Milah A, 3rd Manu A
Yr 6 Boys - 1st Siale T, 2nd Theo M, 3rd Moana H

Yr 7 Girls - 1st Sephrin S, 2nd Amanda T, 3rd Analiese W
Yr 7 Boys - 1st Liam L, 2nd Tendai R, 3rd Tevita L

Yr 8 Girls - 1st Chelsea K, 2nd Eva F, 3rd Kaycee-Mae G
Yr 8 Boys - 1st Daniel W, 2nd Michael M, 3rd Jac B

This is the last one for this term and the next newsletter will be on Friday 13th October which is the first Friday in term 4.

School Photos
Notices have gone home regarding school photos on Monday 9th October (the first day back of term 4). On the notice is the sibling photo request form. Please return this form to the office by Friday 22nd September if you wish to have sibling photos. Please ensure your child is in the correct summer uniform.

Summer Sports
Thank you to the families who have returned the summer sports permission slips. Futsal teams and touch teams will be sorted and confirmed next week. If you have not yet returned your permission slip, please ensure it is returned on Monday.

St Vincent de Paul
A big thank you to parents who generously donated clothing for Millie's Vincent de Paul initiative. Vincent de Paul was appreciative of the clothing donated. We will keep the box outside the rest of the term for any last donations. Together we can make a difference.

4. Diary Dates - Week 9, Term 3 2023



Monday 18

Book Fair from 3.00 to 3.30 pm *

Last day for summer sports notice *

Tuesday 19

Book Character Dress Up Day *

Book Fair from 3.00 to 3.30 pm *

Bake Sale from 3.00 to 3.30 pm *

Fiefia Evening 

Wednesday 20

Book Fair from 3.00 to 3.30 pm *

Technology for Yr 7 & 8 *

Thursday 21

Pasifika morning tea 

Friday 22

Term 3 ends 


Monday 9

Term 4 starts in summer uniform *

School and Sibling Photos *

Tuesday 17

Touch Rugby starts 

First Communion Parent Meeting 

Wednesday 18

Technology for Yr 7 & 8 *

Monday 23

Labour Day - school closed *

Thursday 26

School Camp for Yr 6 

Friday 27

School Camp for Yr 6 

Monday 30

Futsal Starts 


Sunday 5

Sacrament of First Holy Communion 

Wednesday 22

Yr 7 & 8 camp 

Thursday 23

Yr 7 & 8 camp 

Friday 24

Yr 7 & 8 camp 


Friday 15

Last day of school 

Friday 1 September 2023

1. Principals News - Week 7, Term 3 2023

Kia ora Parents and Whānau

The first week of acting for the Acting Principal has started out as a smooth transition.  
This week with some staff also away, we have managed and students have been
resilient with the changes to cover classrooms. Tinō pai.

Cross Country
Last week, we held our annual cross country with Te Pakihi o Maru school at the Oamaru Racecourse.  We were blessed with a brilliant fine day and the grass being dry. It was very pleasing to see the all children competing in the races and giving it their best shot.

A parent mentioned "how amazing every single child was and how our kids supported the slower children and cheered them on and even walked and ran with them was truly humbling to see well done St Jo's kids!!! "

Thank you to our amazing parent/siblings who offered to be marshalls in order for us to run this event.  Your help is always very valued.  The trophies and certificates will be presented at assembly on Friday 8th September at 2.30 pm.  Parents are most welcome to attend.

We had a great turn out from Years 4-8 representing St Joseph’s in the North Otago
Cross Country on Monday. Each student can be commended for competing against
the North Otago area and doing their very best to reach the finish line. The
afternoon proved to be an improvement on the horizontal rain and wind from last

Burns Memorial Art Exhibition
Classes have been busy creating art pieces for the Burn Memorial Exhibition and
would be worth your while viewing your child’s art over the upcoming holiday. More
details are as follows.
Burns Memorial Art Exhibition #53 
Until 29 October 2023 | All over the Forrester Gallery!

Every year school students from around the Waitaki share their artistic talents with
us. The Forrester Gallery asks all the schools and early childhood education centres
in the Waitaki District to contribute student artwork to the Burns Memorial Exhibition.
It is a showcase for the community and a celebration of children’s art.

Play Trailer
The play trailer was once again a hit and students enjoyed playing with the
equipment across the two days. Students had lots of fun using their imagination to play
with a wide variety of play equipment from stilts to Swiss balls. In a digital age, it is
heartening to see children enjoy the play equipment and use it in the most creative of

E te Atua kia whakapainga (God Bless You)
Nicola Winders
Acting Principal

2. Faith Facts - Week 7, Term 3 2023

 Welcome to the end of Week 7 Term 3

Thank you Ruma Hoiho for leading the Mass this week! Next week Ruma Kiwi are our leaders.

Next week is Social Justice week.  Here is a message from Pope Francis to help us reflect on Social Peace in our lives.

LAUDATO SI’ REFLECTION – Social Justice Week and the Season of Creation

-What brings about Rangimarie/Peace in our Te Ao/World?  

Francis says - LS#156-7: “An integral ecology is inseparable from the notion of the common good…

“Underlying the principle of the common good is respect for the human person as such, endowed with basic and inalienable rights ordered to his or her integral development. It has also to do with the overall welfare of society …[including] the family as the basic cell of society.  Finally, the common good calls for social peace, the stability and security provided by a certain order which cannot be achieved without particular concern for distributive justice; whenever this is violated, violence always ensues. Society as a whole, and the state in particular, are obliged to defend and promote the common good”.

Nga mihi nui
Leanne Brookes  DRS

 Week 7 28th August - 1 September









21st  SUNDAY in Ordinary Time


St Augustine, bishop, doctor


The Passion of St John the Baptist, martyr






St John the Baptist was a contemporary of Christ who was known for preaching about God and baptising Jesus. John began public ministry around 30 AD, and was known for attracting large crowds across the province of Judaea and around the Jordan River. 

When Elizabeth was pregnant with John, she was visited by Mary, and John leapt in her mother.