Thursday, 1 August 2019

1. Principal's News Week 2 Term 3 2019

Parent Surveys
Yesterday JH1 learnt about wind energy
Thank you to the parents who have completed our surveys.  If you haven't done it yet please check your emails as a link was emailed to you.  All people who wish to give their name enter the draw for a $50 grocery voucher.  The survey finishes on Sunday.

So far there has been an overwhelming vote for "respect" as one of the qualities you wish your child to have.

Some of our juniors enjoying their visit to the Community Gardens last week
So you will be pleased to know that this week the principals from all the Catholic schools in Dunedin and Southland spent the day at St Joseph's.  Many of them remarked that they thought our school was lovely and the children are, "So well mannered and respectful."  All these principals also come from lovely Catholic schools so well done to our children for making such a positive impression.

Intermediate Artwork
The year 7 & 8s have been doing art with Mrs James.  The year 8s have also had a day learning with Elizabeth King from the Forrester Gallery, organised by Mrs James.

Here's some of their artwork.   The year 7s were painting in the style of Kandinsky and the year 8s were experimenting with primary and secondary colours to celebrate Matariki.

Last year we further investigated skills students need in order to be able to investigate, theorise, process information, and draw conclusions in the way real scientists do.  We tested our year 4-8 children on Progressive Achievement Tests (PATs).  These are external norm-referenced tests of what children are expected to know and do in science at their age level.  82% of our children were at or above the norm for their age level.  Of these 34% were above the norm for their age.  This is very good science achievement. 

Library Visits
Next week the senior and intermediate classes will all be paying visits to the local library.  Please support them by making the library a feature of your holiday or weekend outings.  Books are cool and reading expands our horizons.

Congratulations to Annalise Kilgour.  Last weekend in Timaru, she was placed 1st in 3 of her 5 classes in the South Canterbury Drama League and was awarded the Lowen Family Cup for overall most points in 10-12 age group, a sash and $50.00.  Well done Annalise.

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances Rees

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