Thursday 29 March 2018

3. School Notices - Week 9, Term 1 2018

Altar Servers
Holy Thursday - 7.00 pm - Michael Misiloi, Samuel Plieger and Annalise Kilgour
Good Friday - 3.00 pm - Daniel and Jonathan Jorgensen and Michael Misiloi
Saturday Vigil - 8.00 pm - Elenoa Asi, Jonathan Jorgensen and Michael Misiloi
Easter Sunday - 9.30 am - Michael Misiloi and Max Fatafehi

Birthday Greetings
Daniel Maher, Tevita Leo and Seini Hausia

Home & School Mud Run
It's getting closer now and only 10 sleeps away.  It promises to be a great day and they urgently require more people to help as marshalls. Please contact Rebecca Heffernan on 027 432 4056 if you can help.
Library Books
Can all library books be returned to the box outside the school office by Friday 6th April please.

Piano Lessons
Peter McMullan will be unavailable for piano lessons on the following days:
Friday 30th March (Good Friday), Monday 2nd April (Easter Monday), Friday 6th and Monday 9th April as he is away.  He will be back on Friday 13th April.

We are selling poppies on behalf of the RSA and they cost a gold coin donation.  All proceeds go back to North Otago RSA.

Rippa Rugby
The primary school tournament has been postponed to next Thursday 5th April.  We require transport to and from the venue. so if you can help, please let Mrs Brien know. Coaches are confirmed for all teams.  The draw is currently on our school website but there have been a couple of changes.  The new one will go there when we receive it.

Uniform Shop
Does anyone have small pinafores, boys small winter shirts and shorts that they would like to donate to the uniform shop.  Please drop them to the office.  They are selling football/rugby socks for $15 each.

Winter Sports
Team Lists - these confirmed team lists are on another page of the blog and will be put on the website next week.
Sports Fees - the fees for each code will be confirmed in next week's newsletter.  Please ensure payment is made before the first week in May otherwise you may not be able to take the court,field.
Coaches - we still need a couple of coaches, one for the 6 year old rugby team and one for the football midget team.  I need to send sport entries away and unfortunately without a coach, I won't be able to field teams for those codes.

Our school is entering a primary grade team which will be coached by Tim McEvoy, first practice is Tuesday 10th April.  Some of our children will join other clubs for this year.
The midget grade this year has a new programme called New Zealand Football First Kicks.  Instead of 5 a-side games where kids get minimal touches of the ball, this programme has been developed.  This is a skills development programme which is organised at a central venue each week.  They are fun, competitive and skills based activities/games which vary on a weekly basis.  It is held at the Showgrounds each Friday from 4.30 to 5.15 pm.  Players need to be registered so we will register our midget players.

Future Ferns Festival Day will be held at the North Otago Netball courts on Thursday 5th April.  Costs $5 per person and cash only.  Yr 1-4 is from 4.00 - 5.00 pm and Yr 5-8 from 5.00 to 6.00 pm.  This is a fun afternoon for netball players.
St Joseph's Ferns have a friendly run round against Fenwick next Friday 6th April after school at St Joseph's.  Details out later.

On Saturday 7th April North Otago Rugby will be holding a rugby smart/small blacks course at Excelsior Clubrooms at 10.00 am.  The course will involve breaking down each age group and having some senior coaches to help with drills/skills/games.
This is a great opportunity for all coaches to come along to this to make it worthwhile.  There will be an associate referees course being held at the same time.

A new initiative by the North Otago Basketball Association has been passed to train and develop referees.  Referees once trained will receive payment for refereeing.
On Tuesday 10th April, Melony from Basket New Zealand will be running a RULES CLINIC & REFEREE TRAINING at the Waitaki Rec Centre from 5.00 to 8.00 pm
Rules Clinic - 5.00 to 7.00 pm
Referee Training - 7.00 to 8.00 pm

Both sessions are FREE and you can attend one or both sessions.
People wanting to become a paid referee will need to attend both trainings.  Future ongoing training and assessments will be part of the eligibility criteria.  If you require further information, please contact Susan on 027 222 2187 or

Anyone wishing to attend these clinics please let Susan know ASAP.

We warmly welcome Ben Gillies to our Yr 5 classroom this week.
Community Notices
  • Youthtown Yr 7 & 8 Programme - Workshop every Monday from 21st May to 18th June from 3.30 to 4.30 pm at Oamaru Intermediate school.  Costs $40 for 4 sessions.  Contact or phone 027 886 3146 or email
  • Youthtown Holiday Programme - brochures are available from the school office and include day trips, swimming, action day, ten pin bowling and lyrical magic workshop.  Contact Youthtown for more details or pick up a brochure.
  • Wanaka Trail Ride - a fundraiser for Montessori Children's Home & Wanaka Primary School.  Held on Sunday 22nd April - ANZAC weekend. To register and further information go to
  • FunFit Kids - a fun fitness programme for primary school kids.  45 minutes of fun and fitness.  Held on Friday's at 4.00 pm for 6 weeks starting Friday 18th May to Friday 22nd June.  Costs $36 per child.  For further information, contact the Rec Centre on 434 6932.
  • 10 Week Circuit Challenge - runs during the school terms and starts on Monday 30 April.  $225 for non members and $125 for Rec Centre members.  You can join any time.  There are 3 group training sessions per week which include muscular endurance, strength and cardio workouts.  These are designed to improve fitness, aid body toning and weight loss.  Held on Mon/Wed/Fri mornings from 9.00 to 10.00 am.  Contact the Rec Centre on 434 6932 for further info.

1. Principal's News Term 1 Week 9 2018

Holy Week
Holy Week is the week leading up to Easter where we relive Jesus's journey as he travels into Jersusalem.  First he is welcomed as the King.  Then as the week goes on the elders conspire against him eventually leading to His crucifixion on Good Friday.

The world's saddest day, Good Friday was three days before the world's gladdest day, Easter.  Easter was when Jesus rose from the dead, overcoming death and sin and providing us with a pathway to redemption and heaven.

Last Thursday the juniors enacted Palm Sunday:

On Tuesday we started the week with whole school prayers and a re-enactment of Jesus washing his disciples' feet:

On Wednesday the school met at 11am to enact the Last Supper and later today (Thursday)  the year 8s will lead us in stations of the cross outside.  This is the journey Jesus took to Gethsemane.

When it gets to the high point, the part we've waited for - Easter - we have all separated and are in our family groups and that bit we initially celebrate within our families and parish community.  The Easter vigil is in St Patrick's at 8am and the Sunday morning Easter mass is 9.30am.

Easter Chicks in Year 4/5
Thank you to the Geypen family who provided year 4/5 with incubators and eggs.  Our Easter chicks were born last night.

Sports Teams Selectors
Thank you to Renee Webster, Jack Souness and Mark Xie who put in their time to trial and select our netball and basketball teams for this year.

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

2. Special Character Week 9 - Term 1 2018

Stations of the Cross Tomorrow March 29 @2.15 pm (led by Yr 8 students)

All parents are invited to join us. 

Faith Facts this Week:-

Palm Sunday

Palms for Palm Sunday. We know the story of palms being laid on the ground as Jesus entered Jerusalem. The beginning of the Holy Week journey to Easter. But what were these palms. They most likely were date palm fronds or leaves. Putting these leaves on the ground was an ancient way of honouring a person. 
In Europe there was a similar custom with any kind of leaf or branch. Here down south we do not grow palms so we use a conifer branch. In England in olden times a gentleman may lay his coat on the ground before an important woman so shoes would not get dirty. A way of showing much respect. The Palm leaves resemble this sentiment.

If Jesus had been in New Zealand we would have used flax or any other leafy tree branch to lay before him to honour is him.

The Good Friday collection for the holy places is taken up in every Catholic parish in New Zealand.  The practice originated in 1887 when Pope Leo XIII directed that a Good Friday collection be taken up in every parish church throughout the world for the support of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land.  The Franciscans have been entrusted with the maintenance of sacred sites in the Holy Land since 1217. Find out more about the Collection for the Holy Places by clicking on the link above.

Wishing all a safe and Happy Easter.
God Bless
Nicola Winders

4. Confirmed Sports Team Lists


Small Blacks

Pippa Campbell
Millie Fogarty
Lewis Geypen
Aria Oakes
Jack Phillips
Siale Tokai


Jacob Bartley
Jac Bradley
Luke Bremner
Marconi Hausia
Lucas Kofoed
James Laming
Aki Tahitu’a
Fitu Tuuefiafi


Luse Asi
Millie Campbell
Hamish Fowler
Elias Fraser
Stirling Heffernan
Blake Meek
Warren Pardede
Kacymea Tahitu’a
Vilivea Tahitu’a
Iverson Wylie-Taukolo
Daniel Woodhouse

Coach:  Barry Pink/Chad Pink
Practice:  to be advised
Coach:  required

Coach:  David Heffernan
First Practice:  Thursday 5th April from 3.15 to 4.15 pm
Game:  Saturdays starting 5th May

Junior Blacks
15 aside
Super Blacks
15 aside

Sam Asi
James Bremner
Neight Fraser
William Pardede
Kenton Tokai
Paddy Spillane
Sione Tuuefiafi
Kristiana Whiston
Michael Woodhouse


Hotili Asi
Morgan Baillie
Bronson Bartlett
Liam Cameron
Troy Chikowore
Levi Crowder
Max Fatafehi
Campbell Fowler
Jack Hayman
Magnus Heaphy
Levi Heffernan
Nye Jones-Hogan
Elias Maher
Cody Marshall
Sebastian Spillane
Matthew Woodhouse
Sam McCarthy

Coach:  Lee Woodhouse
Practice:  tba

Coaches:  Glynn Cameron / Justin Fowler
Practice:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3.30 to 5.00 at SKC
First Practice:  Thursday 12th April 

Game:  Saturdays starting 5th May


Midget (13,12,11) – 5 aside
Age 4,5 or 6 years
Primary (10,9) – 5 aside
Age 7 to 8 years
Maximo Catalan-Gomez
Reynaldo Marasigan
Sephrin Staju
Cooper van Rooy


Willow Bartlett
Charlie Bremner
David Kilgour
Liam Lindsay
Samuel McEvoy
Ethan Rathgen
Allan Roberts


Coach: Parent Roster to be set up

Coach:  Tim McEvoy
First Practice: Tuesday 10th April at 3.15 pm
Skills Development – Fridays 4.30 to 5.15 pm at the Showgrounds

Game:  Saturday 5th May


St Joseph’s Cavaliers
St Joseph’s Raptors
St Joseph’s Bolts

Hotili Asi
Liam Cameron
Levi Crowder
Taine Dyson
Max Fatafehi
Campbell Fowler
Cody Marshall
Samuel Plieger


Morgan Baillie
Bronson Bartlett
Jack Hayman
Cooper Jones
Nye Jones-Hogan
Aedrick Perez
Sebastian Spillane
Matthew Woodhouse


Elenoa Asi
Indya Cunningham
Hannah Fowler
Jada-Rose Keno
Tessa Souness
Kristiana Whiston
Anika Winders

Coach:  Claire Cameron

Manager:  Required
Coaches:  Jack Cameron

Manager:  Required
Coach:  Jaimee Trainor (SKC student)

Managers:  Tina Souness/Rachel Fowler

Practices:  Sundays from 3.00 to 4.00 pm at St Kevin’s gym

Practices:  Sundays from 3.00 to 4.00 pm at St Kevin’s gym
Practices: Tuesdays from 3.30 to 4.30 pm at St Kevin’s gym

First Practice:  Sunday 29th April at 4.00 pm at SKC

First Practice:  Sunday 29th April at 4.00 pm at SKC
First Practice:  Tuesday 1st May at 3.30 pm at SKC gym
Competition Starts:
Wednesday 9th May
Competition Starts:
Wednesday 9th May
Competition Starts:
Wednesday 9th May

  • Every team has to referee each week.  Please organise a referee or pay a high school child to be your nominated referee.
  • If no parents offer to be manager, a roster will be done to ensure there is a parent at each game.
  • A roster will be organised for each parent to do score bench duty.
  • (As part of the conditions of your child playing basketball, every parent has to do the score bench duty which is 1 parent and 2 children and is not negotiable).
  • Contact details will be given to the coaches.


St Joseph’s Breakers

Sam  Asi
Lewis Gough
Eli Herbst
Hamish Fowler
Hunter Gough
Christopher Jorgensen
Blake Meek

St Joseph’s Rebels

Luse Asi
Willow Bartlett
Indeg Jones-Hogan
Eva Keno
Ashlyn Marshall
Aaliyah Meikle
Alexie Phillips
Mya Robinson

Players in a team:   5

Players in a team: 5
Coaches:  Rachel  Fowler

Manager:  required
Coach: Megan Phillips/Erin Pink

Manager:  required

Practices:  tbc

Practices:  20 minutes before game time
Competition Starts: Tuesday 8th May
Competition Starts: Tuesday 8th May

·       Each team has to do score bench duty and therefore a roster will be organised for each parent to do score bench duty.
·       (As part of the conditions of your child playing miniball, every parent has to do the score bench duty.
·       Contact details will be given to the coaches.

St Joseph’s Gold
 (Yr 7/8)

Elenoa Asi
Indya Cunningham
Eleni Hausia
Jada-Rose Keno
Hannah Miller
Summer Moriarty
Tessa Souness
Athena Toeke
Anika Winders

St Joseph’s Rebels
(Yr 6/7)

Hannah Fowler
Mya Lindsay
Bridie McGeown
Molly-May Mestrom
Bella Moriarty
Cassidy Rawson
Adriana Wylie-Taukolo
Ofa Tokai
Atlanta Williams-McDowell

St Joseph’s Ferns
(Yr 5/6)

Chloe Bartley
Mariah Cunningham
Eva Harrex
Indeg Jones-Hogan
Lilly Kelcher
Eva Keno
Lavina Ma
Ivy-Belle Mestrom
Alexie Phillips
Serah Staju

Players in a team: 7
Players in a team: 7
Players in a team: 6

Coaches: Paula Brien / Morgan Tangney
Coaches: Molly Kay (SKC)
Manager:  Anna Beveridge

Coaches:  Annie Metcalfe & Ellen Swanson (SKC)
Manager: required

Practices: Thursdays 3.15 to 4.30 pm at St Joseph’s

Practices: Tuesdays  3.30 to 4.30 at SKC courts

Practices:  Mondays from 3.30 to 4.30 at St Joseph’s

First Practice: Thursday 5th April
First Practice:  Tuesday 10th April
First Practice:  Monday 30th April

Competition Starts:  Saturday 5th May

St Joseph’s Maroon
(Yr 3/4)

Mia Catalan-Gomez
Xanthe Clarke
Kacy-mae Gibbins
Leah Kofoed
Shakyla Meikle
Rajbir Singh

St Joseph’s
(Yr 1/2)

Milah Anderson
Jayda Meikle
Georgia Moore
Evie Phillips
Players in a team: 5
Players in a team: 0 because it is skills sessions
Coach:  Isabella Hanning and Cassidhe Harrop (SKC)
Manager: required

Coach: None required
Practices:  Mondays from 3.40 to 4.30 pm at St Joseph’s
Practices: None
First Practice: Monday tbc

Competition Starts:  Saturday 5th May

Skills Start: