Friday 26 February 2016

7. Food Fair Menu and Video

Our Food Fair is only 9 more sleeps away and to tempt your appetites, here is a menu of what is on offer.  A short video clip made by one of our students (Ash McFarlane) also shows a glimpse of last year's Food Fair.

Thursday 25 February 2016

1. Principal News Week 4 - term 1 2016

Are you interested in learning more about baptism and our Catholic faith ?
Many of our families have asked to learn more about what it means to be baptised (christened) into the Catholic faith. The Catholic Special Character Committee of our board are inviting you to attend a special meeting on Tuesday 5th April from 6:30-7:30pm to learn more. Please make a note of this date. We will send out more information very soon.

Goal Setting reminder
We are looking forward to meeting with you next week to discuss learning and self - management goals with you and your children. Please book a meeting online by going to and inputting the code 3xam8

Book Fair and dress up day on Monday
Thanks to Miss Day and Miss Gray who are coordinating our Book Week this year. It starts on Monday with a dress up day. Children are asked to come along dressed up as a book character. Books will be available for sale during the week with some of the proceeds going towards the school.

Water Safety 
Representatives from Waitaki Irrigators and the Aquatic Centre came to share a video and talk to the children about water safety. Ask your child what they learnt from this important message to help reinforce their learning.

Kitchen progress
The hall kitchen renovations are underway and we are looking forward to being able to use our new kitchen. Thanks to the Home & School who are coordinating this upgrade and together with the board and Otago Community Trust are making this a reality for us all.

Food Fair 
Our Home & School team are also working hard to ensure our Food Fair is a big success. Please help and support this family event. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Let your friends know to come along too.

2. Special Character Week 4 Term 1 2016

We are already into our third week of Lent and we need to ask ourselves if we are making any sort of effort to become better people. Are you giving up anything in particular? Are you doing anything extra? If yes, then are these things in any way helping anyone else other than ourselves??? When I was a wee girl (yes, I CAN remember that far back!!!) giving up lollies during the Lenten Season was very popular. We saved the lollies in a large jar then ate them after Easter. When I think back it didn't really make me a better person or help anyone else. Saving the money and giving it to the missions would have been a better idea.
So we are asking our children to give a little money to the missions. This is something we continually do at our school and we are usually very good at it but we need to constantly remind the children that a little goes a long way to people who do not have what we have. Maybe the children could do something extra around the home and earn this little bit of money then give it to the missions. It will mean more to them if they have to earn it, then see the good it will do for children their age.
Remembering this is the 'YEAR OF MERCY' so we need to constantly be thinking about what WE can do, and not just during Lent.

3. School Notices - Week 4, Term 1 2016

Altar Servers
Saturday 27th February - Indya & Mackenzie Cunningham and Joshua Criddle
Sunday 28th February - Rhea Ratgali, Grace Keno and Antonia Black

Birthday Greetings to:

Charlotte Hogg and Noah Jenkinson

Big Print Phone Book

We are still looking for volunteers who would like to proof read our big print phone book which is due to come out in March.  Please let the office know if you are interested.

Book Fair

Next Monday is the start of our Book Fair and goes through to Friday.  Thank you to our wonderful parents who are helping us to sell the books.  We will be selling Monday-Friday from 8.30 to 9.15 am and 2.30 to 3.15 pm in the school hall.  We would love you to come in and buy a book to help fund-raise for the school. Below is a roster of parent helpers for the week for the fair.

Monday am - Leanne Brookes and Kate Finn

              pm - Michelle Ruddenklau and Jan Plieger

Tuesday am -  Kate Finn and Susie Jorgensen

              pm - Joyce Fox and Shiralee Bremner

Wednesday am - Susie Jorgensen and Kate Finn

                    pm - Michelle Fatafehi and Megan Day

Thursday am - Katrina Miller and Emma Jackson

                pm - Shiralee Bremner and Jocelyn Marsh

Friday am - Adrienne Spillane and Mikayla van der Sluis

           pm - Pack up time

Book Character Dress Up Day

Children are to arrive at school on Monday 29th February (next Monday) dressed up as their favourite book character. There will be prizes for the best dressed and there is also a fashion show!
Book Character Day 2014
Generic Permission Forms
These generic permission forms have been issued to each child and need to be signed both by the child and a parent and are due back to the office asap.  These forms will be a one off form and will be kept on file at school. If you forget to hand them to your child, please bring them with you to the Goal Setting Meetings on Monday and we will collect them there.  Spare copies will be available at the meetings and the school office.

Goal Setting Meetings and Winter Sports Sign Up

A reminder to book a time for the Goal Setting meetings on Monday 29th February and Thursday 3 March between 3.30 and 7.30 pm.  Go to and input the code 3xam8

Mrs Souness will be available to discuss and register your children for winter sports during these meetings. If anyone is interested in coaching a team this year, please contact Mrs Souness asap so that coaches and practices can be sorted before the Goal Setting meetings.  This applies to all codes.

Home and School Food Fair

Dear Families, there is still a lot of families who have not contributed the $10 towards the food fair ingredients.  It has been mentioned that some families do not carry cash on a regular basis and so the Home and School have decided to offer the use of internet banking.  They really appreciate your support as they have lots of great food being prepared by a few families and they use this money to contribute to their costs.

The account name is: St Josephs School Home and School
Account number is: 03-0937-0221742-000
Require: surname of child as a reference

A menu of what is being offered at the Food Fair will come out shortly.  If any family has extra eggs that they would like to donate as they need 3 trays of eggs for the Malaysian food, please contact Rachel Fowler on 027 237 8234 or if you can donate.

Cakes for the cake wheel can be brought to the school hall on Saturday 5th March from 4.00 to 5.30 pm or Sunday 6th March before 10.30 am.  There is no postponement date at this stage so if it rains, it will be held indoors.

A reminder that Thai lunches are available on Wednesdays from $5.00 to $6.00.  Orders are available from the school office.  Subway lunch orders are on Fridays and cost $5.00.

Scholastic Book Club
The book club orders are due back on Friday 4th March.

Summer Sports Draw
Cricket - Saturday 27th February
4th Grade - St Joseph's v Albion Black at SKC 1
5th Grade - St Joseph's v Eastern Fireballs at SKC Artificial 2

Touch Rugby - Tuesday 1st March
The draw was unavailable at the time the news blog went to print.  Please look at the North Otago Touch Rugby Facebook page or the school noticeboard for the draw.

Swimming Sports

Our senior school swimming sports for Yrs 4-8 will be held on Wednesday 9th March in the morning at the Waitaki Aquatic Centre.  If you are available to help with timekeeping, please let Mrs Souness know by emailing her at  A swimming letter regarding these sports is on another page on the blog.

Uniform Shop
The new PE tops will be available at school next week and we have a supply of PE shorts.  The uniform shop is open on Thursdays from 2.30 to 3.00 pm and Mondays from 8.30 to 9.00 am.

Walking n Wheeling Week
Next week we have 'Walk n Wheel' Week.  It is designed to encourage and promote active modes of transport to and from school.  Support your child/children by encouraging them to be active.  For every student who uses an active mode of transport to school each day, they will be counted on a survey.  If we have as a whole school more than 60% using active transport, we can go into a draw to win some impressive Stirling Sports vouchers.
1st draw: $800
2nd draw: $500
3rd draw: $300

Wednesday is the official 'Walk n Wheel Day' and on this particular day, if we have more than 80% of students using active transport, we can go into another prize draw.
1st draw: $500
2nd draw: $300
3rd draw: $200

So limber the legs up, clean the scooters and make sure the bike tyres are pumped up for next week!!

Winter Sports Booklet
Our Winter Sports Booklet which show sports offered at our school and our Code of Conduct can be viewed on another page in our blog.  Please ensure you take the time to read it before you enrol at the Goal Setting meetings.

Community Notices

  • Waitaki Recreation Centre membership deal - last chance.  Get in by Monday 29th February and buy 4 months for the price of 3 for just $150.00.  Contact the Rec Centre on 434 6932.
  • Waitaki Newcomers Network - New to town?  The Waitaki Newcomers Network is here to help you settle into your new community.  Contact us to join in many events where new and lasting friendships can be made.  Phone Christine on 027 242 8643 or join up online at

4. Congratulations - Week 4, Term 1 2016

Congratulations to Elenoa Asi (Yr 6) who competed at the New Zealand Junior Swimming Championships in Auckland last week.  Elenoa competed against girls from throughout the country and was the top South Island swimmer in her age group.  Elenoa got a silver medal in the 100 m breaststroke and a bronze medal in the 200 m breaststroke and got 4 other top 10 finishes.  She competed in 8 races overall.  During these championships, Elenoa also qualified in 5 events for next years junior championships as she beat the qualifying times required for next year at that meet.  Well done Elenoa and watch this space!!
Last Sunday, the North Otago Primary Yr 7 & 8 cricket team played against Mid Canterbury in Oamaru in which North Otago drew with Mid Canterbury as they were playing tournament rules. North Otago got 234 runs which came about by a fantastic batting partnership of 144 runs by Lachlan Brookes and Jack Cameron. The score was 5 wickets for 67 runs when the boys came together to begin their amazing partnership.  Lachlan got an impressive 104 runs which is a personal high score and batted 2 1/2 hours to get his runs.  Jack got a personal high score of 54 runs and ended up getting run out on the last ball!  After they finished batting, they had to go and out and field for 2 hours. Great work boys to get these high scores.  Jacob Fowler (captain), Campbell Fowler and Sam Keno also played in this team. Next they play against South Canterbury this Sunday in Timaru. Good luck.
Congratulations to Duran Cooper (Yr 8) who has been selected for the North Otago U14 Tennis team. This season he has played against South Canterbury, Otago, Central Otago and Southland. Duran plays in the singles and mixed doubles teams and has had mixed results.  Good luck for the rest of the season.
Otago Athletics
Last weekend a group of 13 children from St Joseph's competed at the Otago Athletic Champs competing under North Otago Athletics in beautiful weather on good track conditions. Nearly all the children made their finals and got lots of top 3 finishes resulting in 8 athletics being named in the Otago team.  They will play in an Otago triangular tournament in Timaru on Otago Anniversary weekend.  Congratulations to Grace and Jada-Rose Keno, Jacob and Mia Robinson, Sebastian Spillane, Matthew Gough, Michael Woodhouse, and Max Fatafehi on being selected in the Otago team.  Well done.
Congratulations to Duran Cooper, Tegan Souness and Jacob Fowler who have been selected in a 12 person squad for the North Otago U15 boys and girls representative teams. After a few more practices the squad will be reduced to 10 players where they will then travel to Invercargill to play in a regional tournament on the 1st April to 3rd April with further tournaments coming up. Good luck in your selections.
Cricket Interschool
On Tuesday our Yr 7/8 cricketers played in a North Otago primary school cricket tournament where the winners of this tournament go onto play against the winners of the Dunedin primary school cricket tournament. They played against Papakaio in the morning and won that game and played against Oamaru Intermediate in the afternoon and lost against them by about 20 runs. The game didn't finish until 4.00 pm so it was a long day.  Special thanks to Justin Fowler, Glynn Cameron and Gary Whiston for your help and support.

5. Winter Sports Information



(applies to all sports and physical activity at St Joseph’s whether it takes place at school or outside of the school)

Code of Conduct Students:

    Make sure you attend all practices (let your coach know if you can’t attend training or a game).  NO PRACTICE NO GAME

    A high standard of behaviour is expected from all students (this includes using respectful language).  The principal will be kept informed.

    Parental permission for participation is required.

    Always play by the rules and agree with an official or their decision whatever the circumstances.

    Work hard to achieve the team goals.

    Remember to thank your coach, the official and the opposition.  Always be a good sport and applaud good play.

    Do not put people down or bully them.  The aim of the game is for everyone to have fun, participate and improve their skills.  Treat all players as you yourself would like to be treated.

    Respect the equipment and the grounds.

    Wear the correct St Joseph’s sports uniform.

Code of Conduct for Coaches and Managers:

    Set personal behaviour standards for those you coach and for yourself to follow.  Teach your players that rules of the game on the field and standards off the field are mutual agreements which are not to be broken under any circumstances.

    All players deserve equal game time if they attend practices.  This means NO PRACTICE NO GAME.

    A coach encompasses many roles.  The overall role is that players need the coach to set a good example at all times.

    Ensure all equipment and facilities meet safety standards and that activities you use are both safe and effective for your player’s needs.

    Never forget that players participate for fun and enjoyment and that winning is only one component of why they participate.

    Do not neglect planning and preparation for practices and games.  Length and content of practices should take into account the maturity level of players.

Code of Conduct for Parents, Spectators and Supporters:

    Make sure you ensure that your child is able to attend practice/trainings. This means NO PRACTICE NO GAME.

    Encourage your child to learn to play within the rules and the principles of fair play.

    Support your child’s involvement and help them to enjoy their sport.  We expect parents/caregivers to attend every game and practice when required. 

    Coaches are not responsible for the wellbeing of your child (eg if your child is injured, we expect you to be there to support them).

    There is an expectation that children will be picked up on time after a practice or a game.

    Players are involved in their chosen sport for their own interests and enjoyment.  You play a major part in their efforts but ensure that you respect that they are involved for their own personal reasons.

    Turn defeat into victory by helping your child work towards skills development and good sportsmanship.  Never ridicule, degrade or yell at any player for making a mistake.  Encourage your child to lose with grace.

    Children learn the most from the examples you set.  Always act in a positive manner and demonstrate self-discipline on the side line. Use correct and respectful language at all times.

    Always remember coaches are volunteers.  Their time and efforts are for the benefit of your child.

    Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials.

    Show your appreciation of volunteers who are giving up their own time and those who help make sport happen.  It is easy to criticise but not so easy to take up the challenge yourself.

    Always support officials and coaches by accepting their decisions and judgements.  Remember – No official, no coach – no game.

Season:                  Terms 2 and 3

Practice Days:        TBC – likely to be at St Kevins either one night or on a Sunday

Competition:          Wednesday

Venue:                    Waitaki Recreation Centre or SKC gym

Equipment required:      PE shorts, basketball singlet supplied when $5.00 hire paid, sports shoes

Teams available:           Girls - Yr 7/8
                                       Boys - Yr 7/8

Tournaments:                 3 interschool’s per year (dependent on numbers)

Cost:                               approx. $50.00 plus $5.00 uniform hire

Parent responsibilities:   Coaches and managers required.  All parents must be available to do roster
                                        for score bench and help out coach when required.

Season:                     Terms 2 and 3

Practice Days:           TBC

Competition:             Saturday mornings

Venue:                      Show grounds and other North Otago venues

Equipment required:      PE shorts, Football top supplied when $5.00 hire paid, Football boots, shin

Teams available:           Boys and girls of all ages

Tournaments:                Year 7/8 - 3 interschool’s per year (dependent on numbers)

Cost:                              approx. $35.00 midget plus $5.00 uniform hire approx. $50.00 all other 
                                      grades plus $5.00 uniform hire

Parent responsibilities:  Coaches and managers required.  All parents to be available to assist coach 
                                       when required.

Season:                          Terms 2 and 3

Practice Days:                Before games

Competition:                  Tuesday Yr 7/8
                                       Wednesday skills Yr 1/2/3
                                       Thursday Yr  4/5/6

Venue:                            North Otago Hockey Turf

Equipment required:      PE shorts, hockey top supplied when $5.00 hire paid or PE top (depending 
                                       on numbers), sports shoes, shin pads, hockey stick (for yr 4-8), mouthguard

Teams available:            skills yr 1/2/3
                                       mixed teams yr 4/5/6
                                       mixed teams yr 7/8                                        

Cost:                                approx: $12.50 - skills
                                        approx: $25.00 - yr 4/5/6
                                        approx $70 - yr 7/8 (this includes turf fees for practising)

Parent responsibilities:   Coaches and managers required

Season:                          Terms 2 and 3

Practice Days:                TBC

Competition:                  Tuesday

Venue:                           Waitaki Recreation Centre

Equipment required:      PE shorts, miniball singlet supplied when $5.00 hire paid, sports shoes

Teams available:            Girls - Yr 4/5/6 mixed
                                       Boys - Yr 4/5/6 mixed

Cost:                               approx $50.00 plus $5.00 uniform hire

Parent responsibilities:   Must be available to do roster for score bench and help out coach when 

Season:                         Terms 2 and 3

Practice Days:              TBC – yr 7/8 teams Thursday and other teams will be dependant on coaches  and teams

Competition:                Saturday mornings

Venue:                         North Otago Netball Courts, Taward Street, Oamaru

Equipment required:    PE top, skirt supplied when $5.00    hire paid, sports shoes

Teams available:          Yr 1/2/3/4 – ANZ Furture Ferns
                                     Yr 5-8 - placed in teams according to numbers and ability

Tournaments:               Yr 7/8 - 3 interschool’s per year (dependent on numbers), other tournaments
                                      as they arise

Cost:                             $35.00 plus $5.00 uniform hire

Parent responsibilities: Coaches and managers required for each teams, all other parents need to be 
                                      available for duties as they arise.

Season:                       Terms 2 and 3

Practice Days:            TBC

Competition:              Saturday mornings

Venue:                       Whitestone Contracting Stadium, and other rugby fields throughout North 

Equipment required:  PE shorts, Rugby top supplied when $5.00 hire paid, Rugby boots, mouth 

Teams available:        Boys and girls of all ages

Tournaments:             Yr 7/8 - 3 interschool’s per year (dependent on numbers)

Cost:                           $20.00 plus $5.00 uniform hire

Parent responsibilities: Parents required to coach and manage.  All parents available to assist coach 
                                      when required, setup fields etc.

6. Senior Swimming Sports Notice


Wednesday 9th March at the Waitaki Aquatic Centre

Dear Parents

Our first race will be at 9:30 am and will be finished by 12.00 pm. Children need to be at school in their full PE uniform before 8.50 am as we will be walking the children down in classes as close to 9.00 am as possible.  Please ensure that your child has plenty of food and a water bottle as they get quite hungry at the pool.

This year we hope to have at least three timekeepers per swimming lane, for our six lanes.  If you are interested in timekeeping, please see me at school or email  You will be shown how to time keep beforehand at the pool

The children are encouraged to wear their house colours once they arrive at the pool.  Face paint and vivid markers are not allowed.

The order of events is: 4 lengths Medley and then the non-competitive and competitive events. There will be no finals run, only heats as they will be timed.

We have entered the children in races they are confident in and the swimming instructors and teachers have both been looking at them. If you want to ensure that your children are in the races you feel they should be, please contact your child’s teacher.

Ages are taken as at 16th of March for the age groups for the swimming sports.

Places will be determined on times recorded. Each swimmer will earn a house point for entering, 3rd place will earn two, 2nd place will earn 3 and 1st place will earn 4. There will be no width events.

The starting procedure is, a whistle for quiet, ‘on your marks’, followed by a bang. Please be quiet when the swimmers are under starter’s orders.

The various swimming events will be put on a whiteboard, which will go past.  Each teacher will have a copy of the order of events as well. Please listen carefully for the marshalling calls.

We will have house relays to end the sports with time permitting.

Please do not approach the recorders for results, as they will be extremely busy making sure the times are recorded correctly.

Parents please sit either at the deep end of the pool or on the diving board side.  Children will be required to stay in the stands as we won’t have time to find them if they miss their races.

North Otago and Otago Swimming Sports
The swimmers qualifying for the North Otago championship will be required to perform the stroke correctly. We will have someone checking on technique at the sports and the children will be disqualified if they are using an incorrect technique.

Entry for North Otago swimming sports is taken on times not places, hence our recording of times on the day.  The North Otago swimming sports are on Wednesday 16th of March. The children who qualify for the North Otago swimming sports will be notified.

Otago Primary School’s swimming takes place on Saturday 9th April at Moana Pool in Dunedin.  The first race is at 9.00 am and the entry fee is $5.00 per race entered.  If you wish for your child to take part in this, you MUST contact me before our swimming sports as their entries close on Thursday 24th March.

Thanking you

Tina Souness
Sports Coordinator

7. Diary Dates - Week 4, Term 1 2016

Friday 26                  -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8 at St Kevin’s College
                                     -  Celebration Kotuitui at 2.30 pm

Monday 29               -  Book Fair
                                    -  Walking n Wheeling Week *
                                    -  Book Character Dress Up day – note change of day
                                    -  Hockey skills at school for Yr 1-3
                                    -  Goal Setting meetings and winter sports registrations from 3.30 to 7.30 pm
                                    -  Home and School meeting at 7.30 pm *
Tuesday 1                -  Book Fair
                                    -  Walking n Wheeling Week *
                                    -  Hockey skills at school for Yr 1-3
Wednesday 2          -  Book Fair
                                    -  Walking n Wheeling Week Official Day *
Thursday 3              -  Book Fair
                                    -  Walking n Wheeling Week *
                                    -  Young Vinnies/Early Childhood Buddies begin for the year
                                    -  School Mass at 9.15 am with Yr 5
                                    -  Senior school swimming for Yr 4-8
                                    -  Goal Setting meetings and winter sports registrations from 3.30 to 7.30 pm
Friday 4                    -  Book Fair
                                    -  Walking n Wheeling Week *
                                    -  Technology for Yr 7 & 8 at St Kevin’s College
                                    -  Celebration Kotuitui at 2.30 pm
                                    -  Scholastic Book Club orders due in *
Sunday 6                  -  Food Fair held in the school grounds

Wednesday 9          -  Senior School swimming sports for Yr 4-8
Thursday 10           -  School Mass with Yr 4
                                    -  Yr 8 Young Vinnies
                                    -  Terrific Thursday starts

Tuesday 15              -  Rippa Rugby starts for whole school
                                    -  Home & School AGM at 7.30 in Ruma Koru
Wednesday 16       -  North Otago Swimming Sports    
                                    -  Rippa Rugby skills for whole school      
Thursday 17           -  School Mass at 9.15 am with Yr 3
Friday 18                 -  Celebration Kotuitui at 2.30 pm
Monday 21              -  Otago Anniversary Day holiday
Thursday 24           -  Yr 8 Young Vinnies
Friday 25                 -  Good Friday holiday
Monday 28              -  Easter Monday holiday
Tuesday 29             -  Easter Tuesday holiday

Tuesday 5               -  Baptism and Catholic meeting from 6.30 to 7.30 pm *
Friday 15                 -  School finishes for term 1 *

Monday 2                -  School resumes for term 2 in winter uniform *