Thursday, 30 August 2018

1. Principal's News Week 6 Term 3, 2018

Jumangi the 4 Rs (Respect, Reverence, Resilience and Relationships)
Here are a selection of photographs from our senior production.  Well done and thank you once again to everyone who was involved.  The children really raised their energy and did a great job on the night.

Rough Play
I used to love rough play as a child and with two sons I can certainly see the value and fun in it.  We teach children to keep their hands and feet to themselves in our junior classes.  But some children love to play a little more physically.  There's no harm in it at all until someone gets hurt or upset.  What can start off as fun tagging, or grabbing hold of (as in cops and robbers) can end up with tempers rising....  I dealt with two incidents last week one with big children and  one with little children where innocent play went a bit too far and someone got upset and there were repercussions.  So I have asked all children to keep their hands to themselves while they are playing.  If you're hearing that at home and think it's a bit unfair, it's in the interests of keeping everyone safe and in a good emotional space.  We talk to the children about good games to play and there's lots.  We have sports equipment, adventure playgrounds, sandpits, courts and a playing field and we encourage the children to find positive games to play using our facilities and their imaginations.

We changed our lunch time from 40 minutes to 60 minutes at the start of 2017.  The lunch time had been shortened because children didn't know how to play and were getting into mischief.  I want to keep it at 60 minutes because it takes time to develop imagination and relationships on the playground and if we jump in and amuse and entertain children we reduce their self-directed creative time and they need this to grow their brains and their social skills.  Even when sometimes there may be conflict they are learning valuable lessons for how to manage these things now and in the future.

Very much better turnout in uniform this week.  Thank you for your support.  I will be checking weekly.

The next thing we need to look at is sports shoes with the full uniform.  I will be looking at that next week.  If anyone is having any trouble affording school shoes please let me know because there is help available if needed.

Regarding hair ties and jewellery, our board policy on uniform gives good guidelines on this:

1.    Children wear the full uniform, without any visible exceptions.
2.    Jewellery is not permitted to be worn with uniform.  Exceptions wrist watch, a maximum of 1 plain ear stud in each earlobe. 
3.    Hair ties should be plain and in keeping with school colours.  Hair is to be tied or cut to ensure vision is not able to be impeded.
4.    Hair colouring, pattern shaving or growth/shape trends are only accepted if a very good reason exists and after Principal agreement is gained.
5.    Variation to any of the above will be considered after contact and consultation with the Principal e.g. medic alert bracelets, items of cultural significance etc.

Nail varnish is not acceptable at school and any child wearing nail varnish (or makeup) will be asked to remove it.

Please also remember that the time I have to put into policing these policies is time taken away from our core business of teaching and learning and from my main role as leader of teaching and learning.

Our children, nicely turned out, buddied up and ready for mass this morning

God Bless and Aroha,
Lorraine Frances-Rees

2. Special Character Term 3 Week 6 2018

First Holy Communion

Image result for blessing for first holy communionCongratulations to our candidates that are now full members of the Church as celebrated their First Communion. Thank you to everyone who contributed in making it a memorable occasion.

Faith Fact this Week:-

2nd September Father Day

 Father's Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. In Catholic Europe, it has been celebrated on March 19 (St. Joseph's Day) since the Middle Ages. St Joseph being the foster father of Jesus.

Father’s Day in New Zealand is a special day to recognise and celebrate the role fathers play in our life. Whether it’s your Dad, step-Dad, foster Dad or just a special father figure who has helped you along the way, Father’s Day NZ is your chance to say ‘Thank You’.

God Bless 

Nicola Winders

3. School Notices - Week 6, Term 3 2018


Beatitude for the Day
Blessed are they who recognise the Spirit in all whom they meet; the light of truth will shine in their lives

Altar Servers

Saturday 1st September - Joseph, Paddy & Seb Spillane and Samuel Plieger
Sunday 2nd September - Andrew Sinclair, Hana Davies, Lilly Kelcher and Alexie Phillips

Birthday Greetings
Serah Staju, Charlie Bremner, Joaquin Perez, Jayda Meikle, Moana Hafoka and Aria Oakes

On Monday 3rd September only 4 buses will be running due to the 3 secondary schools having a long weekend.  The buses that will be operating are Airedale, Clifton Falls, Maheno and the town bus.  Every other bus route will not be operating that day.  All bus routes will resume back to normal on Tuesday.

The last of our school sports teams played last night and our boys basketball team the Cavaliers played in a well contested basketball game against Oamaru Intermediate.  The game was closely matched all the way through with our team becoming the eventual winner. Congratulations to our Breakers boys miniball team who got second this year.
At the Miniball and Basketball prize giving, 2 of our students received trophies from North Otago Basketball.  Hamish Fowler who is in year 4 received the N.O. Miniball Skills and Teamwork Trophy chosen from all boys from Yr 4-6 who play miniball which is a great achievement and Hotili Asi received the N.O. Most Valuable Boy trophy chosen from all the intermediate boy players.  Well done everyone.

Congratulations to Ben Gillies and Mya Robinson who were members of the Mixed Magic Yr 5/6 Hockey team which was made up of players from St Joseph's, Ardgowan and Hampden and was coached by Jody Robinson.  This team won the Yr 5/6 grade.

Cross Country Presentations
Congratulations to our cross country winners who were awarded certificates and trophies at assembly last week.

Yr 1   Elise Hedlund and Siale Tokai
Yr 2   Ruby Wickham and James Laming
Yr 3   Eva Fatafehi and Daniel Woodhouse
Yr4   Mya Robinson and Hamish Fowler
Yr 5  Willow Bartlett and Ben Gillies
Yr 6   Lavina Ma and Paddy Spillane/Michael Woodhouse
Yr 7  Bridie McGeown and Levi Heffernan/Cody Marshall
Yr 8   Elenoa Asi/Hannah Miller and Seb Spillane
Yr 4-8 Trophy Winners - absent Hamish Fowler
North Otago Cross Country
Students who are competing at the North Otago Cross Country on Monday held at the Oamaru Race Course are to wear their correct PE uniform and bring a named drink bottle and warm clothing for before and after the event.  Please be there between 3.30 and 3.45 pm at the car park to meet Mrs Brien and she will give you your name label. The event starts at 4.00 pm.  Parents are to stay in the designated viewing area as they are not allowed to go out on the course. Good luck to all.

Daffodil Day Mufti Day 
Remember mufti day tomorrow and bring a gold coin for the daffodil day cancer donation.  Please wear something yellow if you can.  It is also the annual Yr 8 students v staff netball game at 2.00 pm.

Food Fair
Please drop your $10 family food fair money donation to the office and write your name on the cake wheel list outside the office. Each class will be running an activity or a stall and parents and students will be needed on the day to help with their class activity. It is held on Sunday 28th October in our school grounds.
LJ Hooker Donation
When you list a house with LJ Hooker and a sale goes through, they will make a donation to the school nominated by the vendor.  The Cunningham family listed their house and Indya received the donation on their behalf who forwarded it to the school.  Thank you LJ Hooker for your generosity.
Multi- Cultural Hui
The Hui has been moved from Monday 10th September to Monday 17th September at 6.30 pm in the staff room.

Scholastic Book Club
Orders are due back on Wednesday 12th September.

Summer Sports
Our school offers cricket and touch rugby as a summer sport.  Please let Mrs Brien know if you are interested in playing or not playing any of these sports next term even if you played in term 1.  If you do not wish to Coaches please confirm your availability for next term.  More information about soft ball cricket will be available in the next couple of weeks. 

Term 1 teams for Touch Rugby are:
Tigers Yr 1/2/3
Cameron Aston
Jacob Bartley
Maximo Catalan-Gomez
Eva Fatafehi
Chelsea Koay
Leah Kofoed
Lucas Kofoed
Cruz Illingworth
Blake Meek
Alex Perniskie

Broncos Yr 1/2/3
Millie Fogarty
Moana Hafoka
James Laming
Liam Lindsay
Warren Pardede
Evie Phillips
Aki Tahitu’a
Vilivea Tahitu’a
Daniel Woodhouse
Iverson Wylie-Taukolo

Coaches – Suzanne Aston and Emma Perniskie ??
Coaches – Jada-Rose Keno & Kristiana Whiston ??

Rockets Yr 4/5/6
Willow Bartlett
Hamish Fowler
Lewis Gough
Hunter Gough
Indeg Jones-Hogan
Eva Keno
Paddy Spillane
Kacymea Tahitu’a
Michael Woodhouse
Ferns Yr 4/5/6
Luse Asi
Sam Asi
Lilly Kelcher
William Pardede
Alexie Philiips
Mya Robinson
Kenton Tokai
Riley Tuffley

Coach – Justin Fowler ??
Coach – required


Turbos Yr 7/8
Bronson Bartlett
Liam Cameron
Troy Chikowore
Jack Hayman
Nye Jones-Hogan
Elias Maher
Jada-Rose Keno
Andrew Sinclair
Kristiana Whiston

Dynamos Yr 7/8
Elenoa Asi
Hotili Asi
Max Fatafehi
Campbell Fowler
Eleni Hausia
Cody Marshall
Samuel Plieger
Tessa Souness
Sebastian Spillane
Anika Winders
Matthew Woodhouse

Coach: required

Coach: Lee Woodhouse ??

Cricket -Term 1 2018 
Intermediate A
Liam Cameron
Levi Crowder
Campbell Fowler

Kaleb Kiwara
Ben O’Sullivan
Bray Todd
Hunter Wardle
Alex Wilson

Intermediate B
Troy Chikowore
Hamish Fowler
Jack Hayman
Eli Herbst
Cooper Jones
Nye Jones-Hogan
Cody Marshall

Jared Smith
Dayton Poka-Dixon
Bronson Bartlett
Anthony Chen
Allan Roberts
Tama Roberts

Carter Muldrew
Hunter Rzepecky

Coach:  Glynn Cameron

Coaches:  Jack Cameron, Lachlan Brookes
Manager:  Justin Fowler

Coach:  Bill Muldrew and Yvonne Roberts

Welcome Back
We warmly welcome Rheanna and Clarence Coscos back to our school this week.
Winter Sports
Thank you to the parents who have already dropped off their uniforms and gear bags.  If you have not returned them, please drop them at the office.

End of Winter Season Break Up
We are holding a prize giving afternoon where basketball, football, hockey, miniball, netball and rugby will be acknowledged. Coaches will talk about their season and present awards.  It will be held on Wednesday 12th September (due to some coaches being unavailable till then) in our school hall from 3.30 to 5.00 pm ish and we ask for each family to bring a plate to share for afternoon tea.  Children who were in the midget football and Yr 1/2 netball skills sessions are welcome.