Friday, 12 August 2022

4. Sports Draw - 12th to 18th August 2022

 SPORTS DRAW - 12th to 18th August 2022

All sports codes have their full draws for the term/season on their respective websites and Facebook pages.


Netball - Friday 12th August - last day of netball

Note there is a Plan B option if it rains and your coach will let you know if North Otago Netball use it.

Future Ferns Yr 3/4

4.15 pm - St Joseph’s Maroon v Kurow Juniors on court 4 (Unichem)

Yr 7/8 Section 2

4.15 pm - St Joseph’s Gold v OIS Shooters at SKC court 1


3.30 pm - St Joseph’s Gold are standby umpires at Taward Street.

Plan B Option if Wet

Future Ferns Yr 3/4

St Joseph’s Maroon - no game

Yr 7/8 Section 2

17.45 pm - St Joseph’s Gold v OIS Shooters at SKC gymnasium


Rugby - Saturday 13th August - last game for the season

EXCELSIOR RUGBY TEAMS - end of season break up at the Rec Centre and take your rugby jerseys with you.

7/8 yrs 

10.00 am - Excelsior v Valley at WCS 7

9/10 yrs

11.00 am - Excelsior v Kurow Brumbies at WCS 2

11/12 yrs 

11.00 am - Excelsior Bulls v Excelsior Wolverines at WCS 3


FOOTBALL - Awamoa and Meadowbank teams - Saturday 13th August

7/8 Grade - kick off at 10.45 am 

Game 1 - Meadowbank v Awamoa Storm - Showgrounds 

Game 2 - Meadowbank v Awamoa Force - Showgrounds 

9/10 Grade - kick off at 10.45 am

MB Machines v Awamoa Knights - Showgrounds

11/13 grade - kick off at 9.30 am

MB Marvels v AFC Rovers - Showgrounds

AFC Rangers v AFC Ravens - Awamoa

AFC Robins v AFC Falcons - Awamoa



Yr 5/6 miniball 3 x 3 competition - finishes on Tuesday 23rd August

Basketball finishes on Wednesday 17th August


Miniball 3 x 3 - Tuesday 16th August

The draw is unavailable at the time the sports draw is scheduled.  We will let you know by email and text when the draw is available.

Basketball - Wednesday 17th August - last game for the season

** St Joseph’s is on the Front Court Set Up so families have to be there at 3.30 to set up. (Mrs Brien will confirm with you if our school has to do it because of our late game)

6.20 pm - St Joseph’s Cavaliers v OIS Hawks - back court

Score bench Duty


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