Friday 12 August 2022

3. School Notices - Week 3, Term 3 2022


Birthday Greetings to

Allison C and Rheanna C

Assumption Mass
On Monday, the whole school are going over to Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption.  We ask all children to wear their full winter uniform (no PE clothes or sports shoes).

Celebration Assemblies
We warmly welcome anyone to our celebration assembly on Friday afternoons at 2.30 pm outside the library to raise the winning house flag before heading to the hall.  Masks are recommended.

Cross Country
Notices have been handed out to each family about our school's cross country on Friday 26th August (3 weeks' time).  We have asked for parent help and we have received 4 offers of help but we need another 4-6 parents to help as marshalls. The cross country will be approximately 1 - 1.5 hours from the time the children start to the time of completion.  If you can help or know of someone who would like to help, please let Mrs Brien know. 

Each class has been busy practicing for it and a reminder for children to bring their sports shoes to run in as the school grounds are quite muddy.

Subway lunches
There will be NO subway lunches on the day of our cross country so everyone is to bring a packed lunch.

Our junior water fountains are in need of an urgent upgrade and we have the opportunity to participate in a fundraiser which will enable us to meet this need. It is very important to provide fresh water which is easily accessible to the children therefore we are going to be engaging in a chocolate fundraiser. 

We will be issuing each family a box of chocolates to sell and there will be more available if you wish to sell more.  Boxes will be issued to families on Monday 5th September and each box will contain 36 bars of chocolate.  Each bar will sell for $2.00 each and the sales from each box ($72.00) are to be handed into the office.  Further information will accompany each box.

Please note that chocolate is not promoted as a staple food and should be treated as a 'treat' food and not to be included in the children's lunch boxes.  Any inquiries, please contact the office.

Summer Sports
Summer sports information for term 4 will be sent out to each family next week.  Sports on offer from St Joseph's are Futsal and Touch rugby.

Touch rugby will have a new format for term 4 where teams will be made up of the following year groups instead of the combined 3-year levels.  Teams will be made up of 8 players.
- Yr 1 & 2
- Yr 3 & 4
- Yr 5 & 6
- Yr 7 & 8

Touch will start on Tuesday 18th October (the first Tuesday of term 4).

Is open to all year levels and will be on Monday afternoons from  4.00 to 7.00 pm starting Monday 31st October.  Teams will have 7 players The leagues available are:
- Yr 1 & 2
- Yr 3 & 4
- Yr 5 & 6
- Yr 7 & 8

There is NO technology for the Yr 7 & 8 children for the next 3 Fridays.

We warmly welcome Tryphena who recently started at our school in Hoiho class
Winter Sports 
All St Joseph's rugby, netball and Yr 3/4 miniball winter sport uniforms are to be handed into the office.

North Otago Basketball would like to thank everyone who was involved in miniball this year and  realise the season was shorter than normal.  This gave them the opportunity to try the 3 x 3 structure for this age group which seems to be a lot more hands-on for all players.  If you have any comments on how they can run the season, please let Mrs Brien know and she will forward your comments. They welcome new members to join the North Otago Basketball committee

St Joseph's Maroon Netball Team - Yr 3/4 Grade

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