Friday, 17 June 2022

1. Principal's News Term 2, Week 7, 2022


The National Administration Guideline 1 for schools says that we must report to parents on progress and achievement in literacy and maths in plain language twice a year and also on the rest of the curriculum.
We are now doing this through the posts we share on Educa.  Some of the posts are stories of your children's learning that they or their teacher has chosen to share with you.

Some specific Educa posts are our formal reporting to you, the parents.  This term these posts are in Reading, Maths, and the Performing Arts.  As well as sharing some of your child's work, the teacher will make a comment and you will be given an indication of the curriculum level so you know how they are going compared with the expectation at their year level.  Use this graphic to help you know what that expectation is:

We can tell from our analytics which of the children's stories are being read and which are receiving comments.  At the moment about half of the posts read by parents also have a comment.  You get email notifications when a post is ready to view.  It would be lovely to see all the reporting posts read by parents and more comments given as these encourage your child in their learning and show that you value what they are doing.  This is so important for their engagement and progress at school.

We have now started our Sacramental program for 2022.  It is really fabulous that some families have responded to our offer of Baptism and some of our students will be baptised soon and able to join the Sacramental program this year.  Please talk with me or go directly to Fr Wayne if you would like your child to be baptised.

Let Your Light Shine
We are now well into the drama recordings and looking forward to some external trainers in movie-making coming to work with our intermediate students next week.

Ma te Atua e manaaki a aroha,
(God bless, and love)

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