Friday, 3 June 2022

1. Principal's News Term 2 Week 5, 2022

National Young Leaders Day

Our intermediate students went to Dunedin on Tuesday to participate in the National Young Leaders' day. The theme of the day was Resilience. They heard from some very inspiring speakers including William Pike (Kiwi explorer, inspirational speaker and founder of the William Pike Challenge), Georgia Lines (singer/songwriter), Georgia Lata (CEO Potiki Poi), and Sam Johnson (CEO, Student Volunteer army).

The students are presently writing about their experiences and a couple of comments from the day are:

"It inspired me from all the stories and the speakers and it really taught me to bounce back up and never give up and the theme for the day was resilience and I really learned more about resilience." Chelsea

"The octopus on the fishing line just gives up and sharks never give up, they fight. Be like a shark." Allan

It was great to see the buzz of excitement, and fatigue, as they got off the bus and I'm looking forward to reading more about it.

Display of photos

There is a display of photos of some of the leadership work our year 7 & 8s have done so far this year. Their contribution to life at St Joseph's is so much appreciated and the younger students really look up to them. I saw a six year old recently "playing" at being a house captain. That says a lot.

Rippa Tournament

Congratulations to our year 5 and 6 Rippa team who played the Rippa Tournament today and got through to the Hanan Cup Rippa tournament playing against schools from South and Mid Canterbury on 22nd June. They have had a great day and showed strength in teamwork, resilience and respect for themselves, their opposition and their supporters. Well done year 5/6 Rippa.

Welcome Recordings

We are still working on our movie and this week we filmed the children recording "welcome" in their own language. We are going to have another go at this as many children were unconfident. Can you please help them by ensuring they know how to say "hello" or "welcome" in the language of the country YOU come from. Please practise with them so that they are confident and can speak up. We will help them too. Thank you.

Meanwhile, our practicing and recording continue and these two pictures show children practising poi for the movie and recording a rap for one of our songs.

These pictures come from Hoiho class who learned how to draw Poupou and varied them to take on the characteristics of the stars in the Matariki star cluster.  They put a lot of thought into their work.

Laudato Si’ and the power of God’s Spirit

The environmental and social problems facing the world are huge. Laudato Si’ challenges us to ‘…look for solutions not only in technology but in a change of humanity… moving gradually away from what I want to what God’s world needs.’ (LS 9)

A big ask - but at Pentecost, and always, we know:

‘God, who calls us to generous commitment and to give him our all, offers us the light and the strength needed to continue on our way. In the heart of this world, the Lord of life, who loves us so much, is always present.’ ( LS 245)

Teacher Only Day

Please note school will be closed on Monday and Tuesday 14th and 15th November for teacher professional development. The schools in our Community of Learning are closing these days to participate in training in structured literacy. This is so that our youngest children get the best start in reading and writing and that this is continued throughout the school.

Parish Freezer

We keep food in the parish freezer given by school families. This means when one of our family has a sickness, bereavement or something else that is challenging, we are able to bring them a meal or some snacks on behalf of the school community. It would be great to see every family contribute something to the freezer because you never know when one day it could be your family who feels supported by our community. Please bring frozen items into the school office.

ia faamanuia ma alofa le Atua,

(God bless, and love)


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