Thursday, 29 July 2021

1. Principal's News Term 3 Week 1 2021

Student-led Interviews

Please make your bookings for student-led interviews after school next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Mrs Streat's class will be organising theirs later in the term.  Reports will be coming home on Friday, please check your children's bags.

To book your meeting go to:

The interview code is: kpa94

Cross Country

Our cross country event is Friday 27 August.  Paula Brien our Sports Coordinator will be putting out requests for help soon.  Please put your hand up, it's a great day for students and our community.

Today was our first practice:


Our term focus this term is science and our inquiry project is "Living Environment."  We will be learning how to use the science capabilities in the context of the Living World.  The year 7 & 8s are also learning about the chemical and physical world.  They were conducting experiments into conductivity today and these will lead to finding out more about semiconductors, atomic structure, and solar power and their projects may lead to creating some solar-powered features for our living landscape.

Ethics Olympiad

A small team of children has been preparing to participate in the Junior Ethics Olympiad in September.  They will be competing with other teams from all over Australasia.  They are well on the way, learning how to consider important questions from an ethical perspective and listening to and responding to other points of view. 

They have learnt to look at important matters through these ethical lenses:

  • The greatest good for the greatest number of people (Utilitarianism)
  • An act is good if the motive is good (Kant)
  • Look after the weak (Catholic social justice)
  • Something is good if it would still be good if everyone did it (Categorical Imperative - Kant)
  • Treat others how you want to be treated (The Golden Rule - Jesus)

Healthy Lunches and Teeth

Have you seen the new advertisement for looking after children's baby teeth?

Tooth decay in young children is a very big problem in our area.  Tooth decay in baby teeth in children affects their adult teeth and overall health.  So it is worth a reminder to ensure your children brush their teeth twice a day.

The food in lunchboxes can also have a big effect on dental and overall health.  Children are only allowed water to drink at school and we encourage a healthy lunchbox with sandwiches, or a rice or pasta meal, and fruit and avoiding sugary muesli bars or chips.  

If your child is not connected with the dental service you can sign up by visiting the dental clinic which is situated at North School, across the road from us.

Measles Mumps and Rubella Vaccinations

Please note if you have come from overseas you may only have had one MMR vaccination.  For both adults and children, if you have only had one (or none) you can visit your GP and get a free vaccination.  Advice from our public health nurse is that once our borders open up again and there is more free travel, we are once more at risk of general infectious diseases and it is worth checking if your vaccinations are up to date.

Burns Memorial Exhibition

Congratulations to Iverson whose artwork from last year is this year's poster:

God Bless and Aroha


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