Thursday, 8 July 2021

1. Principal's News Term 2, Week 10 2021

North Otago Music Festival

Our children did themselves proud on Tuesday night at the North Otago Music Festival.  Their songs are on Facebook and we have had lovely feedback from the audience.  They were amazing and we are very proud of them all. 

Children's Museum

The children have been working hard on their curated pieces.  Their work has tied in with our teachers' work this year and the teachers were focusing on the children developing questioning and critical inquiry skills.  The children have done this in bucketfuls.  Well done to everyone.  I'm writing this before our presentation tomorrow so I don't know how it will go but I hope the adults will gather around the children and affirm their dedication and enthusiasm.

Here are some of the children preparing their curated pieces for their museum:

Student-led Conferences

The meeting with the student, the teacher and yourself are set for 3rd and 4th August.  Please book in.

To book your meeting go to:

The interview code is: kpa94

Term 3

Term 3 is always a very growthful term.  The learning in classes is very well underway and children are engaged and on their way.  We are looking forward to increasing fitness leading into our Cross Country day in term 5.  We are also looking forward to Singing Cup in Week 10 where our year 8 students will really have to step up to lead the house choirs and motivate the students to do the best job ever.  We always hone in on science in term 3 and our students have very well-developed Science Capabilities with 90% of our students at or above the norm in a nationally normed test last year. We intend to keep this up.

Aroha and God Bless


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