Thursday 1 July 2021

2. Special Character Week 9 Term 2 2021

Special Character Focus

School Family Mass: Thank you to Ruma Hoiho-Year 5/6 for the presentation of the gospel last week. Today Ruma Kakapo-Year 4/5 was presenting the gospel at Mass. Next week's gospel presentation will be Ruma Kiwi- Year 3. You are welcome to join us in celebrating Mass.

The next part of the Mass is called the Liturgy of the Word. In the Liturgy of the Word, we celebrate Christ's presence in the Scripture. We need to listen carefully to the three readings and the Psalm. The Liturgy of the Word begins with the First Reading, which is taken from the Old Testament, except during Easter Season, when the Acts of the Apostles are read. We respond to this reading by either singing or saying the Responsorial Psalm. 

Father Wayne Visits: Our children had a visit from Fr Wayne yesterday and they were so excited to talk with Fr Wayne about God's mystery and how they wonder why the water is blue and how the stars are up in the sky. They also asked good questions about the Holy Spirit. Thank you Fr Wayne for your visits to Ruma Kereru. It is always a blessing for all our tamariki to have your presence and your blessings and knowledge for their journey and lifelong learning in the Catholic Faith. 

Faith Facts: Week 9-28th June- 2nd July (Green)

                    28th St Irenaeus

                    29th Saints Peter and Paul

A saint is simply "a disciple who has lived a life of exemplary faithfulness to Jesus" (CCC). In naming saints the Church is saying that these men and women practiced heroic virtue and lived a life of faith and love.

They were ordinary people who struggled with many of the same things we do, yet lived life in an extraordinary way, they found a way to serve God and model God's love to others. 

On Monday 28th of June, the Church celebrates the Feast of St Irenaeus. He was the Bishop of Lyon in France from c. 177 to 202. He is important to the Church in Aotearoa New Zealand because he was ordained as bishop by St Polycarp, who had in turn been ordained by St John the Evangelist (one of the twelve apostles). A later Bishop of Lyon, Jean-Baptise Pompallier brought that Catholic faith to New Zealand in 1838.

Malo 'Aupito

God Bless

Tua Misiloi (Co DRS)

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