Thursday 1 July 2021

4. Sports Draw - Week 9, Term 2 2021

 Netball - Saturday 3rd July

**  Lets hope the rain stays away for this Saturday!!  

North Otago Junior Netball Goal-a-thon / Dress Up Day this time

Dress Up - as a team, decide on a theme your team would like to dress up as to play their game this Saturday.  This includes the Yr 1/2 players.


** Netball Smart Courses

Renee Bacon from NetballSmart will be holding a Smart Parent / Smart Player session on Tuesday 6th July 5pm - 8pm at the Netball courts.

The NetballSmart handouts on what Renee will be covering in her sessions are attached to the email..

Please RSVP to by Friday 2nd July


Intermediate Section 2

9.00 am - St Joseph's Gold v OIS Pulse – Court 2

Future Ferns Year 6 (7 a-side)

10.00 am - St Joseph’s Rebels v Ardgowan Diamonds - Court 2 

Future Ferns Year 3 & 4

11.00 am – St Joseph’s Maroon v Maheno Unicorns – court 8 (Oamaru Sports & Outdoors) 

Yr 1/2 

Please meet on court 1 (Montessori Oamaru) at 9.50 am for a 10.00 am start.


10.00 - Lilly Kelcher and Jessie Byrne


Rugby - Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd July - 

**  The first team named provides the referee

5/6 yrs

10.00 am - Maheno Gold v St Joseph’s - Maheno

9/10 yrs - note Friday night game

4.30 pm - Valley Blue v St Joseph’s/Old Boys  - Weston


7/8 yrs 

10.00 am - Maheno v Excelsior - Maheno

11/12 yrs  - note Friday night game

5.30 pm  – 11/12 United v  Excelsior Blue - Maheno



** Miniball Duty - St Joseph’s is on court controller duty this week along with Duntroon School.

We need a parent for each hour from 3.30 to 6.45 and if you did it last time, you should not have to do it this time.  Your coach will send out a roster so please ensure you add your name to it because there will need to be people on when our teams are playing.

Court Controllers – Each school depending on team numbers will have 1 or more nights as Court Controller duty over the season.  Court Controller duties will include setting up and packing up, getting score sheets filled out, starting games on time, etc. on both courts.  Please respect any decisions they make.

Court Controller Duties

-  Controls both front and backcourts (2 people i.e. 1 for each court)

-  Set up courts – clocks and bags from NOBA cupboard in the main court (key at reception)

-  Make sure score sheets are filled out prior to the game

-  Set up ‘fill out’  tables near the door of each court so score sheets for the next games can be completed without moving in front of the team and score benches.

-  Make sure hoops are in miniball positions

-  Start games on time in conjunction with the referee.  If teams are not ready to start on time, start the clock as this will keep games running on time.

-  Clear benches and courts after games to allow next teams to warm-up

-  Deal with any issues that arise

-  Pack up at end of night putting clocks and bags back into NOBA cupboard

Miniball - Tuesday 6th July

4.15 pm - St Joseph’s Breakers v Fenwick Lakers - main court

6.15 pm - St Joseph’s Rebels v Fenwick Sparks - back court

Score bench 

4.45 pm - St Joseph’s Breakers - main court (Tahitu’a family)


Basketball - Wednesday 7th July

7.10 pm - St Joseph’s Cavaliers v OIS Raptors - back court

Score bench

No score bench duty this week

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