Thursday 8 July 2021

2. Board Of Trustees News Term 2 2021

Board of Trustees News Term 2 2021

Kia ora

My name is Sharni Cunningham and I have been a member of the St Joseph's Board of Trustees for the past 12 years.  I have been a member of the board for the past 12 years as Deputy Chairperson and recently took on the role of Chairperson.  I have two children who both attended St Joseph's School and are now seniors at St Kevin's College.  Although I no longer have children attending St Joseph's I am very passionate about the school and wanted to continue to serve the school community by being one of your parent representatives on the board.   We have some very exciting things happening in the next 12 months and will be sharing those on a regular basis in the news blog to keep you all up to date.

Each year the board requires our principal to undertake a principal's appraisal which is always carried out by an independent party to ensure it a fair and unbiased process for both parties.  Although the principal's appraisal process is confidential, I have asked permission from Lorraine to share with the community some quotes from her mid-year appraisal update, which she has agreed to do.

"Lorraine has curriculum development plans in place, has worked with the Board and community to ensure a strong vision and all of the staff have common curriculum goals and shared planning. 

A strength of St Joseph's is the development of a local curriculum involving enviroschool principles.  Lorraine is working to ensure the local history component of the curriculum is well understood by students.

The school celebrates positive values and has an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated and respected. The demographics of St Joseph's school enrolments have changed over the last few years and Lorraine has been instrumental in ensuring a positive culture is evident.

There is always the ‘new’ theory or the change in delivery. I am very impressed that Lorraine is maintaining a focus on established teaching and learning to ensure theories are embedded in practice. Consolidating existing initiatives shows leadership and leads to very effective teaching and learning.

Lorraine is involved in a Maori Achievement Challenge Cluster - this is a significant professional development and networking opportunity."

The board would also like to also congratulate Leanne on achieving her Post Graduate Certificate in Catholic Leadership.  This is a significant commitment of Leanne's time, travel and finances and we appreciate that this achievement can only strengthen Catholic leadership within our school. Our board was very pleased to be able to provide a small amount of support towards this achievement.  

As we head into the school holidays I would like to acknowledge on behalf of the board all of our very dedicated, hardworking staff who always go the extra mile for our Tamariki.

Please enjoy your family time during the holidays and be safe if you are travelling.

Kindest regards


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