Thursday 7 February 2019

4. Sports - Summer Sports Notice

Summer Sports Notice – Term 1 2019
When you sign up to play a team sport, you are committed to that team to play each week unless you let the coach know prior. When you do not turn up for your game or you arrive late, you are letting your team down so please ensure you arrive on time.  Once teams are finalised a team contact list will be emailed to each family to ensure everyone is contactable.  If your child needs a ride to the grounds, please contact someone on your list.

All permission slips are due back by Monday 11th February. These can be returned either by email or hard copy.

Club Cricket – starts this Friday 8th February and is played with the hard ball.  If you are interested in playing hard ball cricket in the intermediate grade, please let me know.  Teams carry on from term 4.

Girls Smash Cricket – this is a free competition for girls from years 3-8 and starts on Monday 18th February and goes to Monday 25th March. No experience necessary.  Teams are 6 a side.  Games start at 4.00 pm at Centennial Park.

Superstar Cricket – this is a free fast paced soft ball game for primary school cricketers for years 3-6 and starts on Monday 18th February and goes to Monday 25th March. Teams are 6 a side.  Games start at 4.00 pm at Centennial Park.

·         Dates - the new touch rugby season starts on Tuesday 19th February and the last round is on Tuesday 2nd April. Touch is played on Tuesday afternoons at Whitestone Contracting Stadium.

·         Times - games are played at 4.00 pm, 4.30 pm, 5.00 pm or 5.30 pm.

·    Teams - are registered in term 1 and the same teams carry over to term 4 as it is run as one competition.  Players stay in the same teams for both terms.

·         Fees - the cost for the whole year is $20 per person.

·         Teams - are made up of mixed year 1-3 and mixed year 4-6. 

·         Yr 7 & 8 - this season they are trialling ‘competitive’ and ‘social’ grades for the year 7-8 grade only.  Year 7-8 competitive teams are to be single sex teams while year 7-8 social teams are to be mixed (minimum of 2 girls and 2 boys on the field at all times).  North Otago  Touch are trialling the competitive sessions to give players with ambitions to play at representative level the opportunity to play at a higher level among like-minded players in single gender teams as this is the format for most representative teams. The competitive sections will only go ahead if there are 4 teams entered in this section from all the schools. These games will be played at 4.00 pm, 4.30 pm or 5.00 pm.

·         Players are to wear their PE uniform and sport shoes.

·         Coaches – are required for each team.  Please let me know if you are available to help.  A set of rules will be given to you if you require it. We can only field teams with coaches.

·      Cancellation – if games are cancelled due to weather, you will be notified either by email, Facebook or go to the North Otago Touch Rugby Facebook page.

·        Please fill in the permission slips and return to Mrs Brien by Monday 11th February as teams have to be registered by Wednesday 13th February and late entries may not be accepted. 

·         Teams can only be registered if they have a coach.
If you have any questions please contact me via the school office or by email at 

Paula Brien, Sports Coordinator – St Joseph’s
Permission Slips for Touch Rugby and Cricket 2019
Touch Rugby

I give permission for ________________________________________________________ to participate in the 2019 touch rugby season.

Year Level of Child: _____________________________

Yr 7/8  - please circle one                  social grade          or         competitive

I am willing to coach/manage a team     yes  /  no

I give permission for ________________________________________________________ to participate in one of the following cricket grades.

Year Level of Child: _____________________________

Please circle one if you are interested:    Club Cricket              Girls Smash           Superstar Cricket

Signed: _______________________________________________________________________

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