Friday, 22 February 2019

1. Principal's News Week 3, Term 1 2019

Last Year's Confirmation Group
Baptism is the first of the sacraments.  The sacraments are outward symbols of the grace we receive from God at important parts of our life journey.  Baptism is an outward sign of an inward desire to put one's faith in Jesus Christ.

We are just about to begin our sacramental program starting with our Commitment Mass on Sunday 3 March.  This will be the beginning of some children's journey through the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Communion in 2019.

I have sent invitation letters to families of children who are not Baptised.  Fr Wayne and I will meet with any family who would like to explore Baptism for their child which would then include them in the sacramental program for 2019.  Please contact me if you would like to be included.

Pasifika Conference
Tua Misiloi attended the Pasifika Conference in Wellington over the last weekend.  She represented St Joseph's and has brought back a lot of good ideas about inclusion which will help our Pasifika community and all of us.  For instance, one of the things she has told me so far is that in our education we need to think not just about ourselves as individuals but to know that the strength of our community, our family and our ancestors are behind us and that we are NOT ALONE.  Also to allow our thinking to be broad and know our children can do anything and there are many options.

A quote:
 "Education or People provide place of belonging for our Pasifika Students or ALL students. It is not about ME and I it is all about WE. Honour the pioneers /people behind us- our elders/family and community. We are accountable for all our people/school/community. We are not the other, we are connected to our land and our ancestors" Hon Luamanuvao Dame Winnie Laban

Kiwi Class's Litter Collage
It's been really difficult but we have refrained from picking rubbish up for the first couple of weeks of term.  This week Mrs McRae's class collected up the litter and they are going to make a display to show just how much and what type of litter we are dropping around school.

Mrs McRae and our year 8 environment leader, Molly Mae have asked children to apply to be on an Enviroschools committee and applications close on Friday.  More news about this next week.

Board News

We have an upcoming board election in 2019.  Our Board has 7 parent representatives and 4 places for proprietor's (Bishop's) representatives.  It has been very difficult over the last few years to keep a stable board of 7 parents.  At our next meeting we are taking steps to legally reduce the number of parent representative places to 5 or 6 places (most boards have 5), to maintain a stable board.  This decision will be made at our meeting on March 19th.  As all our board meetings, this meeting is open to the public.  In the meantime we encourage parents to think about whether they would like to step up to be a Board member and consider being nominated for the elections later in the year.

Make a diary date for senior swimming sports on Wednesday 6 March.  We will need a good number of parent helpers.  Please let Paula know if you can help.
Ash Wednesday
We will hold a whole school liturgy for Ash Wednesday at 2.15pm on Wednesday 6 March in the Basilica, parents are warmly welcomed to join us.

Goal setting
Its important for our students that all families attend goal setting meetings.  Our office staff will be ringing families who have not set up meetings.  Please save their time and book your meeting this week.  It's important that your child attends the meeting too. 

Wednesday 27 February or Monday 4 March.  
Book your time at: School Interviews using the code q46qy.

Aroha and God Bless
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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