Thursday 7 February 2019

1. Principal's News Term 1 Week 1 2019

Our 2019 IT team: Bronson, Maddox and Anthony
Welcome to the 2019 school year.  We have got off to a calm and settled start.  Classes are working hard on class agreements and establishing routines and expectations for working together.  The seniors are enjoying swimming.

We welcome new entrants: Ricky Koay, Mia Ridgway and Jimmy Zeng, year 1 Zachary Castro, Year 5 King Melecio and Year 6 Isaiah Castro.

We are tying our curriculum context for 2019 in with Pope Francis's teaching on the environment in Laudato Si.  We are an Enviroschool and we will all be learning a lot more about sustainable living.  For us this means living in harmony with God's creation.

Our specific targets for 2019 are developing oral language in order to support literacy and using maths in authentic problem-solving contexts.  All of our teachers attended training during the holidays in developing oral language to support reading comprehension.

Oral Language professional development = our staff are second row from the right, 2nd and 3rd table back
We welcome Stephen Ross and Jacki James onto the staff as fixed term part time teachers providing leadership release.

Goal Setting Meetings

It is important to us to know your thoughts and aspirations around your children's learning.  Next week we will be sending out two or three questions for you to answer regarding your child's learning and interests.  This will help us form goals for your child.  Please reply.

Goal setting meetings are Wednesday 27 February or Monday 4 March.  We need all families to attend these meetings.  Please book your time at: School Interviews using the code q46qy.

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) Consultation
Our year 6, 7 and 8 parents have been sent a survey regarding expectations and hopes for EOTC.  So far we have had helpful and supportive responses.  We will be having a parent meeting regarding this on Monday 18th February at 6.30pm in the school hall.  We urge all parents of year 6-8 students to attend and also welcome parents of younger children.  Our teachers put an immense amount of work into preparing school camps and we want to have an open discussion with you to ensure we get the best options for your children.

Uniform Review
The results for this came from 72 families:
Option 1 keep it the same = 34%
Option 2 keep it the same with tartan skorts/culottes - 12 = 17%
Option 3 keep it the same with tartan skorts/culottes and polo shirts for boys and girls - 17 = 23%
Option 4 unisex uniform, same all year round, same for PE = 26%

At this point we have shared that we are keeping it the same.  The Board is returning to it in our next meeting to see if we need to delve further into defining parent wishes around the skorts/culottes option.

Tomorrow's Schools Review
You may be aware that there is presently nationwide consultation happening around how schools are run.  If you would like to give your own feedback into this consultation, there are options available at this link:  Tomorrow's Schools Review.  I've done the survey and I will also make a submission.  The survey takes about 20 minutes although you can skip sections of it.

Board election information
This is a board election year.  The board does very important work behind the scenes in a school.  A good board is a blessing to a staff and particularly the principal.  I am pleased to say that we have a very good board who, like our staff, go above and beyond in executing their duties.  I hope that we continue to get people nominated who are prepared to serve the whole school community.

If you are considering standing for election as a board member, there are some information resources here, and here, which may help you.

God bless and aroha,
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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