Thursday 14 February 2019

1. Principal's News Week 2 Term 1 2019

St Kevin's College
Our school community will have received a letter today regarding St Kevin's College.  Today the announcement has been made to our community that the proprietorship of St Kevin's has been handed over from the Christian Brothers to the Diocese of Dunedin.  We welcome St Kevin's to the Diocese and look forward to continuing and deepening our productive and close relationship with the College.

Great Play
Its great to see our year 8 leaders enjoying each other's company and playing constructively at lunchtime, showing our younger children the meaning of cooperation and teamwork.

EOTC Meeting
We invite all parents and caregivers of children in years 6-8 to a meeting on Monday evening, 18 February, at 6.30pm in the staffroom.  These parents will be getting a reminder and outline of the meeting tomorrow.

Whitestone Wipeout
The Whitestone Wipe Out is run by St Joseph's Home and School,  It is a cross country run or walk with mud, water, obstacles and heaps of fun for all the family.  Last year was a blast.  This year's is on Saturday 23rd March.  Get your entry forms in now from the Whitestone Wipeout Facebook page. The Home and School are looking for volunteers for this day and if you can help contact Rebecca Heffernan on

Goal Setting Meetings
You have or will shortly be receiving an opportunity to provide information to your child's teacher about your child's interests and learning.  This will help your teacher to work with your child to plan some meaningful goals that will help their learning in 2019.  This will be a key competency goal.  The key competencies are attributes of successful lifelong learners.  Your information and your teacher's work with your child will aim to provide a key competency goal that will make a real difference to their learning.

We ask all families to make an appointment to meet with the teacher.  We also ask that children attend these meetings.  As they are the ones who will primarily be putting in the effort to meet their goals, they need to have a part to play in setting the goal.

Goal setting meetings are Wednesday 27 February or Monday 4 March.  Please book your time at: School Interviews using the code q46qy.

Our board has had a further look at the results of our uniform survey and acknowledge that we need to clarify parent wishes regarding skorts/culottes.  It is unclear from the results whether the majority of people want the uniform to stay the same or whether the majority want it basically the same with the inclusion of skorts.  As the majority voted to keep it the same we will maintain pinafores for year 1-6 girls and kilts for year 7-8 girls.  

At our goal setting meetings we will ask you to do one more vote.  This will be:

1. Pinafores (year 1-6) and kilts (year 7 & 8) as now.
2. Pinafores (year 1-6) and kilts (year 7 & 8) PLUS the OPTION of having skorts/culottes at any level.

Please bring any secondhand uniform to the uniform shop as we have many families in need of secondhand uniform.

We look forward to seeing you at goal setting interviews.

God bless and aroha,
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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