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3. School Notices - Week 5, Term 2 2017


Altar Servers
Saturday 3rd June - Annalise Kilgour, Joshua Criddle, Indya Cunningham and Kristiana Whiston
Sunday 4th June - Henry Robinson, Daniel and Jonathan Jorgensen

Birthday Greetings
Leah Kofoed, Jonathan Jorgensen, Lilly Kelcher, Lewis Geypen and Jordyn Shaw

Catholic Quadrangular Tournament
Information will be sent home in the next few days regarding this tournament for the Yr 7 & 8 students.

Confirmation - change of date
This is the official confirmed day for Confirmation for our children.  It is now Sunday 2nd July and not Saturday 1st July as previously mentioned.

Cover Ups
During the winter months, children are asked to bring cover up clothing and shoes (gumboots) to put over their school uniform for when they play outside.

Enrolments for 2017 and 2018

Home and School
The Home and School are holding their annual Food Fair on Sunday 29th October 2017.  If you are interested in running a food stall, please give your names to the office.

Induction Meeting
The date for the Induction Meeting for new families is Wednesday 14th June and not the 24th.  This meeting will be held in the school staff room at 6.30 pm.  Please RSVP by email to Paula Brien at the office on  If you have any questions, please contact Lorraine Frances-Rees on 434 8856.

Mid Year Parent Teacher Interviews
These interviews are for children in Yrs 4-8 and will be held on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th July from 3.15 pm.  Please go to and use the code NVE97 to book your time otherwise call the office and we can do it for you.

North Otago Music Festival
St Joseph's Dominican Choir and the Yr 7's are participating in the North Otago Music Festival being held at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 5th July at the Oamaru Opera House.  Tickets cost $8.00 each and only 2 tickets are allocated per person. Tickets are only available to Friday 16th June and can be purchased from the school office.

Pastoral Care

Hi lovely families in our wonderful School Community
As you may be aware some of our school families experience times of need; like the death of a close family member, severe illness/injury or hardship.  In response to this, the Home and School in 2008 started a new initiative in line with the St Joseph Strategic Plan, whereby all classrooms will have one month of the school year to contribute to the Parish Welfare Freezer.

Yr 6 / 7 8:  We would be very grateful if the families could kindly donate either non-perishable food items or cooked food items before the end of term. The items can be tinned foods, boxed cereals, baking or a main meal e.g. soups, casserole, lasagna, muffins or biscuits.  If you are in a position to contribute, thank you and please fill in the form below and return it with your donation. 

For further information please feel free to contact Adele Whiston on 434 3443 or  
027 434 3338 .  Please bring your kindly donated food to the School office any morning
 Many thanks.


Parent/Caregiver Name: .............................................................................................

Contact Phone Numbers  ............................................................................................

Name of food ingredients (to alert those with food allergies)

Scholastic Book Club
We wish to thank Catarena Campbell for taking on the job of Scholastic Book Club Coordinator.  All scholastic book club orders are due in on Wednesday 14th June.

Scooter and Skateboard Safety
Please ensure your children are aware of what side of the footpath to scooter/skateboard on.
  • Ride on the side of the footpath furthest away from houses, driveways and shops
  • You must ride carefully and be considerate of others on the footpath
  • You must not ride at speeds that put other footpath users at risk
  • You must give way to pedestrians and mobility scooter users

Teacher Only Day
On Friday 22nd September, the school will be closed due to a Teacher Only Day.

Terrific Thursday
There will be no Terrific Thursday on Thursday 8th June.

Tyreland Deal
For every tyre you buy at Tyreland, they will donate $5.00 to St Joseph's School.  Please see advert down below.

Winter Sports
Football - the St Joseph's All Whites Football team has changed its practice from Wednesday after school to Wednesday lunch times starting next week.

Young Leaders Day
On Monday, the Year 8’s travelled to Dunedin for National Young Leaders day. We took away some very inspirational advice from multiple speakers including the bad guy from Shortland Street, a man who created his own non - profit, thirst - quenching water company, a netballer and a world class barber.
Each speaker focused on one out 4 key Maori words and they explained their stories in a way that captivated each and every one of our mind and soul.
The 4 words came from the phrase “I am a seed born of greatness” and a couple of inspiring quotes that we took away was:
“Impossibility is only someone’s opinion, not a fact.”
“Kindness doesn’t cost anything”
“One small act of kindness can change someone’s life.”

Aside from the seriousness, we also got a special performance from Nomad and we got to participate in fun games and activities. Overall, the class had a lot of fun and we all wish we could experience it again. Vince Vidallon

Oamaru Performing Arts Festival
Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the Performing Arts recently. We received some really good results from our students who go to Giant Leaps Speech and Drama.  They forwarded this information on to us. Well done.

St Joseph's (Giant Leaps Speech and Drama) students

Vince Vidallon
- Nicolson School Challenge Cup (12 yrs and under - most points - LOCAL) 
- John McDonald Challenge Cup (12 years and under - most points)
- E.D. Watts Memorial Challenge Cup (12 years and under - most points)
- (Robyn Keno) Most aggregate points Scholarship (12 years and under)*
- 1st Light Verse Championship (12 yrs and under)
- 1st Reading at Sight (12 years and under)
- 1st Test Poem (12 years and under)
-3rd Character Recital in Costume (12 years and under)
- Very Highly Commended  Bible Reading (12 years and under)
- Very Highly Commended Dialogue in Costume (12 years and under)

Molly Whittaker
- 3rd Reading at Sight (12 years and under)
- 4th Character Recital in Costume (12 years and under)
- 5th Test Poem (12 years and under)
- Very Highly Commended Dialogue in Costume (12 years and under)

Liam Cameron
- 4th Character Recital in Costume (10 years and under)
- 5th Reading at Sight (10 years and under)
- Very Highly Commended Improvisation (10 years and under)
- Commended Light Verse (10 years and under)

Other GIANT LEAPS entrants were Magnus Heaphy and Cody Marshall, both of whom performed confidently and enthusiastically.

Another student from your school performed very well - although she is not currently a Giant Leaps student, I thought I would detail her achievements also....

Annelise Kilgour
-2nd Light Verse (10 years and under)
- 2nd Character Recital in Costume (10 years and under)
-4th Reading at Sight (10 years and under)
- 5th Test poem ( 10 years and under)

They certainly did the school proud!  Giant Leaps Speech and Drama

Community Notices
  • Waitaki Girls High School is hosting Netsafe.  We invite all parents/caregivers to attend The MK Dunning Hall on Monday 26th June from 7.00 to 8.00 pm.  Come and hear experienced speakers on issues as keeping teenagers safe in a digital world and the implications of the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015.
  • Head Lice - Nit-Enz is made from completely natural ingredients including pine extracts and 100% pure citronella oil.  Use as a normal shampoo twice a week with your normal conditioner afterwards and you won't have to worry about head lice again, for less than $20.00.  Available at the North Otago Dispensary, 213 Thames Street.

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