Thursday 15 June 2017

2. Special Character Week 7, Term 2 2017

Our final session will be next Wednesday and we will be making Reconciliation after Mass on Thursday morning.
Please complete and return Confirmation information form if you haven't already to the school office.
Thank you parents in taking time to support your children in preparing for their Confirmation.

Faith Fact

On Sunday, we celebrate the feast of the Holy Trinity. This is a fundamental Christian belief. Below are the words from the Apostles and Nicene Creed used as a statement of belief since the 4th Century. This statement was formulated from the lived experience of the church since the time of Christ. It roots lie in Scripture and the faith of the earliest disciples.
I believe in one God
I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ
I believe in the Holy Spirit
I believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church

Catholic here means universal and apostolic means from the apostle.

God Bless
Nicola Winders

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