Thursday, 15 June 2017

1. Principal's News Week 7, Term; 2, 2017

Whanau Groups
All the children met in their whanau groups today to share their learning about the Holy Spirit.  Please help the children to maintain their basic knowledge in RE through using our parent support pages:  Jesus for ParentsHoly Spirit for Parents

Developments at St Joseph's
Our diocese has provided us with some draft concept plans for some rebuilding at St Joseph's.  My understanding is that our school is third or fourth in line for major work.  The plans are in the foyer as the photo will be difficult to understand.

Senior School
The plan for the seniors is to build three new classrooms taking up part of the present car park area (there will still be car parking).  This will sit alongside the present senior classrooms.  The office will be relocated to have the main walk-in entrance facing the Basilica.  The design will be similar to St Mary's in Mosgiel (if anyone knows it) where the classrooms open into a shared central space.  The classrooms are traditional single cell classrooms with the flexibility to open up when required.  The building would be to modern learning standards regarding insulation and acoustics.

While this build happens we will be able to continue using the senior block as usual.  Once the build is complete, the top storey will be taken off the present senior block.  We are told the time scale for this is, "Not this year," - 2-3 years most likely.

Junior School
The plans we have show a renovation of the junior area but the cheaper and more effective option is a complete rebuild of the junior school.  This would be in the senior playground so that the buildings are grouped together.  Once built the present junior school would be demolished with the whole east end of the property becoming playing areas.

Copies of the plans as they stand are below.  They can also be viewed in the main foyer.  Email nz with any feedback.

Junior Swimming
We have booked junior swimming in for term 1 of 2018, to happen after senior swimming.  I am seeing what we can do to get better changing arrangements for the boys and ensure all instructors are present or have an extra plan.

St Kevin's Ski Club
St Kevin's take a group of students skiing every Sunday during the ski season.  As a group booking they are able to get a good reduction on the usual weekend rates, including lessons.  St Joseph's families are invited to participate in this program.  There would need to be sufficient adults going to supervise the children and a ratio of 1:4 would be right.  Please let me know if you would be interested in taking up this offer.

Induction Evening
We welcomed 9 families of children enrolling in the next few months to last night's induction evening.  It was great to see some familiar and some new faces who we look forward to welcoming to St Joseph's

God Bless and Aroha,
Lorraine Frances-Rees
Reach for the Stars as Lifelong Learners in the Catholic Faith

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