Thursday, 1 June 2017

1. Principal's News Week 5, Term 2, 2017

Home and School Committee
We are delighted to welcome Rebecca Heffernan as new chair of the Home and School and we thank Rachel Fowler for her long and dedicated service.  We welcome Rebecca Heffernan as our new Chairperson and the new parents who have joined the committee.  Thank you for your time and dedication.

Some Members of the Home and School Committee:
Sharni Cunningham, Megan Phillips, Rebecca Heffernan, Michele Fatafehi, Rebecca Meek, Chantelle Johnston,
Rachel Fowler, Suzanne Aston, Jocelyn Marsh, Melissa Rathgen,
Absent: Adele Whiston, Mathea Daunheimer, Mel Hunter

Home and School Disco
Thank you to the Home and School who ran a most enjoyable disco for our students last Friday.


Children should be in class on time and preferably a little bit before school starts so that they have time to settle in and connect with their friends.

Holidays should be booked out of school term time wherever possible.

St Joseph's is not running a ski trip in 2017 and personal ski trips should also be planned out of school time.

Unjustified absences include:

Catholic Social Justice Principal - The Common Good (continued from last week)

The Common Good means working for the good of everybody.  It is one of the defining attributes of
Catholic Social Justice.  It is different from the "greater good."  The Catholic common good approach is where some group members have to make minor sacrifices so that everyone in the group can benefit.  The greater good promotes individualism where it is OK to benefit even at the expense of others.  A school-based example of the common good would be a group of children who decided to walk rather than run so that a disabled student could keep up.

Induction Meeting for enrolments for 2018 and beyond
In the school staffroom Wednesday 14th June at 6.30pm.

Our open place roll is presently full.  Parents of children born in 2012+ are welcome to add their children's names to an open place waiting list.  Siblings of children already in the school on open places will be able to enrol.

God Bless
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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