Thursday 3 September 2015

5. Summer Sports

Cricket and Summer League Hockey
Information regarding the above codes will be available later this term.

Touch Rugby
The touch rugby teams are the same as term one. If anyone wishes to pull out of a team, can they please email Mrs Souness on  Touch rugby starts on the first Tuesday of term 4 on Tuesday 13th October.

Christian Baillie
Tyler Rawson
Saluni Pala
Jordan Woodhouse
Tess McAtamney
Tannah Rintoul
Siva Katoa
Laura Mather
Maria Wallace

Tegan Souness
Antonia Black
Seth Sinclair
Jacob Fowler
Kaleb Cant
Taine Cooper
Joseph Spillane
Jack Cameron
Cameron Mather
Sebastian Whiston
Kaliopeta Katoa

Coach – Marty McAtamney/Lee Woodhouse
Coach – Glynn Cameron
Levi Crowder
Indya Cunningham
Makayla Bean
Cody Marshall
Matthew Woodhouse
Morgan Baillie
Liam Cameron
Niamh Jackson
Summer Moriarty
Kristiana Whiston
Georgia Fox
Tessa Souness
Elenoa Asi
Grace Keno
Jada-Rose Keno
Max Fatafehi
Hotili Asi
Toby Lewis
Baxter Lewis
Sam Keno
Sebastian Spillane
Campbell Fowler

Coach – Lee Woodhouse
Coach – Mel Lewis

Hamish Fowler
Jimmy Jackson
Hannah Fowler
Alexie Phillips
Luse Asi
Sam Asi
Riley McLaren
Lachlan McLaren


Jonathan Paton
Riley Tuffley
Paddy Spillane
Sam McNaught
Ashlyn Marshall
Charlotte Thornley
Eva Keno
Michael Woodhouse
Coach – Fowler Family
Coach –  Tracey Marshall

Touch starts Tuesday 13th October.  Draw will be put on sports noticeboard when available and on North Otago Junior Touch Facebook page.

Please ensure you let your coach know if you are unable to play.

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