Thursday, 17 September 2015

5. Special Character

Here are some Catholic Character reflections which are throughout the school and classrooms.
Junior School

Junior Learning Hub 2
Dear God
Thank you for all the wonderful creations you have made in our peaceful world. You have made a lot of things like food, water, flowers and trees. If I had to choose my favorite thing it would be my family and my house. Love you my friend.

Dear God
I am here to say thank you for my family and my friends and I mean this thank you for making Ash my friend and for making me. You are the best God ever! I love you allthe way to the moon and back. Thank you for making all the food for me and thank you for making my sister. Thank you for the flowers, the sun, the birds, the snow and all the things in the world. Thank you for my Mum and Dad and all the animals and thank you for the church. Guess what you are AWESOME!
Love from
Eva K
Dear God

Thank you for my friend and food! I love the world you made and thank you for your son Jesus. Thank you for the sun, the trees, the water and for making me. Thank you for being our guardian.
From Lewis
Dear God
Thank you for… my Mum and Dad who make me yummy food. I like peas, meat and broccoli.
From Ella
Dear God
Thank you for all the things you gave all of us. You are my hero and you make sky and you made the world beautiful. You are the king of the world. Thank you for all the fruit.
Yours sincerely Sunny
Dear God
Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you for our parish and my sheep. Thank you for our food that we eat at school and home. Thank you for my wonderful home, my pink and red rose garden, for Chole, Ivy-Belle, Isobella, Ella, Brooke and amazing Lydia and Zac.
From Holly

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