Thursday 24 September 2015

1. Principal's news, week 10 Term 3

Student slideshow of the week
This week I would like to share a slideshow. Last week, I came across a group of boys working diligently on a project in the corridor outside Senior Hub 1. I was impressed with the way they were collaborating and sourcing information to put into their own words. These students were in Year 4. Here is a link to their very informative slideshow entitled "The Ozone". I asked Liam to share the slideshow with me so I could read it in more detail and decided to share their learning with you this week. Thanks for sharing this informative slideshow Liam Cameron, Magnus Heaphy and Cody Marshall.

Singing Cup
Thanks Mrs Brookes for organising this year's Singing Cup and for the teachers and Year 8 leaders for supporting the awesome house choirs. Congratulations to Guzman for being the winners. Although Mrs Frances-Rees expressed her impartiality, I am sure she used to be a Guzman girl ! It was lovely to see Lorraine and her boys back in Oamaru for the Singing Cup. Thanks to Mrs Barbara O'Brien who judged the soloists and duets this year. All of the children were outstanding and shared their gifts and talents with us today.

Guzman House Choir

Siena House Choir

Lima House Choir

Staff news for 2016
At the end of the year we will farewell Mr Moore and Miss Huls. Mr Moore is spreading his wings and moving to Wanaka to teach at Wanaka Primary School. It is a big school with 650 students. Miss Huls is spreading her wings even further and is utilising her leadership opportunities in her new position as principal at Barrytown school on the West Coast. 

As a result, there will be some staffing changes for 2016. Our DP, Mr Paul Cartlidge is going to move upstairs and become the Year 8 teacher in 2016. Miss Morgan Tangney will reman as our Year 7 teacher. We will advertise the vacancies and will let you know more early in Term 4.

We farewell and thank Mrs Jen Gower for her work with science and maths in Term 2 and 3 in Senior Hub 2 and in Mr Cartlidge's class. This was an extra enrichment opportunity for the two terms but we have changes in place for Term 4. I know many budding scientists appreciated the rich learning Mrs Gower gave the children during her time in Senior Hubs 1 & 2.

Hub developments 
We will be making some slight changes to Senior Hub 2 and will commence this next term. 
In Term 4, as I mentioned last week, Year 8 will become a single class for their final term and prepare for the transition to high school. This means that Year 6 and 7 will operate as a two class hub for Term 4 2015.

In 2016, for term 1 and 2, Year 6 will operate as an independent class while they spend the time learning and adapting. During this time, Year 7 & 8 will work as a 2 class hub. In term 3 and 4, Year 6 & 7 will operate as a hub with Year 8 spending the final two terms as an independent class. It will look like this:

Term 1 & 2                  Yr 6 independent class                 Yr 7 & 8 Senior Hub 2
Term 3 & 4                  Yr 8 independent class                 Yr 6 & 7 Senior Hub 2

Film Group
A huge congratulations to our film making group who received 4 awards at the film festival on Monday night at the Opera House!!!  Our film - 'Lord of the Swings" achieved 2nd place out of 10 schools.  Laura won best actress, Sebastian won the best actor categories and Niveek runner up best actress.  We are so proud of you all and special thanks to Maddie Maxwell and Bridget Ellis for their work with our film group.  Thanks to Creative Communities funding for making this project possible for our school.

End of Term 3 feedback
Thanks to the four families who have responded with feedback about their children's learning opportunities so far. I am continuing to interview children and will collate and respond to your feedback in the new term. Here is the link to the feedback questions.

On behalf of the staff, we wish you and your families a wonderful term break. We thank the hardworking Home & School parents, our board of trustees, parent helpers and staff for their support for our students and look forward to welcoming you all back in summer uniform for Term 4 on Monday 12th October. Every blessing for a safe and relaxing break and savour every precious moment with your children.

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