Thursday, 17 September 2015

2. Special Character Week 9 Term 3 2015

Caritas Information

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Years 1 - 4 will be sharing a Liturgy next Tuesday after Koutuitui. This will focus on 'Family Ups and Downs' and will be lead by the Year 4's. Family, friends and parishioners are welcome to join us.

SJW game image and logo.Next week, we will focus on Family Ups and Downs in our Religious programme. It looks at the joys and struggles of our families. Our entrance display shows some of the things we can all do in Social Justice Week to make a positive contribution to our home, school and parish.

Here are some of the things we will share at Koutuitui next week.

Ø Be Friendly

Ø Make new students welcome in my class.

Ø Ask others to join in a game.

Ø Invite others to sit with you at lunchtime

Ø Be helpful

Ø Ask Mum and Dad how I can help out at home.

Ø Maybe clean the living room or my room or help clean out the garage.

Ø Bring in the wood.

Ø Set or clear the table.

Ø Offer to help my teacher (before she has to ask).

Ø Be Encouraging

Ø Encourage others when they are having a hard time.

Ø Encourage my brothers, sisters and friends when they are doing something really well. Tell them, “You’re really good at that.”

Ø Make a card for Mum, Dad or a caregiver to say thank you for the things they do for you.

Ø Be Supportive

Ø Offer to help look after younger children when I can see an adult needs a rest.

Ø Give Mum and Dad a hug when they need it.

Ø Be Involved in creating happy events. Help to organise a birthday party in my family.

Ø Be Faithful

Ø Pray about important things with my family.

Ø Be Positive

Ø Prepare a nice surprise for someone who is a bit sad. Maybe bake a cake or pick some flowers.

Ø Be Generous

Ø If I have more toys than I need, I could check with my parents and give some away to be donated to other children who need them more than I do.

Ø I can put some money in the mission box.

SJW 2015 It's our story

Take Care and God Bless.
    Ann Dooley Co. DRS

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