Thursday 30 July 2020

5. Cross Country

30th July 2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers

On Tuesday 18th August, we are holding our annual cross country with Oamaru North School
at the Oamaru Racecourse.  All children will participate in the cross country and if they are
unable to run it, they can walk it. The races will be held in the morning as Pembroke School
are holding their one in the afternoon.  The first race starts at 10.00 am and the last one
about 11.00 am.  

The course is run on the paddocks south of the race track and is the same as North Otago
Cross Country.  The entrance for parents will be through the main southern entrance and
you walk along the southern side of the track to the start of the course.  Car parking is in
the southern carpark.  Supporters can watch the races from the marked viewing area and
they are not allowed to walk around the track with the children.  Buses will transport the
children to the grandstands and they will walk to the start of the course.

The children will run in their gender and year levels with Oamaru North School and the
juniors will start first with the Yr 8’s running last.  The races will be approximately 2-5
minutes apart and some year levels and genders may be combined if there are not
enough children in that year. The whole school will be travelling out by bus at 9.20 am and
when the juniors have finished their races, they will come back to school.

Help - In order for this event to run safely I require 13 parents to help out as marshals
from both schools.  Please email me at or let the office know if
you can help.  Without your help we cannot run this event safely and smoothly.  
We also require a large number of picnic rugs and tarpaulins for the students to sit on, so
please give them to your class teacher if you have any.

Children are to wear their PE gear to school including school polar fleece and bring the
  • warm trousers (navy or black) and school jacket
  • a spare pair of socks and shoes and a hand towel
  • plastic bag in case you have to put dirty socks and shoes in it
  • extra food and drink for the day as they will take their school bags with them to the event
  • Medication e.g. inhalers and give them to their class teacher.
Below is a timetable of approximate times for each race and some races may start
earlier than stated. (Parents/caregivers please come out earlier to watch your children,
otherwise you may miss seeing them race).

Yr 0 & 1 - girls 10.00 am
Yr 0 & 1 - boys 10.02 am
Yr 2 - girls 10.07 am
Yr 2 - boys 10.09 am

Yr 3 - girls 10.20 am
Yr 3 - boys 10.22 am
Yr 4 - girls 10.27 am
Yr 4 - boys 10.29 am

Yr 5 - girls 10.34 am
Yr 5 - boys 10.36 am
Yr 6 - girls 10.41 am
Yr 6 - boys 10.43 am

Yr 7 - girls 10.48 am
Yr 7 - boys 10.50 am
Yr 8 - girls 10.55 am
Yr 8 - boys 10.57 am 
  • The postponement date is Wednesday 19th August.  If it is postponed, we will send a
  • message out in the morning.
  • The top 6 children from either school in years 4-8 will qualify for the North Otago
  • Cross Country on Monday 31st August and will be given a note home.
  • The Otago Cross Country will be held on Friday 11th September and if your child is
  • interested in attending the Otago Cross Country, please let me know.
  • Another notice nearer the time will be sent home as a reminder.
If you have any queries regarding the cross country, please contact me.

Thank you

Paula Brien

Sports Co-ordinator,

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