Thursday 14 April 2022

1. Principal's News Term 1 Week 11 2022

End of Term

In what has been a momentous term for us in many ways I wish to sincerely thank our staff.  The main priority at the front of our minds has been to protect our community.  I don't mean just to protect our community from Covid, even though we have gone out of our way to do that.  I mean to protect our community from the repercussions of Covid.  We have taken every possible measure we could take in order to keep our children and ourselves healthy.  Many of our staff, through their own choice, have stopped doing anything outside of going to school.  The reason for this is that we know if too many of us get ill at the same time we could not keep the school going.  If the school could not keep going then our families would be affected and they would have children at home and not be able to do their jobs.  If too many children get ill, likewise there are families stuck at home for 7 days and we know for some of you that could mean losing your business.  I want to commend each and every one of our staff members who have gone out of their way to keep high quality learning going in a very disrupted time and who have kept the common good of our community at the forefront in all their actions.   

We sadly say a temporary good bye to Miss French who had already committed to another school for terms 2 and 3 and we look forward to her coming back in term 4.  

I also want to thank you, our whanau, our community.  You have been honest and open with us.  You've shared your worries.  You've kept us updated on what's happening in your homes and lives.  And you have had honest and open dialogue with us.   We really appreciate that.

I sincerely hope that we are at a place at the start of next term where everyone feels comfortable being at school and that the worst has passed for our community.  But once again I thank you all for the way you have dealt with this.  Many, many blessings to you all in this Easter season where we once again remember the redeeming power of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Holy Week

We have been celebrating Holy Week.  Yesterday Kakapo and Hoiho classes led the school with a re-enactment of the Last Supper and Jesus washing his Apostles' feet.  This reminds us that Jesus came as a servant leader and we are all here to serve each other.

The Stations of the Cross
Takehe are presently practising for the Stations of the Cross which will happen in our playground at 2.15pm this afternoon.  This is a very solemn way that we finish Holy Week and the children will leave quietly.

House Rippa Tournament
A very big congratulations to our house leaders and all year 8 leaders this term.  We have given them the chance to step up and they have taken it.  They have worked really hard for their school and planned, organised and stepped forward and led all sorts of things this term.   It is a true privilege to watch their exponential leap in personal growth as they take on these responsibilities.  We have so many children away at the moment that re-organising the teams was a struggle for our young leaders, as was finding enough student referees.  We thank Jason Forrest, Paula Brien and Adrienne Spillane for stepping in and helping.

One thing that I really love about St Joseph's school is we support the children to be themselves and make mistakes.  It can be quite challenging for staff to stand back and let the children organise things, because they're only learning.  But I really feel that if we don't do this, they won't truly learn the responsibility, the self-confidence, teamwork and level of attention to detail that needs to happen to make any event run smoothly.  So, once again, I thank our staff for giving our students the opportunities to try, to sometimes fall over, and to learn to pick themselves up again - because that's real learning.  They are reaching for the stars.

I'm intending to make a little video for FB to commemorate their term.  But here are a couple of photos from their Rippa Tournament yesterday.  

End of Term House Points
Sienna won the ka pai award this week (house with the most good behaviour points for the week)
Guzman won the Rippa Tournament
Lima has been overall winner for the term and will have a house outing today to celebrate.

If you are enjoying St Joseph's school please tell your friends.  We have enrolment places available in both Catholic and non-Catholic categories.

I wish all families a happy, safe and healthy Easter period.

Please remember what this season is about.  It is about remembering the great sacrifice Jesus made of his life for us and that he beat death for us all and: 

Ma te Atua e manaaki a aroha,

(God bless, and love)

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