Friday, 8 April 2022

1. Principal's News Term 1 Week 10 2022

Reporting on Educa

All children have published a writing sample in the context of Religious Education on their Educa story page.  You will have been notified of this.  Please check out the post and your child's progress and remember your child always appreciates a comment.  One or two children have not been able to post due to unavoidable absences this term.

Caritas Challenge

Yesterday the whole school did the Caritas challenge.  The house groups were split into four teams per house and a year 8 was in charge of each team.  Well done to Lincoln and Kaycee-Mae who stepped up as year 7s to cover as team leaders.

The purpose of the day was to experience what some less fortunate children experience every day.

There were four challenges:

1. Fetch a bucket of water from up the hill.  The whole team had to get there.  This was to show how in some countries people have to walk miles every day just to get water and then carry it home.

2. Use the water to cook some plain noodles.  Then eat the noodles.  This was to show how for many people in the world this plain food is all they get and they feel lucky to get it.  I really noticed how the vast majority of our children made a point of eating the noodles (without any flavour) in solidarity with those less fortunate.

3. Build a place to live out of cardboard.  This was to show that many people live in cardboard boxes all over the world.  There's a place called cardboard city in London under Waterloo Bridge, or at least there was when I lived there.

4. Use scraps of bits and pieces to dress up a king or queen to represent the group.

The student leaders also designed games for the children to play as one of the rostered activities.  It was great to see that they had planned so well and the younger children were very keen to participate and no adult intervention was needed at any point.

House points were given for: keeping the team together when fetching water, good cardboard residences, finishing the noodles and for the winning king/queen.  The winning house on the day was Lima.

One of our students remarked, "This is the best day ever," and everyone had a really good time with cooperation, caring and thoughtfulness at every point.

Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Our juniors did a beautiful presentation for Palm Sunday yesterday in Mass.

Next week we are celebrating Holy Week and finishing with the Stations of the Cross on the playground starting at 2.15pm on Thursday.  We would love for families to join us for this beautiful event.  There's no Covid restriction as we are outside.  If you join us you are welcome to take your children home once it is finished.  

New Build

There was quite a lot of student interest generated this week at pictures of our new build which are now displayed in the foyer.

There will be a shorter newsletter next week relating the events of the week as there are a few exciting things coming up next week that we would still like to share.

Ma te Atua e manaaki a aroha,

(God bless, and love)

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