Thursday, 27 May 2021

4. Sport Notices - Week 4, Term 2 2021

 Netball - Saturday 29th May

**  St Joseph’s is on duty this Saturday


We are on duty this Saturday and we need to have 2 parents from each team to run the netball office and the team who is on set up requires a few parents to help out. As we only have 3 teams this year, our times in the office are extended and since we have two teams playing at the same time, one team has to do a later time.  The shifts can be split with 4 adults doing half an hour each so they are not in the office for the whole time.  

Please note we usually do duty twice a season and if parents do duty this time, they should not be expected to do duty next time.  Instructions on what to do are in the netball office.

Coaches - please organise your parents for the roster.

8.30 to 9.30 am - St Joseph’s Rebels - (Yr 4/5/6)

9.30 to 10.30 am - St Joseph’s Maroon - (Yr 3/4)

10.30 to 11.45 am - St Joseph’s Gold - (Yr 7/8)

Message from North Otago Netball for Senior and Junior netball

Hi Coaches/Teams

Now we are 3 weekends in and about to kick off the rounds for most of our sections it’s a timely reminder for the following:

No Jewellery, means no Jewellery. We cannot stress this enough. Coaches, please pass it onto all players. We really don't want to sideline any players but if there is jewellery and it cannot be removed they will be asked to go to the sideline. Player's please don't put yourselves in this position. No jewellery while playing unless it is a plain wedding band or a medic alert bracelet that can be taped.

All Coaches/players to be using supportive language from the sideline or on-court towards teammates, team members and umpires. There is no need for putdowns, bad language or unnecessary outbursts. We are all there trying our best. Sometimes mistakes are made. Let's all be great role models for our younger people to see.

We have had a couple of complaints over the past 2 weeks of bad language from players on the court. We do not tolerate any of this in our sport and there is certainly no need for it. If players are warned and continue to use such language they can be asked to leave the courts immediately.

St Kevin's College has advised us that the grass area in front of their old girl's hostel is private property and no vehicles are to park there. Please respect this request. This is not our property. We have been advised if people continue to park there they may find their car is towed.

If any of this information needs clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

North Otago Netball Centre

Intermediate Section 2

11.00 am - St Joseph's Gold v Twizel Strikers – Court 8 (Oamaru Sport & Outdoors)

Future Ferns Year 6 (7 a-side)

9.00 am - St Joseph’s v Pembroke Dynamite - Court 5 (Darryn Stewart Painters) 

Future Ferns Year 3 & 4

11.00 am – St Joseph’s Maroon v Maheno Rainbow – court 5 (Darryn Stewart Painters)

Yr 1/2 

Please meet on court 1 (Montessori Oamaru) at 9.50 am for a 10.00 am start.


There was no umpires at the time the sports draw was typed.  Please check the North Otago Netball Facebook page.


Rugby - Saturday 29th May

**  The first team named provides the referee

5/6 yrs

10.00 am - St Joseph’s v Maheno Silver - WCCP 9

9/10 yrs 

11.00 am - Kurow v St Joseph’s/Old Boys - Kurow RT1


7/8 yrs 

10.00 am – Excelsior v Valley Gold – WCCP 7

11/12 yrs 

11.00 am  – 11/12 United v Kurow- Ngapara



Miniball - Tuesday 1st June

4.45 pm - St Joseph’s Breakers v Ardogwan Black - main court

5.15 pm - St Joseph’s Rebels v Weston Wild Things - main court

Score bench 

No teams are on duty for this date. 


Basketball - Wednesday 2nd June

4.40 pm  - St Joseph’s Cavaliers v Duntroon Destroyers - main court

Score bench

5.30 pm - St Joseph’s Cavaliers - main court (Mestrom Family) 

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