Thursday 18 March 2021

1. Principal's News Term 1 Week 7 2021

Our Future Is Determined by Understanding Our Past

The children's visits to the parish archives continued this week with all year 4-8 children now having thoroughly explored the parish centre.

I have heard from our diocesan office that it is likely we will start our rebuild by mid 2022.  We all wish it was happening already but in some ways this still gives us time to think.  It allows the children to continue to explore how the past has been preserved in Oamaru and what we want to do to preserve our essence moving forward.  We have $5500 left from funding last year for Enviroschools that needs to be spent this year and we will look at our school environment through the lens of the future and what marks we wish to make.

Siale, Aria and Lucas investigate old money (pre-Elizabeth II) found in the Parish Centre

Lucas, Luke and Marmaduke think about photos from the parish archives and find out how our parish has preserved our history

The junior school enjoyed visits to the art gallery, museum and historic precinct to find out how our community has preserved our history

Happy St Patrick's Day
We are St Patrick's Parish.  Here are the staff celebrating morning tea this morning.  There was a large Irish component in the first settlers in the South Island and one of the magnificent things these people did was build basilicas.  Our beautiful basilica is an example of the effort of a people to celebrate their God even when they themselves were living in poverty.  To them the church building represented the church, the Body of Christ where each and every person knew they were more than their earthly life, or the constraints of the world around them.  It was a place where all knew they were connected to God and to each other.  Happy St Patrick's day.

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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