Thursday, 6 August 2020

4. Sports Draw - Week 3, Term 3 2020

Netball - Saturday 8th August


We do not need to do duty this week as the draw has gone ahead to the next week. If you wish to see the draw at any stage, please go to the North Otago Netball website.

North Otago Junior Netball Meeting

  • Cancellation times will be made between 7.30 and 8.00 am

  • Year 1/2 - players will need to fill out a paper registration form to say if they have played before.  Parents to fill this out at the netball grounds.

  • Grades - Intermediate Prem - have enough weeks to play each other twice, there will be a double header for round 2 played at 12.00 pm, teams will be made aware of these games.

  • 15th August - Georgie Salter Day - A reminder this is a dress up day.  Teams that have a bye will be set up with a game to play.  There is a bye in Intermediate 1.2 so we will ask each club to invite 2 players to make an invitational team to play the team with a bye.

  • Prize giving - will not be as big as usual due to time restrictions because senior netball will have their finals day on the same day - Saturday 26th September.

Intermediate Prem

9.00 am - St Joseph's Gold v OIS Magic– Pearsons court

Intermediate 2

10.00 am - St Joseph’s Rebels v OIS Fever - court 8 (Sport & Outdoors)

Future Ferns Year 3 & 4

11.00 am – St Joseph’s Maroon v Ardgowan Allstars – court 5 (Darryn Stewart Painters)

Future Ferns Year 1/2

10.00 am - please meet at the courts at 9.50 am. 


10.00 am –Lilly Kelcher and Paige Strachan


Rugby - Saturday 8th August 

  • The 11/12 year team has joined with Athies for the remainder of the season. 

  • There may be an extra game for the 11/12 year team on Friday night at 4.30 pm, their coach will confirm this with you.

7/8 yrs 

11.15 am –Kurow Bulls  v St Joseph’s - Kurow Race Course

9/10 yrs 

11.00 am - Valley Blue v St Joseph’s - Weston

11/12 yrs 

11.00 am – Kurow v  St Joseph’s/Athies - Kurow Main Domain



  • All families have been emailed the score bench rosters for the season. Please ensure you do your duty otherwise teams will lose competition points if it is not done.

  • Score bench duty involves 3 personnel including one adult

Miniball - Tuesday 11th August 

The draw was unavailable at the time the newsletter was printed.  It will be emailed out to you when the draw comes out.


Basketball - Wednesday 12th August

The draw was unavailable at the time the newsletter was printed.  It will be emailed out to you when the draw comes out.

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