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4. Winter Sport Teams

Names of children who are playing a winter sport for school will be displayed on the sports notice board.  Anyone who has offered to coach a team will be notified next week and will be given a list of names for their respective team.  Some teams are a couple of players short and we will be looking for more players.

Some sport teams may not have enough players and we will endeavour to place them in a team with a club. If you wish for your child to play a sport and there is spaces in the team, please let Mrs Brien know.

If for some reason you withdraw your child from a sport, please let the Sports Coordinator know as this affects both the coaches and the team and involves a lot of paper work as each sport has to register all players and their contact details with their nominated sport associations.

Fees - once your child is placed in a team, these fees have to paid or in a payment plan before the competition starts.  Some codes have not yet given us their fees for the season.

If you have any old sports equipment and gear surplus to requirements, please donate them to our school for other children to utilise.  This applies to both summer and winter sports and any gear that comes in we will advertise in the newsletter e.g. football / rugby boots, cricket pads, bats etc.

Midget - the children who are in the midget grade go to a skills based session organised by Football Waitaki and it is usually on a Friday night at 4.00 pm.  These children will play under St Joseph's and be given a football top. Further information will follow.

Midget Players - Marco Alegre, William Allardice and Zachary Castro.

Other Grades - unfortunately we do not have enough children to make up teams in the higher grades and we will notify the children of a club they may want to join up with.

Fees - waiting for confirmation


Fun Sticks Grade - this is a skills based session for Yr 1 & 2 children from all schools and is run at the North Otago Hockey turf on Wednesday nights starting on Wednesday 6th May.

Fun Stick Players - Roger Luo

Mini Sticks, Kiwi Sticks and Kwik Sticks Grade
The Mini Sticks for Yrs 3 & 4 and the Kiwi Sticks for Yrs 5 & 6 is played on Wednesday nights starting on Wednesday 6th May.  The Kwik Sticks for Yrs 7 & 8 is played on Tuesday nights and starts on Tuesday 5th May.

As we do not have enough players to make a team in either of the above grades, we will forward your names to North Otago Hockey and they will place you in a team.  Our school will register your name and fees will be invoiced from St Joseph's, not the club you will be playing for.

Hockey players to be placed in teams - Rheanna Coscos, Mya Robinson and Lachlan Wilkinson

Fees - waiting for confirmation.


This competition is for Yr 7 & 8 players (and sometimes includes Yr 6's) played on Wednesday nights and usually starts in the second week of term 2 which is yet to be confirmed.
Coaches and managers will be confirmed and notified for both teams once we get a couple more players for the boys team. Team lists will be confirmed later on.

Fees - waiting for confirmation

Girls Team
We have 10 players, a coach and manager for this team so this team is complete.

Players are - Mariah Cunnigham, Hannah Fowler, Jana Gulinao, Lavina Ma, Laura Patterson, Alexie Phillips, Ziah Rollan, Mazvita Rondozai, Atlanta Williams-McDowell and Kacymea Tahitu'a.

Boys Team
We currently have 6 boys and require another couple of boys to join this team.  If you know of anyone wishing to play basketball from Yr 6 upwards, please let Mrs Brien know.

Players are: Sami Asi, Paddy Spillane, Riley Tuffley, Lachlan Wilkinson, Michael Woodhouse and Hamish Fowler.

This competition is for Yr 4-6 players (and sometimes include Yr 3's) played on Tuesday nights and usually starts in the second week of term 2 which is yet to be confirmed.
Coaches - we require coaches for both the boys and girls teams and a manager for the boys team.

We need another boy and 3 more girls to complete these teams.  If you know of anyone wishing to play miniball from Yr 3 upwards, please let Mrs Brien know.

Fees - waiting for confirmation

Boys Team - Blake Meek, Joaquin Perez, Vilivea Tahitu'a, Iverson Wylie-Taukolo, Tevita Leo, Liam Lindsay and Fe'ofa'aki Tahitu'a.

Girls Team - Luse Asi, Miley Newlands-Robertson, Mya Robinson, Evie Phillips and Aria Oakes

Starts on Saturday 2nd May for Years 5-8 and Saturday 9th May for Yrs 1-4. This year our Yr 5/6 team will be playing 7 aside netball as North Otago Netball have introduced 7 aside for the Yr 6 grade.

Trials -for all Yr 5-8 players with the date to be confirmed. These will be held at school.
Coaches - we have coaches for all grades and coaches will be notified and confirmed when trials are completed.

Yr 1-2 - this is a skills based session for all schools held at the North Otago Netball courts starting at 10.00 am.

Yr 3 & 4 - this is a 5 aside team and there are enough players for this team.

Yr 5-8 - at this stage we have 17 players who will go into two teams.

Fees - confirmed at $25.00 for Yrs 1 & 2 and $50.00 for Yrs 3-8.

Umpire Workshop
There will be a Yr 7/8/9 umpire workshop on Friday 3rd April from 3.45 to 4.45 pm at the Taward Street Courts.

Yr 7 & 8 Development Camp
Held on 20 & 21 April from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm at the Rec Centre in Oamaru.  Two days of netball fun, fitness and skills.  Cost is $20.00 for the 2 days.  Registration closes 6th April and go to

Yr 5-8 - Eva Fatafehi, Milly Campbell, Indeg Jones-Hogan, Ally-May Rawson, Mariah Cunningham, Hannah Fowler, Bella Hubber, Lilly Kelcher, Lavina Ma, Ivy-Belle Mestrom, Laura Patterson, Alexie Phillips, Mazvita Rondozai, Libby Seddon, Paige Strachan, Atlanta Williams-McDowell

Yr 3-4 - Manu & Mele Ahotaeiloa, Pippa Campbell, Hila'atu Leo, Jayda Meikle, Georgia Moore, Aria Oakes, Evie Phillips, Holly Ridgway and Sephrin Staju.

Yr 1 & 2 - Celina Mascarenhas, Mia Ridgway, Lilani Roos and Dihviyn Soane

Usually starts in the first Saturday of May. We may have to combine with another club depending on numbers and/or a new format will be introduced but this will be brought up at the North Otago JAB Rugby meeting in April.

Weights - we need to weigh all the rugby players this year and all players are to complete the NZ Rugby registration form. We will fill out the registration forms on your behalf here at school.

Coaches will be notified and confirmed within the next week.  We do require a coach for the 7/8 year old team and if you are interested, please let Mrs Brien know.

Fees - waiting for confirmation

5 & 6 year olds - Manase Oakes and William Allardice

7 & 8 year olds - Milah Anderson, Cameron Aston, Jac Bradley, Luke Bremner, Millie Fogarty, Lewis Geypen, Marconi Hausia, Theo Mestrom, Jack Phillips and Fe'ofa'aki Tahitu'a.

9 & 10 year olds - Luse Asi, Hamish Fowler, Elias Fraser, Stirling Heffernan, Marko Hubber, Blake Meek, Warren Pardede, Kacymea Tahitu'a, Vilivea Tahitu'a, Daniel Woodhouse and Iverson Wylie-Taukolo.

11 & 12 year olds - Sami Asi, Isaiah Castro, Paddy Spillane and Michael Woodhouse. James Bremner and William Pardede from OIS.

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