Thursday, 5 March 2020

1. Principal's News Term 1 Week 5 2020

Information Evening Tonight
Please remind your friends we are having an information evening tonight at 6pm in the staffroom to find out more about obtaining a place at St Joseph's.

Our History
The children are looking at "belonging" in social studies.  During the course of 2020 we will look at our background, history and tradition.  This includes the traditions of Oamaru, our marae at Moeraki and our Catholic tradition here in Oamaru.

Our school started in 1884 in the building which is now the presbytery.  It was started by the Dominican sisters and there were five classrooms in the first school.  We were the first school in Oamaru.  We are still living out our Dominican tradition and we are very lucky to continue to be part of this Catholic Community on Reed Street.

This week Sister Mary Horn gave me a photograph which was presented to a past principal, Sr Columba, when she retired in 1986. This photograph is in our lobby and it is fascinating to see what has changed and what is the same.

I often think we are almost in a little village here with all the buildings and activity surrounding the centre of our North Otago parish here in Reed Street.  This picture shows this very well.

Home and School News
St Joseph's parents, organised by our Home and School group have now completed 1 year of running the Hungry Horse cafe at the Oamaru Racecourse.  They have done 10 meetings and made $11828.52 profit, plus 3 more at the start when they were learning the ropes - making  $12851.52 to date.

I emailed out asking for parents to help and the Home and School thank you for your responses.  

The customers love the cafe - they have said they love the service and the friendly team of parents who are working away there.

The work is very easy to do and it is a lot of fun to get to know each other.  Please put your name forward.  If everyone helps you only need to do a couple of hours a year.

Thank you to Rebecca Heffernan who continues to put the initiative into driving this project.  She'd love to talk to anyone who is interested.

Hut Equipment
We would like donations of "stuff" for the children to make huts.  Things like:
-  Hay bales
-  planks of wood (no nails)
-  pallets
-  other suitable recycled or building materials.

Our caretaker says no tyres or plastics please.  We are keeping them in the bark chip area by the senior sandpit.  Thank you.

Cardboard boxes
We are also looking for large cardboard boxes for this year's Caritas challenge.  This is when the children get the opportunity to find out what it might be like to live in a cardboard box because some people do live in cardboard boxes.

Its Conker Season

We've been having some conker battles, like in the good old days.  Except nowadays we're wearing safety goggles.

Caterpillar Excitement
Every year about this time the caterpillars eat our swan plants, disappear into chrysalis's and emerge as beautiful monarch butterflies.  Many of the children are keeping a close and fascinated eye on this.  I am lucky because this is in the garden outside my office window and its lovely to watch the children's vigilance and excitement.  I also love how they think like scientists and are so naturally inquisitive and observant even, or especially, when they are at play.

Long live butterflies!

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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