Thursday, 5 March 2020

2.Special Character Week 5 Term 1 2020

Special Character Focus
This week we are continue teaching Jesus Strand and Caritas Lenten Program.
Our key ideas are:
1.Jesus was human (as well as God)
2. Jesus came to show us how to live and to save us.
3. Jesus is God (as well as human)

Sacramental Programme

The 2020 Sacramental Programme will begin on the 15th March with Commitment Sunday at 9.30am Mass. 
In keeping with the guidelines of the Catholic Diocese of Dunedin and the philosophy of St. Joseph’s School, “Reaching for the Stars as Lifelong Learners in the Catholic Faith”, we will continue working together as Family, School and Parish on our Sacramental Faith Journey. 

There will be 2 parent meetings before the children receive each Sacrament. 
Mrs Misiloi will take the children for lessons in preparation for each Sacrament. 
Tracey Plieger is organising a prayer partner for each child and family. The prayer partner will pray for you and the children as they prepare for the Sacraments. 

Commitment Mass and Prayer Partner Sunday : Sunday 15th March 9.30 Mass.
Parent meeting 1: Monday 16th March, 7:00 pm, St Joseph’s School.
Parent meeting 2: Monday 23rd March 7:00 pm, St. Joseph’s School
1st Reconciliation: follows 9:30 am Mass, Sunday 29th March

Meetings: Mon 11th May Mon 18th May. Confirmation Sun 31st May

First Holy Communion
Meetings: Mon 17th Aug Mon 24th Aug. First Communion Sun 30th Aug

Special Dates
1st Week of Lent (Pray, Fast, Give
Faith Facts: Week 5-Caritas Lenten Program
The theme for Lent 2020 is Renewed by the Spirit. Pope Francis challenges us all to be transformed and renewed by the Spirit so that we can follow the path of love. When we do this we become God’s ambassadors on Earth.
The 2020 our school resources are entitled Caritas in Action: Restoring Hope and Spreading Love and feature inspiring stories from all around the world of how Caritas is working alongside communities in need to restore hope and help them overcome challenges.
Spiritual Reading
LAUDATO SI’ – Caring for our Common Home
The Transfiguration

… Jesus ordered them “Tell no one about the vision until after the Son of Man has been raised from the dead”.
What is our personal mountain top experience?  God doesn’t want us to live inside these experiences by ourselves. … We are chosen as witnesses so that we can share our witness with the world … We have been chosen to spread the word and the love of God, to help reveal him to those who haven’t yet met him face to face” - (Caritas Lenten Booklet).  In what ways can we be transformed and reveal Jesus to the world through continuing and extending our small caring deeds for Creation. See  > Judge > Act: Nurturing the understanding that we as church can do something > becoming informed and educated > doing something within our sphere of influence.

Renewed by the Spirit -  Ka tū tātou - Stand together!
Thank you/ Malo 
God Bless
Tua Misiloi

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