Thursday, 5 March 2020

3. School Notices - Week 5, Term 1 2020


Altar Servers
Saturday 7th March - Luse & Sami Asi, Paddy Spillane & Mariah Cunningham
Sunday 8th March - no-one from St Joseph's

Birthday Greetings to

Riley Tuffley and Pippa Campbell

Cricket Draw - Friday 6th March

Intermediate A - St Joseph's Volts v Valley Girls at SKC 2
Primary - St Joseph's Sparks v Union at SKC Artificial 2

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has advised us to continue to advise our school community on the following:
  • wash your hands often with soap and water before and after eating as well as after attending the toilet.
  • cover coughs and sneezes with clean tissues or your elbow
  • put used tissues in the bin
Thursday 5 - public information evening at 6.00 pm in the staffroom
Friday 6 - senior school swimming sports from 9.00 to 12.00 pm
              - celebration assembly at 2.30 pm
Monday 9 - junior school swimming lessons
Tuesday 10 - rippa rugby names in
Wednesday 11 - junior school swimming lessons
                        - vision hearing tests
Thursday 12 - junior school swimming lessons

Rippa Rugby

On Friday 20th March the 2020 North Otago Primary Schools Rippa Rugby tournament is on at Centennial Park during the day.  Our school enters teams in this tournament each year in the Year 4/5 mixed grade, Year 6 mixed grade and Year 7/8 mixed grade. Unfortunately we cannot send our intermediate teams this year as they will be at Technology.

We have trialled children for the Year 6 team because if this team is successful in winning the Year 6 tournament they win an all expenses paid trip to Wellington. The trials were very difficult as there is so many talented players who trialled and it has been narrowed down to a squad of 14 players.  After a couple more practices this squad will be reduced to 10 players.

We have got one Year 6 team and want to send more teams in the Year 4/5 and Year 6 grade to this tournament.  If your child is interested in playing in this tournament and you are willing to coach/manage a team, please let the office know or email Mrs Brien on  It will not cost anything to enter this tournament and teams will only be sent if we have coaches for the other teams.  A teacher will be there overseeing all  the teams.

Names have to be in by Tuesday 10th March as permission slips have to be sent out and entries need to be send away by next Friday.
Swimming Sports Reminders

  • children are not allowed to go straight to the pool
  • children to be at school by 8.50 am as they are walking down to the pool at that time
  • children are to come to school in their PE gear and wear their house colours at the pool
  • write your child's race numbers on their hand
  • bring food and water to eat at the pool
  • race orders are demonstration, non competitive and competitive in each stroke
  • competitive swimmers only will have their races timed
  • all competitive races are timed so if your child is swimming with children from another age group, the time will count for their age only.  This saves races with only having 2 people in them.
  • time keepers to meet at 9.10 am at the pool
  • programmes available for a gold coin - please bring the correct change
  • Good luck to all swimmers
Junior Swimming Lessons
These lessons start on Monday and sadly we have had only one offer of help with walking the children down to the pool. If anyone knows of somebody who can help, please contact Mrs Brien asap.  We need to have a number of adults per child ratio especially when they are in the junior school for health and safety reasons.
A hard copy of this notice has also gone home with your children.

2020 Swimming Groups and Times for Yrs 1-3  
Hi Everyone
Here is a break down of our junior swimming lessons starting on Monday. 
We require parents, caregivers and/or grandparents to accompany the children to and from the swimming pool for their swimming lessons so there is a ratio of at least two staff members and 2 adults with each class.  Please let Mrs Brien know if you can help by emailing or reply back to this office email.
**There are 6 sessions and each session should have 4 instructors. First class is Monday 9th March. There will be two groups only as Miss Sollano’s class will be split between Mrs Brookes and Mrs Misiloi’s class.  The swimming times are 1.15 pm and 1.45 pm.
Week 6 - Monday 9th, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th March
Week 7 - Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th March
** Most children have been put into groups based on their swimming ability from last year and I have also been given a list from the Aquatic Centre of children who have lessons and what level they are at.  
** On the first day, there will be some children who need to be assessed and put in their correct groups for the next lesson. 
**  Children are to wear their PE gear to school on swimming days. Their PE days will be their swimming days.
**  Swimming is a part of our curriculum and we expect all children to take part in the lessons unless there is a medical reason, in which we require a note.
This is the timetable for each year group and we require adult walkers with each group.
Yr 3/4  Miss Sollano - 6 children - leave at 12.40 pm with Mrs Misiloi’s class and swim at 1.15 pm.  These children will swim in the big pool.
Yr 3/4 Miss Sollano - 10 children - leave at 1.10 pm with Mrs Brooke’s class and swim at 1.45 pm.  This includes three year 4 children who missed out on their lessons earlier.
Yr 3/4 Miss Sollano - 8 children - these Yr 4 children who had their lessons with the senior school will be taught by a teacher in their class or work with the other Yr 4’s.
Yr 1/2 Mrs Misiloi - 15 children - leave at 12.40 pm along with 6 children from Yr 3/4
Yr 1/2 Mrs Brookes - 2 children - leave at 12.40 pm with Mrs Misiloi as they swim in the big pool.  
Yr 1/2 Mrs Brookes - 15 children - leave at 1.10 pm along with 10 children from Miss Sollano’s class

2020 Junior Swimming Times for Children
Yr 3Yr 1/2 TM
1.15 pmGeypenLewis1.15 pmAlegreMarco
van RooyCooperHafokaMaria
Mino ZubiriEva
Yr 2 LBPardedeAngelina
1.45 pmYr 3/41.45 pmYr 1/2 LB

Subway Lunches

There will still be subway lunches tomorrow. Please ensure your child drops off their order before going to the swimming sports otherwise they will miss out as they won't be back at school till about lunchtime.


We welcome back to school Aaliyah, Shakyla, Jayda and Anashae Meikle who started school this week.

Winter Sports
Thank you to all the families who have sent in their winter sport enrolment forms. Due to a busy week with the organisation of senior and junior swimming, teams will be sorted next week.

Community Notices

  • Rugby Game - Highlanders Bravehearts v Sydney University today at Whitestone Contracting Stadium starting at 3.00 pm - free admission
  • World Day of Prayer - Ecumenical Service Friday 6th March.  Shared meal at 6.15 pm and service at 7.00 pm.  Held at the Salvation Army Chapel at 255 Thames Street.
  • IHC - Your Wellbeing Family Carer's Day Out - this free event is for those family members who care for someone with an intellectual disability in their own home.  Come and meet others and make new connections. Held on Thursday 26th March from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm at the Moeraki Room at the Brydone Hotel.  A light lunch will be provided.  Hear from speakers during the day.  For further information, contact Karen Clements on 027 687 9309 or email
Walking the narrow path this Lent
While much of life gets played out in towns and urban settings Jesus's most transformative moments occurred in the outdoors.  In Oamaru we have some awesome outdoors settings on our back door step.  Our idea is for a 1 day fine weather, weekend trek during Lent somewhere in the Huxley, Benmore, St Mary’s or the Kakanui Ranges. 
If taking a less well trodden path sounds of interest to you then please phone/email the
Parish Office 434 8543 or Katherine (027 303 5203) or Hamish (022 190 6010).

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