Thursday, 27 October 2016

1. Principal's News - Week 3, Term 4 2016

Whole staff professional development in maths
I have observed some amazing maths happening throughout the school.  I'm particularly impressed with our SH1 corridor which has some of our young students doing some quite tricky long division and multiplication problems.  They posed me an "Impossible problem that even the principal can't do."  I could do it as it happens, but it was a recurring decimal and they were right - I'd never get to the end of it.  Pretty impressive!

One of our foci this year has been maths and its likely to continue into 2017.   Our whole staff was enthused by some very useful maths professional development on Wednesday with Shona McRae of the University of Otago.

Health and Physical Education
The staff have reported to the Board on Health and Physical Education.  Its really good to see that the huge majority of our children are achieving at the expected levels in this curriculum area.  We are delighted that so many of our children are excelling in weekend and after school sports teams which is only a small part of the Health and Physical Education curriculum area.  The teaching strands that we cover extensively in school are: Personal Health and Physical Development, Movement Concepts and Motor Skills,  Relationships with Other People and Healthy Communities and Environments.  For more information on how our children are achieving with Movement Concepts and the many ways we cover this curriculum area, have a look at our board report Health and Physical Education Board Report

We are lucky to be well resourced with athletics equipment and have the space to use it and we've enjoyed the input of St Kevin's PE students who have worked with the children on athletics.  The children have been out practising regularly for their athletics day on Monday and every child has had a growth mindset and improved with practice.   We look forward to you joining us to celebrate the senior athletics at 9.00 am on Monday.

Parent Survey
We have received many responses to our parent surveys.  Thank you for the thought you are putting into your responses.  The survey closes at the end of the day this Friday.

We are still enjoying a growth in respect in the school.  It is very pleasant to be greeting each other, smiling, giving way and saying thank you.   Everyone benefits.

God bless,
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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