Thursday 20 October 2016

1. Principal's News - Week 2, Term 4, 2016

This week we have had a big focus on the basics of respect.  This means:

1. Good manners - saying please, thank you and excuse me, standing back to let adults pass, opening doors for others and greeting each other and having basic conversations in a thoughtful manner.

2. Uniform - showing respect for our school by wearing the correct uniform.  There are still one or
Atlanta and Jack show correct school uniform, senior boys wear the blue shirt
two children wearing non uniform jerseys or hats.  Please help your child by making sure they have the correct uniform. We are also able to help with uniform, so if there is a financial strain please let me know so that we can help.

3. Environment - there certainly is less rubbish lying around this week - so well done everyone for making a big effort.  Still a little way to go for zero rubbish and to make sure we are caring for the whole environment of our school.

The children have been excellent.  Please support us and them by discussing and reinforcing these things at home.

Our Vision and How We Do Things at St Joseph's

Our vision and the reason behind what we do at St Joseph's are our vision statement:

'Reach for the stars as lifelong learners in the Catholic Faith', 

and our charter goal for teaching and learning:

'Every child engaged and empowered in deep learning for success'.

The way we do things at St Joseph's is how we make this vision a reality.   The yellow boxes are the teaching and learning practice we had in place in our very successful 5 year ERO review and which still underlies our practice.   We may put these things into practice in different ways at different times but the basics remain the same.  We have to make sure the basics are as strong as ever so we are presently reviewing the way we put these things into practice. We want to be sure what we do in the school and the classroom best enables our goals of engaged, empowered, deep learning for success.

I am sending out parent surveys and you will receive an email link to make your response.  Please take the time to respond.  It is very important that I hear what everyone has to say and I've asked questions on a variety of topics which will help us to make decisions for 2017.  I have also done extensive staff surveys and have started surveying students.  All of this information will be used to help us make good decisions for our next steps.

We have some yellow stickies and sheets up in the foyer for you to also add comments there if you wish.


Congratulations to our children who enrolled at mass on Sunday to start their sacramental programs. They met their parish prayer partners who will pray for them and support them over the next year. They will be doing their first Reconciliation on Sunday 27th November.

Communion of Saints
The children will be learning about the Communion of Saints in RE.  To find out more please have a look at: Communion of Saints for parents

The home and school is the fundraising body for the Board of Trustees.  Every parent and caregiver is automatically part of the Home and School.  We have a very small group of parents who do a lot for the school by raising money and facilitating social events for the school.  We would very much like more parents to become involved as all of your children benefit from this work.

The Home and School raises money to support the extras that make our school great and we need all parents to help.  Please contact Rachel Fowler 0272378234  if you would like to join in with helping for one of these upcoming functions.

Thursday 3rd November – Nacho Lunch - $5 a plate

Friday 25th November – Picnic followed by games and Family Learning Hui, 5.30pm

Board and Home and School social dinner – Tuesday 29th November – details and venue TBC.

Friday 2nd December – Year 1-6 Social – Christmas theme – wear tinsel or something sparkly.  6-7.30pm

Saturday 3rd December – Santa Parade - The parish is organising a float and we would like to present the Nativity scene with children and for the children to also come as angels and shepherds to accompany the float and hand out lollies and have fun!

Friday 9th December – Year 7 & 8 social – Dinner for year 8s arrive 5pm for 5.30pm.  Year 7s arrive for dancing 7pm.  Supper provided by the year 7s at 8.45pm.

Principal's Award

My first principal's award went to Joseph Spillane.  I was particularly impressed with the way he welcomed me into the school and how he is able to initiate respectful conversations with adults.

I am very impressed overall with our year 8 group and they are providing a good example of responsible and respectful behaviour in our school.

God Bless,
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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