Thursday, 9 June 2016

3. School Notices and Sports Draw - Week 6, Term 2 2016

Altar Servers
Saturday 11th June - Indya & Mackenzie Cunningham, Joshua Criddle and Troy Chikowore
Sunday 12th June - Rhea  Ratgali, Seth Bartley, Jonathan Jorgensen and Henry Robinson

Birthday Greetings to:
Magnus Heaphy and Lachlan Brookes

Basketball Trials
There are trials for both girls and boys for the U13 grade on Monday 13th June at the Waitaki Recreation Centre.  Girls are from 3.30 to 4.15 pm and boys from 4.15 to 5.00 pm.  Any queries to Susan de Geest on 027 222 2187 or email

Change of Addresses

If you have moved recently, can you please let the office know your new address and contact details.

To Fergus McMullan who competed in the 2016 Otago Wildlife photography competition and got a 'Highly Commended' award in the 14 years and under plant category.  Fergus took this photo when he was on holiday travelling the rail trail.

Home & School Phone Books
Three weeks ago the Home and School gave each family a Big Print Phone Book to take home and sell on their behalf.  There are 94 families who have not yet sold their books so can we please have the money or the unsold book returned to us in excellent condition by next Thursday 16th June otherwise you may be charged for the book. Thank you.

Permission Forms
The Catholic Quadrangular permission form needs to be returned to the school office by Monday at the latest.  No form means you cannot attend the tournament.

Ski Meeting & Family Learning Hui
A reminder about the ski meeting tonight at 5.45 pm and the Family Learning Hui at 6.30 pm.


We warmly welcome Hannes Roos who started school this week to our year 6 classroom.

Sports Code of Conduct
Parents and supporters are reminded about our Sports Code of Conduct when on the sideline of a game.

For anyone standing on the sideline of any game, please remember .....
  • The players are kids
  • The referees are human
  • The coaches are volunteers
  • Spectators are supporters of the players, referees and coaches
St Joseph's Code of Conduct for Parents, Spectators and Supporters:

       Encourage your child to learn to play within the rules and the principles of fair play.

       Players are involved in their chosen sport for their own interests and enjoyment.  You play a major part in their efforts but ensure that you respect that they are involved for their own personal reasons.

       Turn defeat into victory by helping your child work towards skills development and good sportsmanship.  Never ridicule, degrade or yell at any player for making a mistake.  Encourage your child to lose with grace.

       Children learn the most from the examples you set.  Always act in a positive manner and demonstrate self-discipline on the side line. Use correct and respectful language at all times.

       Always remember coaches are volunteers.  Their time and efforts are for the benefit of your child.

       Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials.

       Show your appreciation of volunteers who are giving up their own time and those who help make sport happen.  It is easy to criticise but not so easy to take up the challenge yourself.

       Always support officials and coaches by accepting their decisions and judgements.  Remember – No official, no coach – no game.

Community Notices
  • Basketball July Holiday Camp - Basketball Otago is proud to offer a school holiday program that will include basketball skills and other fun activities.  Led by Basketball Otago (BBO) Development Officer and local coaches and players.  Come with a great attitude and be ready to learn and have fun.  Ages from 6-12 years - no experience needed.  Dates from 11-14th July from 8.30 am to 12.00 pm at the Edgar Centre in Dunedin.  Cost is $100.00 per person or $50.00 for additional children from same family.  To register contact
Netball - Saturday 11th June
There is a netball course being offered on Friday 10th June by Netball South called ‘Back to Basics Workshop’.  It costs $5.00 per coach and you get a resource booklet to take away.  Workshops will be split into 2 x 1 hour blocks.
Attack Focus from 6.00 to 7.00 pm and Defence Focus from 7.00 to 8.00 pm.

Intermediate 1.1
9.00 am - St Joseph's Gold v Valley Steel – Adore Spa

Intermediate 1.3
9.00 am - St Joseph’s Rebels v Athies Mini Gold - BNZ

Year 5/6 Big Hoops
10.00 am - St Joseph's Ferns v Valley Mystics – Court 2

Year 5/6 Small Hoops
11.00 am – St Joseph's Warriors v Kurow White – Fitness 24

Year 3/4
10.00 am – St Joseph’s Maroon v Fenwick Flames – LJ Hooker
11.00 am - St Joseph’s Steel v Fenwick Flash – LJ Hooker

Year 1/2
10.00 am – Pearsons court

11.00 am – Yneke Edzes
Rugby - Saturday 11th June
The next rugby skills session will be held on Sunday 12th June at 10.00 am at Whitestone Contracting Stadium.  This is a continuation of what was started a few weeks back for the 9/10s and 11/12 year old children.  The next one will be on Sunday July 3rd before the school holidays.  The holiday programme will be held on Tuesday 12th July and Tuesday 19th July at the park.

5 yrs 
10.30 am – St Joseph’s Blue v St Joseph’s Maroon – WCS 9a

7/8 yrs
10.00 am – Excelsior v St Joseph’s – WCS 7

9/10 yrs
10.00 am – St Joseph’s v Athletic – WCS 1

11/12 yrs
11.00 am –Athletic v St Joseph’s – WCS 5
Football - Saturday 11th June
11.00 am - St Joseph's Little Whites v Meadowbank Magic – Showgrounds M1

9.30 am - St Joseph's White Knights v Awamoa Aces – Awamoa Park
9.30 am – St Joseph’s United v Awamoa Knights – Awamoa Park
Hockey – Tuesday 14th June
5.00 pm – QuickSticks v Papakaio

Hockey – Wednesday 15th June
4.30 pm – Mixed Monkeys v Upper Waitaki Wasps

5.00 pm – Mixed Magic v Combo Cats
Miniball - Tuesday 14th June
3.45 pm – St Joseph’s Thunder v Ardgowan Arrows – front court
4.15 pm – St Joseph’s Breakers v Ardgowan Aces – front court
St Joseph’s Rebels has the bye

Referee and Score bench
3.45 pm – St Joseph’s Breakers – referee
4.15 pm – St Joseph’s Thunder – referee and score bench
Basketball - Wednesday 15th June
St Joseph’s Bolts, Cavaliers and Raptors have a bye due to the inter-school

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