Thursday 2 June 2016

1. Principal News - Week 5 Term 2

Peered Writing in action at the next Family Learning Hui
A few weeks ago I explained that the teachers were training the children to take part in our Peered Writing project. This supports and strengthens children's writing as well as having a range of social benefits. You are all welcome to join us next Thursday 9th June for our next Family Learning Hui from 6:30 -7:30 to learn from the children about peered writing.
Here are a few points about the programme:
  • Children all get the same message and language for when they transition through the school.
  • Helps all students, not just targeted learners but valuable for extending children as well.
  • Inclusive, team approach across the whole school.
  • Social interactions with all students and all abilities.
  • Good for children's self esteem.
  • Gives the children a deeper understanding about their learning.
  • Successful with English Language Learners.
  • First time we have done a whole school project of this kind and this is excellent for whole school professional learning and consistency of practise.
  • Once children are confident about what is expected of them, they become very engaged in the process and enjoy it.
  • Research proves this is the best way for children to learn and be able to articulate their learning.
New Staff for Term 3
We are delighted to announce that Mrs Jill Baird and Miss Anna Mulholland have been appointed to positions for next term.
Mrs Jill Baird is a retired and well respected experienced Catholic school principal who is presently residing in Cromwell. Mrs Baird has been appointed to the caretaker principal role for Term 3 until our new principal is appointed for Term 4. Our board chair Bev Conlan and I spent time with Mrs Baird last week and she is looking forward to working with Mr Cartlidge and our staff in Term 3. I will be spending a day with Mrs Baird in Cromwell at the end of June to share more information about our school and help to ensure she is well prepared for the role.  A photo of Mrs Baird will be updated later.

Miss Anna Mulholland will take over from Mrs Burke when she goes on maternity leave during the second half of Term 3. Miss Mulholland has experience with the Incredible Years teaching programme and has strengths in literacy and numeracy. Miss Mulholland is also a keen sportswoman and we are looking forward to welcoming her to our teaching team in Term 3.
Basketball hoops
We were fortunate to be successful with a Youthtown grant for our new basketball/netball hoops. As a result we have our old ones available for free to a good home. Please let us know if your interested and we can arrange for our caretaker Mr Jelgersma to help transport them for you if needed.

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