Thursday, 30 June 2016

1. Principal News - Week 9 Term 3

Meeting in Cromwell
Yesterday I spent time sharing Term 3 information with Jill Baird who is preparing to take over as Acting Principal for next term. Jill is a very experienced retired Catholic principal and we are fortunate to have her come and live in Oamaru for a term until our new principal starts in Term 4. Jill is keen to meet you all and support our wonderful staff  and children as well as be part of the St Patrick's parish.

Jill and I will be spending today with twenty principals from the Otago Southland Catholic Principal's Association. I am fortunate to be leading the principals through a visioning day to help ensure the future of Catholic education remains strong within our diocese. You can learn about the visioning day at this link.

Student Blogger Subway Award of the Week
This week's award goes to Corbin Fraser. Corbin has a popular blog with a wide audience and already almost 12,00 views. You can access Corbin's blog via this link and learn about his science inquiry, the Trinity design and read about Corbin's inspirational Great Grandad.

Mid Year Reports and Online bookings for interviews next week
The teachers have written reports and are preparing for the student, parent and teacher meetings that will take place on Monday 4th July and Tuesday 6th July from 3:15-8:00pm. Reports will go home tomorrow, Friday 1st July. All families are expected to show their support for their children's learning by making a time to attend an interview. The interviews can be booked online by going to and typing in the school code z7hpv If you need help, please contact Anne or Paula in the office and they can make the booking for you.

Board News
I attended my final board meeting on Tuesday night.  We farewelled Des Burke, Lynne Cullimore and Ann Dooley who have all been on the board for a significant number of years during my time at St Joseph's. They have all contributed keenly and have been very supportive of our school and our Catholic special character. Bev Conlan our board chair also welcomed Rose Davies and Paul Cartlidge to the board. 
Our board have been working hard behind the scenes with extra meetings during the term as part of the important work of appointing the new principal. Applications closed last Friday and shortlisting takes place this evening with interviews at the end of the term. Thanks to Bev and our hardworking board for their dedication to our school and parish by ensuring such a thorough appointment process takes place.

Each meeting starts with a prayer from one of the board members. I thought I would share this prayer with you from parent trustee Michael Plieger. Michael and Tracy have Elizabeth in Year 8 and Samuel in Year 6 as well as Nicholas who attends St Kevin's.
Thanks to all of our board members who show us how to Reach for the Stars as Lifelong Learners in the Catholic faith. 

Loving and gracious God
We thank you for your blessings for the successful outcome of our meeting as we continue to seek your guidance, strength, courage and wisdom so that the decisions we make positively ensure the best outcomes for our students.
Lord, please bless the new board members, may they feel our welcome and support.  Help us to work together and encourage each other as we all with sincere hearts remain humble and faithful in what we do.  Lord we thank you for the departing board members for their dedication, hard work and wisdom.  May they be blessed in their future endeavours knowing the appreciation that we all have for their generous gifts of their effort and time. 
Lord, we thank you for Jenny our principal.  May your blessing pour down on her as she makes a new future in Australia.  May you always remain a source of strength and courage for her in her life.  May she be encouraged by our appreciation of her leadership and dedication and for what she has achieved.  May our good wishes travel with her.

All glory be to you both now forever through Christ and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever.  Amen

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