Thursday, 11 September 2014

6. ANZ Olympic Schools Programme

What is the ANZ Olympic Schools Programme?
ANZ has developed the ANZ Olympic Schools Programme with the New Zealand Olympic Committe to inspire and motivate New Zealand's youth through the magic and celebration of the Olympic Games.  Schools will be provided with resources and merchandise to provide opportunities, activities and incentives for students to live the Olympic values.  By ANZ staff members referring ANZ to their fellow parents and social networks associated with their child's school, they will secure credits for their school (St Joseph's) to spend at the ANZ Awards Centre.

Here's how it works
For every successful ANZ home loan or home loan top up over $50,000 drawn down by someone connected to your school via an ANZ staff member, the school will receive 800 credits.  The person drawing down the loan just needs to tell the home loan specialist that they want the credits to go to St Joseph's School, Oamaru and the ANZ staff member (Andrea Armstrong) who referred them when they draw down their loan.

St Joseph's can redeem the credits for a variety of items ranging from sports equipment to the latest in computer technology.  Items include skipping ropes, basketballs, footballs, netballs, tennis racquets, cricket sets, cameras, video recorders, computers etc. 800 credits equates to approximately $400 of purchasing power at the ANZ Awards Centre.

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