Thursday, 25 September 2014

2. Special Character News Week 10



The classes are coming to the end of a few weeks of learning about Sacrament.  The traditional definition of a Sacrament is an outward sign of an inward grace.  Grace is the power and love of God working within us.  When we receive Sacraments we receive grace.  Each Sacrament has signs and symbols which remind us of the grace of God which is acting through the Sacrament.  We can receive grace in all sorts of ways at all sorts of times but we particularly help ourselves to be aware of it through the signs and rituals of Sacraments.

The children will be sharing their knowledge about Sacrament in their whanau groupings on Friday morning.  Parents and grandparents are most welcome to join with their child's whanau group to share prayers and learning starting at 9am on Friday.  Just go with your child to their whanau classroom.

This week the children will also be assessed on their understanding of Sacrament.  The assessment will be about understanding what Sacrament means plus listing the seven Sacraments, showing whether they are sacraments of initiation, healing or commitment and describing some of their signs or rituals.  Each year level learns about a specific Sacrament and we hope we will see the knowledge and understanding growing as children move through the school.

A Special Blessing for Siobhan Patterson

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