Thursday, 25 September 2014

1. End of Term Message from Fr Wayne Healey

Our grateful thanks to Staff for their continued and committed enthusiasm in their classrooms, to members of the BOT, parents and the Home and School Committee who support not only in word but in service. You all play a very important role in wisdom and support to keep the high standard of learning we have come to expect. 
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking coaches especially during the past term who have truly given dedicated support and expertise to students in the various codes of sport. I greatly appreciate and admire your dedication. I’m so proud to be there especially on Saturdays to see the students compete in a wonderful manner. Coaches and students you need to be proud of yourselves.
Students, never be too slow in coming forward and thanking your coach or coaches for their time, expertise they gave you during the season.

Thanks, is the memory of the heart. The word Eucharist means thank you. My dream or thought would be to see students and parents attending Mass over the weekends to give thanks to Christ Jesus for what we have and what we have been given, in season and out of season.

Love and Blessings

Fr. Wayne.

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