Thursday 18 September 2014

4. Congratulations - Week 9, Term 3

Principals Award
Congratulations to Vannisah Ramu (below) who received the Principal's Award last week for helping Mrs McCartie in the library after school.  She helped sort out books and put them away without being asked.

We warmly welcome Patricia Morondoz (right) who started school last week to Ruma Kauri.

Joseph Spillane, Lewis and Matthew Gough who competed in a national Tae Kwan Do 2 day tournament in Christchurch at the weekend.  They had 2-3 fights each over the weekend and they competed in belt, age, and height and weight groups. Congratulations to Joseph and Matthew who both received silver medals.

The St Joseph's United football team had their end of season break up at the pool last Saturday. Special thanks to Jasmine Kunnethedan, Neil Gilbert, Mr Moore and to all our supportive parents.

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